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Verizon / deceptive practices

1 United States

February 23, 2010

In Dec. 09 I decided that I had enough of my black berry and went into the local verizon store to see about a new phone. I explained to the employee that I am very water active and am interested in a water proof phone. She told me that they do have them in the store but if I where to call or go directly to verizons web site I could get a better deal. I went to the web site- not sure exactly which phones were water proof, I decided to call and make sure I got the right one. Verizon sales person new exactly which phone was best for me, after I explained how much time I spend on the water, she set me up with the water proof phone. I asked her a number of times to verify that it is water proof and her answer was yes. I then decided to add an additional line and get two of the phones and change my calling plan. Then I was transferred to an authority figure whom disclosed that this part of the call was recorded asked if I did approve all the changes and if I wanted any additional changes. I again asked him if the phones were water proof and his response was yes. I told him that was all I needed. About two weeks ago after kayaking my phone was broke and appeared to have water damage (phone got splashed but not submerged) I was surprised and called verizon that night. They informed me to call my insurance company but I felt that paying $39.00 for a manufactures defect wasn't right. The sales man informed me that he didn't think the phone was water proof, then read some spec's to me about the phone being able to go 112 meters underwater and that he will send a new phone out. I received the new phone yesterday and today it broke. I went kayaking but placed the phone in a zip lock bag due to recent experience. Got out of the water to discover it too got splashed and broke. Being very upset about this defective water proof phone I went into the store. There I discovered that verizon originally did not sale me a water proof phone and since 30 days have past I was stuck with what I have or I could buy a water proof phone. This is not acceptable. I feel that I was deceived during the original purchase. I feel that now the customer has to record all conversations with verizon in preparations of a dispute and to have accessible legal recordings for up coming law suits. I should be sent the two phones I had originally purchased, the car power chargers, a financial credit to my billing, and an apology. Thus far verizon representatives 3 sales people and 2 bogus managers have given me the run around and basically informed me that I am stuck with what I have and if I don't like it go elsewhere. Currently searching for pending lawsuits against verizon with similar issues, will contact better business bureau, attorney generals office, post internet add, local paper adds, and contact the local news stations, unless this is rectified with in 48 hours.
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