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Our loan was sold to Vericrest Financial by BoA. Vericrest sent us a letter stating that $2, 249.50 in extra fees had been tacked onto my loan balance! Do NOT ever do business with this company. They are scammers. Not legitimate at all.

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  • Na
      Sep 07, 2013

    Same thing happened to my mother. We had to come up with over $5k in a week or they were going to auction her house. People actually came to her door and asked if they could look inside before the auction.
    This is in Missouri - Happened in May 2013
    We were told if they didn't get their money by "Monday" there was nothing they could do. We managed to scrape up the "casH" as that is all they would take by Monday, but they didn't remove the foreclosure for 2-weeks. I contacted the Attorney General in Missouri but nothing ever came of it. We are currently looking for a new mortgage company! DO NOT GET TANGLED UP WITH VERICREST.
    My question: How can they stay in business?????

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  • Sa
      Aug 21, 2014


    My name is Sarah, I am posting this reply for you because saw the multitude of comments replies about Vericrest Financial INC being involved with various mortgage companies and frauds. I work for a company that deals with these types of situations. Vericrest Financial INC has been one of the names that has been coming up a whole lot lately. It seems they are involved with a ton of fraudulent loans.
    We will be able to advise, consult and educate you. You may be able to receive the compensation you deserve due to the negligence of the lenders involved. it is your obligation to yourself to use your last means of defense to get to the truth of this matter. Once you provide evidence that they have been collecting on your property illegally you can void the deed of trust.

    When and/if your property is being foreclosed on one of the things we do offer is a packet for a Stay of Execution which has stopped at least two of our clients from losing their homes until we were able to finish the investigation for them.

    Please get into contact with myself or the company as soon as possible to see what we can do to help you with this. Trust me its worth it. I would encourage you and anyone who has contacted you to get in touch with us ASAP.

    Below I will leave a brief explanation of what we do and all the contact numbers along with the facebook page and website. I also have an email newsletter and PDF for you to review if you wish to review them send me an email and I will get them both to you.


    Sarah Shepard

    Our corporate mission is to provide best industry forensic loan audit services being recognized as the industry's “gold standard” known for integrity and transparency. ADP’s highest priority is to become the leading audit service provider while facilitating an industry need for additional services assisting the legal profession in its ongoing quest to uncover errors and misrepresentations in legal documentation.

    The primary goal is to provide the finest and most comprehensive suite of products and services in the business. ADP, reviews each file to ensure compliance with respect to investor and regulatory requirements along with sound responsible underwriting that ensure closing decisions were appropriately enacted.

    A forensic loan audit looks at loan documents for miscalculations, and it requires performing thorough investigations to determine if the loan terms are accurate, truthful and meet requirements of the applicable federal statutes.
    These regulations include the Truth in Lending Act, the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act, and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).

    Here are the website and Facebook links: Contact Numbers:
    Our Toll Free number [protected]
    Personal Cell Number:

    Here is the Link to the interactive PDF:

    Feel Free to email [protected]@:

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