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Complaints & Reviews

still getting calls on foreclosed property

Our property was sold over a year ago that Vericrest Mortgage held the mortgage to. We recieved the...

Loan Modification

Vericrest is the most evil mortgage company ever!!! I have 9.12% Interest only loan which is amortized over...

Modification unthruths

I too have had numerous negative experiences with Vericrest Financial FKA The CIT Group Mortgage/Financial Services.

They show little to no curtesy by phone, they constantly add false late fees to my account, I always pay on time.

I also applied for a loan modification in fall 2009. When I made the initial call, I asked if they were part of the "Making Homes Affordable" government program and the female individual stated "we have our own program and it's better." They sent me the package, I faxed the paper work within the time frame given. After two months I did not hear from them. I called, the rep said it had been reviewed and sent to upper management and they were just trying to decide what package they would offer me. One month went by still had not heard anything. I called again the young lady first said she saw nothing on my account regarding a loan modification when I began to question the situation and explain to her what I was told a month earlier, she then stated that she saw the info on my account, but I needed to call back in 7 days, called back a month later and was told my application had been denied because I was always on time. Still praying for this company to practice honest and fair business. They do have an ethical and social responsibility.

  • Si
    Sick of Vericrest Aug 12, 2011

    Please know that they will concintue this until enough people complain to the proper authorities. Complain to the FTC, the FDIC and your state Attorney General and Insurance and Mortgage division. Complain to your federal Senators and UH House Reps and state in wirting.
    They are not a bank. They have played a lot of games and it appears to me their goal is to foreclose on people or push them into short sales as the govt is rewarding them the past 10 years by giving them the difference4 at closing. They actually make more money by foreclosing on you or a short sale than working with you. They told me they wouldn't work with HAMP and they claim to work with the Hardest Hit Program, but in my experience they won't. Get on the phone now and send documented letters or go to the FTC website and your Attorney Generals website.

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  • Ja
    jacval60 Jul 24, 2013

    You need to complain to the Better business bureau when you have any problems with any company, bank and mortgage companies. That is the only way you will get results. People just do not know this. Go to the Better Business Bureau(website) and you will find there are 101 complaints against this company that now has changed their name. The reason being is cause of all the complaints against them. I to am having problems with them. When we first got sold out to vericrest I looked on line for any complaints so I know what I'm dealing with. They did not want to accept our payment on the phone they wanted it by mail cause they wanted us to pay late charges. I told the guy off and he dismissed the late charges. Told him there are 101 complaints at the BBB, and people was calling the company evil. Vericrest is only our servicer Freddie mac owns our note. Well I do not think they will be giving me any trouble any more cause they know I know about the BBB. And that is what you should do if you have anymore trouble with them, I'm sure they do not want anymore complaints with the BBB I think that is why they changed their name.

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It's somewhat comforting to see I'm not alone(misery loves company)but Vericrest has to be the most scandolus company on the planet.I've been waiting for a homeowners insurance reimbersement for 7 MONTHS now...every time I call I have to explain from the begining my story.I'm so frustated with them I can't even write this complaint.They had been stating for 4 months that they paid my insurance even though they did not.Finally after I paid myself they admitted to making the mistake, they talked to my insurance company and I would be reimbursed.Seven months later there excuses change with every phone call and I'm still waiting for payment...Does anyone know that CIT recieved bailout money and still went bankrupt before Vericrest purchased them???They really give the Mortgage/Banking Industry a bad name.

  • De
    debra goodnow Nov 28, 2009

    mortgage statements cannot be viewed online two months now.Escrow account was badly miscalculated, when I called I decided to cancel
    my account because the person I talked to could care less. I recently received a letter telling me they purchased mortgage insurance for me although I have had nonstop coverage and sent them confirmation.This company is out of control!!!

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  • Ke
    Kenneth Doyle Dec 26, 2009

    They are a scam company. But look where they are in red-neck Oklahoma where any scam business can survive! I have the same problems.

    0 Votes
  • Bl
    bleesedndeed Jan 04, 2010

    it happen to me and my family too are you still going through
    because i not going down with a fight.

    1 Votes
  • Np
    np123 Jan 19, 2010

    vericrest took over our boat loan from Citi a year ago and have been charging us for insurance since they took it over, they keep telling us they do not have proof of insurance but we and our insurance company have faxed copies repeatly. I sent the an email yesterday and asked what the extra "fee billed" and "unpaid other charges" are and there response was; the charges are for FLOOD insurance on the acct that they do not have proof of! Who charges FLOOD INSURANCE for a BOAT, this company needs to look at what they are doing to their customers. How many people do they actually get to pay this extra amount without questioning it, they need to be reported.

    0 Votes
  • Mo
    mortgager Jan 26, 2010

    i work for vericrest financial and i know exactly what you mean i have managers always tell me not to mess with issues and to lie and our system has so many errors caue of the way they converted. seriously refi your homes this copany is going to screw you over big time!!!

    0 Votes
  • Fi
    fightfan9 Feb 27, 2010

    They purchased Insurance for us because we let it lapse (big mistake) we got our own again within two months. My first clue was when my insurance agent claimed that when he talked to them to send over all the paperwork, they got very rude and difficult, he didn't understand it. I thought it was strange, but forgot about it. Then I find out they started claiming that they never got proper notice and never cancelled it. Hogwash! I dug up the letter they sent me, stating they would cancel the insurance and that they recieved notice that I have my own homeowner's insurance.

    I smell a rotten something in Denmark(Oklahoma) if you know what I mean. I am getting paranoid that Vericrest is going down fast, so upper management is trying to suck up as much money as possible before the whole company tanks completely.

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  • Li
    Linda F>PERDUE Nov 05, 2011

    vericrest is the biggest liarers out there the people that work for them are the worst yet this so called SAM and Fred that work there wil have you put out of your home if you listen to them.take my advice and get away from these people as soon as name s DAVID PERDUE, i have had to file bankruptcy BECAUSE THEY LIED TO ME SO MANY TIMES>

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  • Li
    Linda F>PERDUE Nov 05, 2011

    vericrest is a disgusting piece of a crap of a so called bank

    0 Votes

Short Sale

VeriCrest Financial, Inc. is holding people's homes hostage.

VeriCrest Financial, Inc. is refusing to proceed with bank short sales unless they receive a 20% payoff to release their lien in 2nd position. The lender in 2nd lien position stands to gain NOTHING at sheriff's sale. $0.

This act alone is forcing homes into foreclosure rather than allowing the home to be sold as a short sale.

Why would VeriCrest Financial, Inc. expect to be paid more money than all of the other lenders who accept a 10% payoff?

Is VeriCrest Financial, Inc. discriminating against protected classes by approving some short sales and not others?

I would enjoy hearing about any insights or experiences that people may have with this company.

  • Vq
    vqjea Jun 14, 2010

    CIT changed its name to VeriCRest Financial and is at the SAME address in Oklahoma City (although the zip code and phone number seemed to have changed).

    VeriCRest Financial, Inc.
    715 S. Metropolitan Avenue
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108-2090

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  • Di
    Diane Velikis Jul 19, 2010

    I have tried desperately to work with Veriquest for a loan modification. My husband's job cut back to three days a week, and I was layed off in Dec. We sent numberous faxes that they claimed to have never received after each follow up. We then sent registered letters that were signed. Upon yet more followups, the company could not locate the documents. Being a Pennsylvania licensed realtor I know by law that they can not issue an Act 91 unless you were 90 days late, in which I was carefull to avoid. After being 45 days late I was sent on 3 seperate occasions Act 91's. Finally they receive my paper work after 7 months and claim because I have equity they can't help me. Not only that, but they DEMANDED 4k and sent my payment back so that I would be 3 months behind. I asked where they get 4K from? Late fees, costs ect... I am retaining an Attorney and will sue them. I also advise fellow REALTORS to not recommend this preditor lender formerly known as CIT

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  • Ha
    haleyh Jan 19, 2011

    At the end of November 2010 I called Veriquest to bring my loan back up to date. I paid $310 and the representative told me that if I paid $36.76 in December 2010 I would be brought up to date and my next regular payment would not be due until Jan 24th 2011. I paid $50 in December so I would be a little more than caught up. I received my Jan 2011 statement and it stated that I was still behind and received another late fee. I called the company to see what might have happened and the lady was extremely rude and basicly told me it was my fault and I was responsible and should have read my statement. I explained to her that I was trying very hard to get my loan caught up and that is why I called to get a balance that was due and I paid what I was told. She said that i have an extremely large amount of late fees and it is my fault and that I should not take what the representative have to say for face value and I should always pay what my statement says no matter what any of the representatives tell me. I truely got no where with this rep. and am very dissappointed. How are you suppose to get back on track if the representatives they hire are not knowledgeable? She also let me know that the rep that gave me the information in the first place no longer works there. Interesting. I will never refer or do business with this company again.

    0 Votes
  • Ss
    S. S. Anderson Jul 02, 2011

    I have a similiar problem with Veriquest. I have a loan that was taken over by Veriquest, purchased by them. Two years ago I called an asked what the pay off price was on my motor home, and they gave me a number, 2 years later, the total loan has only gone down $4000.00. I called them and they indicated that I am paying daily interest. I asked them how that happened and they said I agreed to it.
    I called for a short sale amount. The first person hung up on me. The second person said they would pass it on to the short sale department and call back in a week. I did, and the woman I talked to said the VP who signed those had been on a vacation in Italy and had not had time to review it to call back in a week.

    Does anyone know if there is a class action law suit against them? Thanks

    0 Votes
  • Si
    Sick of Vericrest Aug 30, 2011

    Vericrest is the worst company I've ever dealt with! Lies, lies, put you on hold, never call you back, games, games, refuse to help, bait and switch, truth in lending?? LOL...this company needs to be put out of business and their agenda seems to me to be clear. They bought the mortgages at a fraction of the cost and make money with the federal govt by a short sale or foreclosure! Bombard them and contact the stop them from hurting more people and destroying more lives! these people are in my opinion evil at best!

    0 Votes
  • Bc
    bcbbr Oct 12, 2012

    Our mortgage was with CIT and we never missed a payment. They supposedly sold our mortgage to Vericrest, but as we found out, Vericrest is owned and operated by CIT. Eight months ago they took out an escrow, which we never had and had opted out of on our original mortgage. They changed our payment by doubling it to the point that I can not pay it. They then refused my payments. They will not even try to work with our lawyer.. The Lord needs to punish them...

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I have been with CIT since May 20 20oo and I must say not ONE problem or Late fee. When Vericrest took over...

con to get you to

I have sent insurance verification i have had thru GMAC for the past 5 years . They keep threating me to charge me for there insurance. This is a con. Vericrest Financial should be stopped this fradulant practice. My next stop is the NYS attorney General.

  • Na
    nancyba Feb 08, 2010

    vericrest is a fruad

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    Milo Pilaron Aug 11, 2013

    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that Vericrest Financial, hereinafter, also referred to as "Caliber Home Loans, Inc", is and was; and will be, one or the same DEBT BUYER SCAVENGERS. Regardless of how many times their front business name changes; they cannot change their true PATTERNS and ULTERIOR MOTIVES. Both Vericrest Financial, or Caliber Home Loans, Inc. Are Self Appointed Nominee’s. Do not hesitate in commencing your action for their violation of your rights. Sue them in Federal Court; do not spend your time running around dealing with Vericrest Financial, or Caliber Home Loans, Inc. Intentional, willful, malicious, action against. You are dealing with HIGH-PROFILE CROOKS, and experience BANDITS. Finally, for the record, "SUE" the Principal, the Agents, their Affiliates, their Business Counterparts, their Corporate Partners, Jointly and Severely, each and every one in their, natural personal capacities. Your, complaint will look like a wedding invitation.
    Mr. Milo, Pelaron:
    A Borrower of Chase Home Loans:
    P.S. I' m already suing these [###] in District Court, along with their attorneys;

    1 Votes

Forced Insurance

Have had RV loan for 14 years, without ever letting my insurance lapse, even for a second. Almost every year...

Attorney's fees added to my loan balance

I had a line of equity loan with CIT originated in 2006. That loan was transferred to Vericrest in mid-2009. I have made payments on time every month, always paying much more than the minimum monthly payment in order to pay off the loan. Most payments were about double the minimum, many were three times the minimum. I have been a good customer for them.
Also, I have never been late on my home 1st mortgage, or actually on any debt. I am quite conservative on money, and pay all credit cards to zero every month, always buying cars for cash only and maintaining good savings.
On my December 09 statement from Vericrest, there is a $30 charge. After several calls, I found out that this was an attorney charge by Vericrest to check my credit to make sure there were no foreclosures or problems with any property or loans. Of course, there are none, and there was nothing that could have indicated that I have a problem. And for this, they charged me an attorney fee.
This is blatantly unfair, but the customer service person on the phone told me that they can legally do this because it is in the loan agreement. This is hard to believe.
If the CS operator is correct, Vericrest can rack on attorney fee charges all the time on my account with no reason to do so and without any results. I cannot believe this is legal, and I am going to search for how I can combat this criminal or unethical activity on the part of this company.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

False late fees

This nightmare started when Vericrest acquired CIT, about 3 months ago. I recieved a letter from them stating...

Dishonest and rude company

I've had a problem for yeays starting with Cit Group.I was making my 589.75 payments back in the beginning.I then had a huge income loss because some stores were selling to another food chain when we servicing their floors and lost contract to new buyers.I tried to refinance when I got behind on payments.They wouldn't redo my loan back in 2005.Soon after we found out their was a title problem.The double wide was never titled in our names.We were told to get out, so we did.We were out for 3 years.They tried to sell the home several times at courthouse but couldn't.We couldn't figure it out why.Soon after it was given to a collection agency Tritium Card Services.This was in 2008.We arranged payments at 400.00 and it was coming out every month by bank draft for almost a year.Tritium had said we could move back in the home in the beginning.Everything was fine.I was paying payments as arranged with them and then almost a year later, you guessed it Vericrest took over the loan and recalled the account.Did they recall the account to help(NO!!).They recalled the account to say the payments we arranged with Tritium weren't enough.They were fine when they had it and I was trying.They want to foreclose on the home.To make matters so crazy, the home is still not in our names and never was from the beginning. So Cit Group wanted to try and make it real estate by destroying the title so we went to court.We had heard they couldn't in the end.Now apparently Vericrest Financial is going to try and take it.However if the home became real estate it was done by fraud becuase it is not nor never was on a permanent foundation.They will try to use every method whether dishonest or honest to get you out.I was trying and I was paying as I had worked out with previous account holder (Tritium).I called Vericrest and just like others stated they were rude from the beginning.What comes around goes around.They might end up in our situation one day themselves.When someone is trying they should at least try and help.What the the bailout for. Wasn't it supposed to save homes.It was taxpayer dollars anyway.This home purchase has been anything but a dream, but a nightmare.Now they want over a 100, 000 grand for an '01 double wide which they don't even have the paper work correct.If anyones wanting to buy a home for 100 grand I have one(Don't blame you I'm not either).You will have a lovely view of hog houses, chicken and turkey houses around a several mile radius.This would have never been this far if CIT had admitted that paper work was messed up and caused us not to be able to refinance because home was properly put in our name.As far as I know, the home is free and clear with family members owning it.That's how screwed up this loan has been.Also bad things happen to good people.In other words had I known I was going to have income loss years back I wouldn't have tried to buy the home.I feel sorry for everyone else who has to lose their home because of the economy.All I can do as of now is pray for a brighter tomorrow regardless of the outcome with my home.

Morgage ripoff

Vericrest Is a big ripoff I repeat they are a big ripoff run for your life! . they are in the business of taking whatever they can however they can and their unprofessional staffs are not even capable of keeping their stories of why the should get your money, PAY close ATTENTION to their conversations, none of their stories ccolaborate with onether, they dont care who they SCAM, the THREE wods that they use are ESCRO, INSURANCE AND TAXES, PEOPLE BEWARE AND RUN FOR YOU LIFE!!! AND HOLD ON TO YOUR MONEY GET A LEGAL REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY TO DEAL WITH THEASE PEOPLE!!!

  • Da
    Daniel Yoder Dec 29, 2010

    After 10 plus years paying on a Motor Home Vericrest repo'd the unit on 11/6/09 we were not behind on payments, even the repo order stated this. Vericrest sent no notice or anything. We called several times and they put me through to a voice-mail. With in 2 weeks of the repo they sent a late notice. We've sent several letters with no responce. On April 16th 2010 they sent us a notice of sale and what the balance we was suppose to be. I sent them a copy of my repo order plus all the other letters that we sent stating we was going to report the Motor Home stolen. with in 3 weeks I get a call from John saying please don't report the unit stolen, that they made a mistake and one of thier officers wouild send me a draft stating so and what would it take to make this go away. We agreed that they could keep the Motor Home as they had sold it and would pay me the retail cost of the Unit. Jonh said I'd recieve the draft from Virginia Halterman or Shelly Miller. Two months when by and I wrote them another letter asking when I would recieve the draft from A Virginia Halterman or a Shelly Miller, That John promised me. I never recieved a responce until Dec. 13th then it was from a bill collector trying to collect a debt of almost $57, 000.00. Vericrest and thier associates are running some kind of a scam and a theft ring selling property they reposses and demanding more money. A Goverment investigation needs to be done on this Company

    Daniel Yoder

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Dec 29, 2010

    Report it stolen if you were not behind when it was repossesed and take them to civil claims court. You have completely valid case.

    1 Votes

Mortage Takeover

I filed bankrupcty last year to keep my house and had been paying faithfully on my mortage. This month, I...

Loan Modification - Scam!!!!

Vericrest Financial is a total FRAUD!!! I submitted a loan modification in March 2009 and they told me it...

Poor Repair of Brand New Car that was involved in an accident

Caliber had our new 2008 Altima Coupe from February 14th to May 1, 2008. We've taken the car back once because of new scratches (that Caliber caused), paint over spray, cracked headlight cover, faulty moulding around back glass, trunk lid not operating as it should, paint drip marks, paint on black plastic front grill that should not be there and numerous other things. After picking up our car for the second time, the workmanship is so sloppy that we are now faced with finding a new shop to correct what Caliber is incapable of fixing. They left the carpet loose, door moulding on driver's side is coming off, paint over spray everywhere. They didn't even bother to tape off the black moulding inside where the door hinges are and just sprayed them with paint which is a dead give away that the car has been repainted. Rough edges are all over the car and will, in time start peeling off. This car was brand new and only had a little over 7, 000 miles on it. It has been a nightmare to say the least. Our insurance agent has now said that if we choose to take our car to another shop, Caliber Collision Center will be responsible for the payment of the repairs and putting us into another rental car. Our car had over $10, 000.00 in damage so hopefully the structural repairs they did are sound and we won't have an issue with that later on down the road.

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