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It's somewhat comforting to see I'm not alone(misery loves company)but Vericrest has to be the most scandolus company on the planet.I've been waiting for a homeowners insurance reimbersement for 7 MONTHS now...every time I call I have to explain from the begining my story.I'm so frustated with them I can't even write this complaint.They had been stating for 4 months that they paid my insurance even though they did not.Finally after I paid myself they admitted to making the mistake, they talked to my insurance company and I would be reimbursed.Seven months later there excuses change with every phone call and I'm still waiting for payment...Does anyone know that CIT recieved bailout money and still went bankrupt before Vericrest purchased them???They really give the Mortgage/Banking Industry a bad name.

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  • De
      28th of Nov, 2009
    Vericrest Financial - mortgage statements/escrow
    Rhode Island
    United States

    mortgage statements cannot be viewed online two months now.Escrow account was badly miscalculated, when I called I decided to cancel
    my account because the person I talked to could care less. I recently received a letter telling me they purchased mortgage insurance for me although I have had nonstop coverage and sent them confirmation.This company is out of control!!!

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  • Ke
      26th of Dec, 2009

    They are a scam company. But look where they are in red-neck Oklahoma where any scam business can survive! I have the same problems.

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  • Bl
      4th of Jan, 2010

    it happen to me and my family too are you still going through
    because i not going down with a fight.

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  • Np
      19th of Jan, 2010
    Vericrest Financial - loan insurance
    vericrest financial
    United States

    vericrest took over our boat loan from Citi a year ago and have been charging us for insurance since they took it over, they keep telling us they do not have proof of insurance but we and our insurance company have faxed copies repeatly. I sent the an email yesterday and asked what the extra "fee billed" and "unpaid other charges" are and there response was; the charges are for FLOOD insurance on the acct that they do not have proof of! Who charges FLOOD INSURANCE for a BOAT, this company needs to look at what they are doing to their customers. How many people do they actually get to pay this extra amount without questioning it, they need to be reported.

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  • Mo
      26th of Jan, 2010

    i work for vericrest financial and i know exactly what you mean i have managers always tell me not to mess with issues and to lie and our system has so many errors caue of the way they converted. seriously refi your homes this copany is going to screw you over big time!!!

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  • Fi
      27th of Feb, 2010

    They purchased Insurance for us because we let it lapse (big mistake) we got our own again within two months. My first clue was when my insurance agent claimed that when he talked to them to send over all the paperwork, they got very rude and difficult, he didn't understand it. I thought it was strange, but forgot about it. Then I find out they started claiming that they never got proper notice and never cancelled it. Hogwash! I dug up the letter they sent me, stating they would cancel the insurance and that they recieved notice that I have my own homeowner's insurance.

    I smell a rotten something in Denmark(Oklahoma) if you know what I mean. I am getting paranoid that Vericrest is going down fast, so upper management is trying to suck up as much money as possible before the whole company tanks completely.

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  • Li
      5th of Nov, 2011

    vericrest is the biggest liarers out there the people that work for them are the worst yet this so called SAM and Fred that work there wil have you put out of your home if you listen to them.take my advice and get away from these people as soon as name s DAVID PERDUE, i have had to file bankruptcy BECAUSE THEY LIED TO ME SO MANY TIMES>

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  • Li
      5th of Nov, 2011

    vericrest is a disgusting piece of a crap of a so called bank

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