Vericrest Finacial / Morgage ripoff

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Vericrest Is a big ripoff I repeat they are a big ripoff run for your life! . they are in the business of taking whatever they can however they can and their unprofessional staffs are not even capable of keeping their stories of why the should get your money, PAY close ATTENTION to their conversations, none of their stories ccolaborate with onether, they dont care who they SCAM, the THREE wods that they use are ESCRO, INSURANCE AND TAXES, PEOPLE BEWARE AND RUN FOR YOU LIFE!!! AND HOLD ON TO YOUR MONEY GET A LEGAL REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY TO DEAL WITH THEASE PEOPLE!!!

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  • Da
      Dec 29, 2010
    Vericrest Finacial - Illegal repo
    Vericrest Finacial
    United States

    After 10 plus years paying on a Motor Home Vericrest repo'd the unit on 11/6/09 we were not behind on payments, even the repo order stated this. Vericrest sent no notice or anything. We called several times and they put me through to a voice-mail. With in 2 weeks of the repo they sent a late notice. We've sent several letters with no responce. On April 16th 2010 they sent us a notice of sale and what the balance we was suppose to be. I sent them a copy of my repo order plus all the other letters that we sent stating we was going to report the Motor Home stolen. with in 3 weeks I get a call from John saying please don't report the unit stolen, that they made a mistake and one of thier officers wouild send me a draft stating so and what would it take to make this go away. We agreed that they could keep the Motor Home as they had sold it and would pay me the retail cost of the Unit. Jonh said I'd recieve the draft from Virginia Halterman or Shelly Miller. Two months when by and I wrote them another letter asking when I would recieve the draft from A Virginia Halterman or a Shelly Miller, That John promised me. I never recieved a responce until Dec. 13th then it was from a bill collector trying to collect a debt of almost $57, 000.00. Vericrest and thier associates are running some kind of a scam and a theft ring selling property they reposses and demanding more money. A Goverment investigation needs to be done on this Company

    Daniel Yoder

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  • Sh
      Dec 29, 2010

    Report it stolen if you were not behind when it was repossesed and take them to civil claims court. You have completely valid case.

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