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VCA Animal Hospitals / poor service wrong diagnose

1 Fairless Hills, PA, United States Review updated:

My 5 Year old dog who was energetic and her usual self suddenly stopped eating and was not being herself, so I took her to the VCA of Delaware Valley Hospital where she was looked at by the Dr. who could not even see and he diagnosed my dog with Pyometra, explaining to me that she needed x-rays and blood work which I approved (never once did he ask about what I feed my dog or did she eat anything new) and if he would have asked me about the food I feed my dog, he would have known that My dog was eating Pedigree (which was recalled for salmonella) and that I had been giving her Vita Life Chicken Jerky (which is suspected of causing Kidney Failure) he then scheduled her for surgery the next day at 8:30 am, and when we got her there they accepted her and about 10:00 am a different Dr. called my wife and explained that my dogs kidney levels are bad and that he would have to giver her fluids and keep and eye on her (never once did he explain that he was not equipped to give my dog the proper treatment, but after billing me an additional $499 that we would have to take her to a 24 hour hospital that HE recommended, I expressed my anger to him that he Got over $1000 from me and my dog is still sick, well I took my dog to the Cares Hospital (not the one he recommended) and the Veterinarian there told me that after looking at the X-ray’s (the same ones that the Dr. from VCA Gave me) she determined that my dog did not have Pyometra and that she has Kidney Failure and that the best we could do to stop her from suffering would be to euphanaize her (I was not prepared for this and it was the worse experience in my 43 years on this earth). My complaint is that the 1st Dr. who looked at my dog should have been able to diagnose that she did not have Pyometra from the sample he took from her (he used a glass plate and got some fluids from her cervix and said he will now look at it through a micro scope) and if he would have asked me about the food I feed my dog This Dr. could not even read the estimates that he was handing me, he had to hold the paper within 1 inch from his eyes, so how in the world was he looking at sample he took from my Dog. I believe that once the 2nd Dr. looked at the blood work that he knew she did not have Pyometra, but even though he knew that he could not provide the care my dog needed (he said this himself to me) that he would give her some fluids and watch her Kidney levels, before he could do surgery for the Pyometra (I believe he wasted valuable time and charged me an additional $499 for his services) only to tell me that I needed to take her to a 24 hour clinic, He did not even have the decency to come out to meet me when I picked her up from his office to explain the condition my dog was in. I will never go to this vet again, he should have asked me what food my dog was eating (with all the dogs getting sick from it you think this would have been the 1st thing he asked me)

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      15th of Apr, 2012
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    First of all SPAYING your dog would have prevented pyometria. NOT her diet! Although, the doctor should ask you about your pets diet, you have just as much responsiblility to offer any other information up to the doctor if you're concerned. I'm sure the doctor assumed you fed your pet something better than crap food pedigree, especially if you knew that there were reported cases of salmonella. Its called being a RESPONSIBLE pet owner. And trust me no doctor at any hospital wants to waste their time talking to someone picking up their pet when the owner is as irresponsible or as dense as you.

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