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New York, NY, United States

I really regret booking through Vayama. After ticketing my flight, I found that I was not able to select seats on any of my flights. I went to the airline websites and also called the airlines and was told that the class of fare does not allow me to select seats till the day of the flight. The whole reason I had booked in advance was to make sure I had good seats and good flights. When I called Vayama to cancel the booking, all they did was keep telling me to call the airline (even though I repeatedly told them I had called the airline and was told I would not be able to select seats), and then wanted to charge me $50 per person to void the ticket. That was unacceptable. There was nothing in their booking process that indicated that it would not be possible to select seats. I asked to speak with a supervisor, was told that he/she was on another call and would call me back, but I never received a callback. Terrible customer service, not transparent, never booking with them again.

Jun 3, 2015

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