Vayama / error in names on tickets

We used Vayama for our trip to Mexico. Total incompetence and negligence and, if that was not enough, very rude.
They messed up my husband's name. They used my first name twice!
We wrote asking Vayama to correct my husband's name and got a standard answer going nowhere. So we wrote back and got exactly the same answer so, this time, I was not as nice.
We got an answer - Vayama does not make manual reservations so does not make errors... Basically, it was our fault - but if we sent our passports, they would get the tickets corrected.
We sent copies of our passports but received an answer that customer service does not take care of these changes. We had to write to a and, again send copies of the passports.
Did it work? No. They said the changes could not be made because the tickets were on Aero Mexico and the flights were operated by Delta! No excuse, nothing - and they did add that the tickets were not refundable. Basically, they did not care!
I wrote again asking them who I should contact to get the issue solved. Their answer? It was all my fault - I had given them the wrong name and had waited more than 24 hours to let them know of the issue!
The series of messages took over a week and we were within 5 days of our flight. So I called Delta, stayed on the phone for a very long time but Delta did get it straighten out. It may have helped that I am gold with them. They even apologize for Vayama's attitude!
I will never again use Vayama and highly recommend no one does. Such poor customer service!

Vayama's reference KUSW-2757037

Jan 30, 2018

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