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A product came up in the que, I hit the interest button messaged the seller when I could pick up. Well a buyer behind me hit the interest button (I knew this buyer). The seller told me that there was someone ahead of me. I proved to the seller there was no-one in front of me, I hit the interest button before anyone. This seller lies to me and told me she received a private message before me and was selling it to that person. 1-that's against the rules. 2- I knew she was lying because I was sitting on VS when her product came up. There was NO time for someone to P.M. her. She was flat out lying. So I contacted the the next buyer (since I already knew her). She provided me their conversation.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Spring Hill, TNTurns out she lied to me and was giving it to the next person in line because she could come 1 day earlier. She was caught red handed in a lie. It was turned into an Admin. The seller deleted the item with NO PUNISHMENT. A STRIKE ONLY. THIS IS COMPLETE B.S. AND I AM TAKING THIS ISSUE AS FAR UP THE LADDER AS POSSIBLE. THIS HAPPENED IN SPRING HILL, TN. You can lie, cheat, steal and get away with murder in Spring Hill, TN and there is zero PUNISHMENT. She should have been revoked immediately. I am calling police. I am calling city Administration. I am trying to contact VS, news, radio stations, newspapers and everyone that will listen. They might want more stories, and I am working on getting more. Admins in Spring Hill, TN nees to tighten the rope and stop this immature behavior by adults.

May 03, 2017

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