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VarageSale reviews & complaints

VarageSale complaints 51

VarageSale - Amin revoked access for a poor reason

I'm a faithful Varagesale user with many praises and was revoked this morning from because I chose not to list my full name on Facebook - this is ridiculous! Varagesale, update the profile so I can change my name on your app rather than changing my FB profile! The reasoning is so that people can verify who I am but Varagesale doesn't link to my FB profile and the only way you can verify who I might be is to search for me and maybe home my profile pictures match?! This is absurd and oddly strange since I can't even verify the admin who's harassing me! Furthermore, unless there have been complaints about how I sell or buy, how is my name a problem or issue? Varagesale should allow the option to use a different name from FB and if you TRULY want to say your verifying peoples account through FB then ACTUALLY link the profile to FB! I would like to have my access reinstated to my community and my FB name should not be an issue unless there are actually issues with me as a buyer or seller. Ideally, Varagesale should allow individuals to share their own name and not have the name default to your FB name.

Jan 18, 2022

VarageSale - Admin

LeeAnn Matthews needs to be removed as admin of ALL her groups. I am appalled at her treatment of me. Your policy does NOT say that I am required to give my first and last name, and yet LeeAnn has decided that she requires it. I have a long time stalker with a restraining order to prove it. I have moved, changed jobs, lost friends, etc etc etc, but apparently not being able to sell a couple used shirts should be added to the list. The fact that she has revictimized me is OUTRAGEOUS! And shame on you as a company if you stand behind this kind of power hungry admin. That or change your policy so it says "No privacy allowed"

VarageSale - Admin Lynn Hall

Admin Lynn Hall on Varagesale was upset because me and my girlfriend both had businesses on varage on different accounts. My girlfriend offers reiki, massage and reflexology, I sell crystal products. She messaged me telling me my wife and I have to choose who posts our business. I dont know how she would even know we were dating unless she searched me on social media. Her message was extremely rude, we arent married and we have seperate registered businesses, she wanted us to choose who lists our business. She revoked my girlfriends account numerous times and banned her for life, she is diabetic, cant work and relied on extra income from varage. She had more than 1 business listed. She offers reiki, reflexology and massage. We assumed since they are different businesses they wouldnt have to be categorized under the same. Instead of explaining the reason behind this she banned the account. The admin also took down my used necklace listings stating they are part of my business, I dont sell used necklaces under my crystal business. I have been using my account with no issues for years until she confronted me about my girlfriend. I tried to login and now my account is also banned. I have been trying to contact varage as to how to report harassment from a admin and they wont help me, I am beyond upset with the service this business offers. I am also really creeped out over this lady.

Desired outcome: Admin held responsible for actione

I would like a explanation for what we have done and why me and my girlfriend arent allowed to have our businesses on varagesale.


VarageSale - Admin unethical behaviour

I was recently revoked from my varage sale community by an admin with no explanation given I received no complaints or violated no rules and had a really good buying and selling track record now according to the rules they have a three strike policy and I never even had 1 strike as I never received any warning of any behaviour I did wrong and the group rules state that you will be contacted if you violate a rule this never happened and the administrator was unable to give me a reason for my account suspension from the community the admins name is Lynn and she blocked me from even being able to contact her regarding this suspension this is really unbecoming behaviour and as a Admin of a large group you think her conduct reguarding this behaviour would be more professional. I either want account reinstated or a full explanation for suspension

Desired outcome: Reinstatement of account or proper reason for suspension

VarageSale - My Membership

My complaint is against VarageSale Clarington and Beth Meadler. They removed me from VarageSale Clarington and Scugog. I sent a message to Beth to let her know that I would not be picking the item up and then I get a message from her telling me that based on my member account I have too many no shows. Then they remove me from Clarington and Scugog and I'm having trouble getting on Ajax and Oshawa. I have had many people say they are coming to pick an item up and then they don't show, I just take it back in my house and put it back for sale. I have picked up items that have missing parts and the people well not take it back and return my money now those people should be removed. I think people have the right to change their minds if they don't want that item anymore. I think she thinks that rather then sending her a message I should pick it up even if I don't want it. They just removed without any warning.

VarageSale - Tasha penner

Tasha is the worst admin on any form, she is literally the perfect description of a "Karen" if she doesn't like what you post she will just remove it. She's been on a power trip for over a year, she revoked my membership last year because I had duplicate ads, and I tried to make a new account this year and again revoked. This women is a piece of work and the varage sale owners should see how many complaints are against her, between multiple Facebook groups, and complaint forums. Tasha should be removed and everyone that she removed should be re evaluated….. very rude, and power tripping admins aren't what you want your company to be taken over by.

Desired outcome: Remove Tasha penner and review anyone she has removed durning her power trip ( basically her whole time on as a admin)

VarageSale - I need to know how &who I can take my complaint regarding an unfair behaviour of the admin.

I am having a problem with one of the admins, &I need to talk to someone as soon as possible.
My phone number is
I will appreciated some one call me ASAP.
Her act was so wired & unexpected that made me think that she might prefer to support someone with western name than foreign name.
That could be the only reason, I can make a conclusion regarding this conduct.

VarageSale - Calgary Admin Tasha penner

I was shocked that I can not see Calgary community in my list, then I find out the I was revoked. For seeming the message to update the picture to make Facebook picture, which I don't know why it has to be linked but I didn't reply. The reason I was hospitalized for covid for more than 5 weeks and Tasha Penney didn't get me even the change to come back to be active on the app again. Just because I open the message and close it means that I was not following the rules.. this doesn't make sense.

I am having a issue with admin Lynn Hall, I wonder if it is the same person.

May 20, 2021

She’s on a huge power trip. How she has been able to abuse her power as an admin this long is surprising. Try contacting VarageSale head office about her.

VarageSale - Regina SK Admin Lynn Gray

Date: April 28, 2021 Was approached by an admin stating that I was posting too many ads, and thus had to move to the small business area. I asked her how many ads I was allowed as it doesn't say in the rules. She told me it didn't matter, and that I had to be moved to small business. She told me that I had until May 8th to move my ads. I moved a few ads, and then realized that you can only put one ad. We ran a business and sold it in 2020 so we are selling what is left. She told me that I could link our website or Facebook business page there, as you can't post ANY ads. I am no longer a business so I don't have a website or business page. I wrote up an ad linking it to MarketPlace as that is where I will be selling my stuff. Again, she told me I couldn't do that. She then told me that NO ONE was allowed to sell new items on the site. I sent her 25 members (which I found in 5 minutes) who were selling new items. She didn't like my answers so she terminated me instead. I have been a member for years with over 1300 praises, and I believe no strikes against me. I also told her that the rules should state clearly what defines a small business.

Desired outcome: Allowed back onto VarageSale

Oct 14, 2021

The exact same thing happened to me. The minute I proved her wrong she revoked me as well. This woman is on a ridiculous power trip and needs to be removed from her role as Administrator

VarageSale - Very rude admin on a power trip

Tasha Penner banned me because I had to make a new account as I lost my email account associated with my old account, I explained I can't recover the password and I was banned from the Calgary page. She previously banned me on my previous account because I accidentally posted a duplicate listing. A few friends have been banned for less from this same admin. She is very rude, not easy to deal with and will not help you in any way, she just patrols VarageSale like she is a supercop. On Facebook there was a post by someone about her and how she treats people which was not surprising, many people have left VarageSale simply because of her.

Desired outcome: Would like to see her revoked as admin

May 20, 2021

Agreed. I have a small business and have my business logo as my profile picture. Tasher is insists this isn't allowed, I understand the security aspect for buyers, buts isn't varage contactless? Also if anyone buys something from me their coming to my house so that's a pretty good starting point for an investigation should one be required.
In addition I can put anY picture of a face up their who is to say it's an accurate reflection of me?

VarageSale - Unreasonable Admin

A few years ago while on Facebook, I was mercilessly stalked. I became so alarmed that I contacted the authorities and deleted my Facebook page. I had been a member in good standing in the Keswick Varagesale group until one day, about two years ago, an admin named Stacey contacted me and demanded that I provide a working FB page. I tried to explain why I preferred not to have one but that didn't matter to this person. She blocked me from using the Keswick varagesale. Up until that time, I had never been late to an appointment, I had always kept my word and did what I said I was going to do, I had positive reviews and gave positive reviews. When I sold a couple of items, the buyer stole the item and lied about leaving the money. I blocked her and went on with my life. The thief didn't get blocked but people like me get blocked. Another seller Sandra Daniel who I enjoyed dealing with, was also blocked by this same admin. Please note that this woman is a bully and likes to push imaginary authority.

Desired outcome: I would like to have access to Keswick Varagesale.

VarageSale - Harassment from Vicki Tharp (admin)

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Johann Brunz and I have an account on Varage Sale in the Brazoria county area in Texas..
Lake Jackson to be exact and I sell many things and lately I have been getting harassed by this admin named Vicki Tharp. She is from Angleton. She is constantly asking me why I have so many watches for sale and frankly they are my personal collection and she does not stop harassing me. It is not the first time that she sends me messages in the middle of the night like today for instance at 2am and begins asking me the same thing in regards to my watches. My phone wakes me up as a result of her messages to me. She always does this in the middle of the night. She has nothing else to do but harass me. I would like for her to be removed from admin and I would like for her to stop. She wakes me up with pointless messages and begins with her constant harassment about why I am selling this or that. This site does not have restrictions on how many watches I can sell and it isn't her business as to my personal watch collection. There are many people here selling similar items such as baseball cards and what not and I believe she is deliberately targeting me. Please remove her at once.
Johann Brunz


VarageSale - Sari Kreufer

Sari here messaged me about an item and when I wasn't willing to take the low ball offered amount they blocked me. Can't stand the people on varage sale. Already selling things for low prices and they want to haggle and haggle. And when they don't get their way they act like entitled brats. Thanks for blocking me, now I don't have to worry about getting low ball offers from you.

Oct 17, 2020

VarageSale - Defective window blind

Bought a $35 roller blind from VarageSale seller Oct 15 2020. While installing it I noticed that one bracket was defective so the blind could not be mounted. I contacted the seller. She told me it wasn't defective and asked for photos. I sent the photos and she replied that I was lying and that she would not give me back my money. Photos attached clearly show that one of the brackets does not fit into the blind. While writing this I included the Sellers name but got a prompt saying that name has already filed the issue. I don't know why she would contact Admin fully knowing that she sold me a defective item.
Please advise as to how I can get my money back.
Thank you,
Lyn Cartier

Jun 20, 2020

VarageSale - Calgary admin - tasha penner

I have had so many wonderful interactions with the community members of VarageSale and the only 2 negative interactions I have had is with the Calgary Admin! I have deleted all my listings and with...

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VarageSale - My account has been blocked

I am filing a complaint against Leeann Matthews the admin person in charge of Varagesale. After may emails to admin office, I finally received an email from her that my account has been removed for...

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Aug 28, 2019

VarageSale - Wrongful denial of community access by administrator

I recently entered the world of of online selling as an effort to minimize and release many of my personal items. Unfamiliar with platforms available, I downloaded a couple of apps. While I have...

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VarageSale - Admins & no shows

VarageSale used to be a community of individuals who shared a mutual love of buying and selling gently used items. This community was built around some key principals: safety, respect and open...

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Jun 14, 2019

VarageSale - Community admin

There is an admin, LeeAnn Matthews, who admins for about 90% of the local communities, ( 2 hour range, ) who refuses to let furniture refurbishers/upcycled furniture post their furniture in the...

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VarageSale - Admins revoking

I have been having the worst experience with varagesale, this admin by the name of "andrea Kelly" has revoked my account a while ago even after telling her that I wouldn't be breaking any rules I...

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