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How do you get a REAL person to respond to a complaint -- and at what number? All I see is the "automated" response number. I received the Vanilla Visa card as a gift in March...then misplaced it. I found it in early June and tried to spent it at J.C. Penney's. I literally ripped open the paper coat, handed it to the clerk...and she said there was only $3.56 on the $25 card! It had only been 3 months (not 13 mos. wherein they deduct $1.50/mo. like the fine print says) says "Your balance never expires, " neither is it an "expired card, " so what gives? How do I get a real person...and get it re-instated?? I can go to Penney's and get a manager on the call, if need be, as I remember the clerk.


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      Apr 13, 2010

    you can file a complaint with the BBB as a start, here's the link to Vanilla aka Mio Card

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      Apr 03, 2011
    Vanilla Visa - SCAM
    United States

    i just put $500! dallors on this vanilla visa card. and went on amazon ebay and a couple of other places and it said its declined. so i called the 800# on the back of the card and it asked me over and over again to put in my 16 digit card number, my expiration date and security code but no luck. I WANT MY 500 DALLORS BACK!!! THIS IS ###ING ###! THIS CARD IS A SCAM

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      Apr 26, 2012

    I bought two vanilla visa cards last year for Christmas and they never worked, I keep getting new ones and they dont work, its been
    four months and I can't get anyone to straighten this out! Never buy Vanilla Visa Cards

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      Dec 31, 2013

    I got a Vanilla Visa Debit Gift card that's supposed to work like a visa credit card. My mom is a single parent and she put all her savings into getting me a gift card. It was rejected and wouldn't activate. My uncle tried to call customer service, but he was hung up on all the time. They gave him other phone numbers that had only recordings. Brooks Smith CEO and President of InComm is a crook and should be in prison. Brooks Smith is a scammer. The people coming here to write positive things about Vanilla work for the company. Vanilla Visa is a fraudulent illegal deceitful enterprise.

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