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On June 11/09 I bought a Vanilla Visa gift card as a present to my sister, she tried to use it on 3 different places and they told her that the card was declined. I called the number on the back of the card and they said that it wasn't activated properly that I needed to go to the store where I got the card (Dollar General/Asheville/Patton Ave.) until 3 attempts to have somebody to help me the Assistant Manager called vanilla visa from there and they gave her some instructions but at the end she told me that I had to come back when the Gral. Mngr. get to the store that he would help me.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Asheville, NCI went the following day and he did the same thing, called Vanilla Visa again and told him to read the card number and then the number on the outside of the card cover and they told him that the numbers did'nt match and he resumed that he couldn't do anything because the numbers didn't match, implying that I have changed the original card from the card cover.
How did I know that the numbers matched when I bought the card if I didn't opened it when I bought it, this was a gift card that you give away the way you buy it. Until this day I cannot use the card.
I feel helpless, like if they just STOLE my money and didn't even want to investigate how this mistake was done.

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  • Ro
      Dec 31, 2009

    I bought a $25 vanilla gift card to be able to bet it online. It is now being declined so I decided to call the company and speak with a representative about the issue. I have been on hold for 40 minutes waiting on "the next available representative". So my only assumption is that either nobody wants to work for them or there are way too many issues that need to be resolved.. unbelievable
    -Robert Harris Proctorville, OH

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  • Pe
      Mar 04, 2010

    I purchased a 35$ vanilla visa and payed the 5$ activation fee, which is a joke. I read the information that came with it and realized I should register it online before trying to make an online purchase. I registered it online, and tried to make a purchase, only to find that it was declined! I tried to purchase again assuming I had typed a number in wrong, and it was declined again! I checked my accound balence to find that I had 7.85 cents left... what?! Turns out that the two transactions were "pending" and the money was in electronic limbo, neither spent, nor available. I contacted the store I was purchasing from, and they only showed one attempt and were not able to collect funds, because they weren't there. He contacted visa and they said there was nothing they could do, I contacted visa CS and got the same response. The merchant I was purchasing from was only able to cancel the order. The visa CS said I would have to wait a week to get my money back and that the entire process was automated by a program and that they could not do anything about it!! Although, my money was refunded, I'm upset that I had to wait a week just to get my money back and for the card to realize it was registered for me to make a purchase.

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