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On numerous occassions myself and other employees have approached our manager as we were instructed to when we have a job related issue.
Unfortunately for the last few months our production supervisor as well as our overall store supervisor have been using mental tactics on longstanding employees to make them feel as if work as continuously never good enough no matter how it's done. It can be a problem one way one day, then several days later if you adjust to the way they instructed you to do it, its still a problem evsn when done in the new format.
Employees are continuously told to "work faster" or outside health/safety restrictions and limitations even when the direct problems are reported.

The blanket response from managers when employees ask for help is "sorry we don't have anyone for that you'll just have to work faster and do it uourself."

They continue to demoralize the team and stand in the upper office almost all day staring down at the production floor taljng about employees but not to the employee with their arms folded over their chests with scowls of disapproval on their faces.

I have witnessed on more than one occassion where the entire back tables sorting team was yelled at by the store manager Elaine and where she directly called the entire team "useless and pathetic".

When you try to approach a manager to discuss your feelings of being demoralized or talked down to its always spun as if they have no accountability in the situation and are blameless.

They can't spend time money and effort into training people to grade clothing or accessoriesband then continuously nitpick at the work criticizing the employee for having an opinion that differs from theirs.

It is causing stress and people to go on medical leaves or just leave mid shift because on more than one occassion a manager has made an employee feel useless and burst into tears.

The bullying meeds to stop and requires immediate followup for this store before they bully more good hardworking Employees into quitting merely because the managers have no ability to talk to their staff never mind to listen and hear them or act in a positive manner to correct situation.

Its gone on far long enough and has already been reported for this store by other employees to the point it wilp next become a labour board matter if the company does not hold their managers accountable and treat Employees with respect.

Aug 21, 2018

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