Value Plus Onlinebad business practices

After nearly 1 year in the program, Provell, Inc. canceled my membership before honoring the rebates offered under the program. The cancelation occured because I requested to update my account information because the cc on file would expire in the near future. I called the 800 telephone number provided and asked to update my account information and gave the reason for my request. I explained to the rep that I did not want to cancel my membership, only to update the account info so I could continue with the program. Unbeknowst to me the rep at the 800 number canceled my membership but did not tell me. I learned after e-mailing the membership services website that my account was canceled. I've tried unsuccessfully via e-mails and letter to get the account reinstated but have not heard anything. In addition, I had submitted receipts for reimbursements under the program prior to the reps cancelation and they have not sent the rebate.

I feel like I've been ripped off!!

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