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I have been a target of internal mail theft and also pilfering by USPS workers at my post office box. I am in San Francisco. Last summer, I was told that if I wanted any mail to arrive at my PO Box (located in the lobby at a post office station) it had better be sent certified or priority, that I shouldn't expect them to deliver it for the mere price of a first-class stamp (which had just gone up, incidentally).

Mail was removed from my box by a postal worker, and withheld for over a month. They claimed none of it existed. I don't get much mail, and don't need to go every day or even every week. I got when I know the few pieces are due. I don't waste my time unless I know something is due. The box is never "too full" so they had no business removing the three or 4 small pieces of mail in it. The worker "hid" them. After a month of grief and worry (two of the pieces were very important and confidential) I mentioned that I'd go to the USPS Inspector General's Office. Well, suddenly the postal worker went to the back, and returned within 60 seconds with all the missing, allegedly non-existent mail.

In January 2010, someone sent some mail to a secondary person I've authorized (for years allowed) to receive mail at my box. It was "lost" allegedly. I made inquiries about that. After about 3 weeks, it was returned to the sender, with a label saying that the addressee was unknown. (Their's was the mail stolen and returned, pilfered and clumsily re-taped by the postal worker/s last summer.)

After the first piece hadn't arrived in 6 days (it was mailed from LA to SF, so that's a one or two day job usually) duplicates of the contents were re-sent Certified Mail. In 2 days, the website said it was scanned in as having been received by that postal station "Notice left" but in fact no notice was left in my box.

I went to the window the following Monday and asked for it, showing a print-out from the USPS website which indicated the mail should be there. They claimed it wasn't. I've been trying to get it out of them, and they refuse to produce it. The supervisor is "phishing" and "pretexting" for additional personal ID information that the PO already has or doesn't need, and is basically trying to extort it out of me or no mail, and she's also threatening to close the box I've had for almost 14 years.

SF is a "sanctuary city" which means it is a haven for illegals, and there is a very extensive network which harvests identity information from citizens for them to use for collecting public benefits (which they haven't earned) and for working illegally and obtaining credit. Some of the people harvesting it work in places like the PO, banks, medical facilities, and other places where the info is supposed to be kept confidential.

I don't want to give the info demanded suddenly after all these years. I've had very ordinary mail activity. There is no legitimate reason for the P.O. supervisor to be demanding the particular info she is, especially on the secondary person. I wish to protect myself from identity and benefits theft and credit card fraud etc.. I've met other box holders there who said they've found themselves being subjected to that.

Also, this hostile postal worker makes me very uncomfortable. She's also made some anti-white remarks to me in the past (she's African-American and unfortunately very hostile about it). I don't want to close my box; I need the stability of it, and the postal workers come and go. Hopefully this one will go to...

I asked the P.O. box clerks at 4 different stations if the info demanded, especially after nearly 14 years of ordinary mail, was legit, and they said no, it was not, it was suspicious, and that they were aware of that identity theft scam within the SF PO going on, and not to do it.

When I asked the station manager to look into this, and try to help locate the missing certified mail, instead of doing so and getting back to me as he promised to do. I'd given him an email address to use and I asked him to keep it confidential, and specifically NOT give to anyone of the hostile psychos at the station. He failed to do so, and though he told me to call him the following Monday, he instead avoided my return calls for a week, and I was then told he turned it over to the "Postal Inspector" who turned it over to Consumer Affairs, who turned it over to the prime suspect, the station supervisor, confidential email address included. She wrote a note which smacked of extortion. No info, no mail and no more PO box!

What kind of an investigative process is that? Turning the complaint of mail theft, extortion, abuse of authority and so forth over to the mail suspect, and letting them take revenge against the complainant? There is really something wrong with that!

I am devastated and don't know where to turn.

The US mail was supposed to be inviolate. They advertise PO boxes with the inviting concepts of "security, privacy, convenience" on their ads. They don’t delivery though. Literally.

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  • Ha
      10th of Apr, 2010

    The only thing the USPS is good for is making sure your bills get to you and your mailbox is full of junk... As far as everything else they are pretty much worthless! Whether it be loosing something you sent out ie: bill payment, birthday card, or a package, there is always the wonderful "UNION, I don't give a s**t" costumer service you can look forward to! The whole system much like everything else is corrupt!

    It starts from the top all the way down to the lazy mailman who would much rather slip you a "sorry we missed you" in your mailbox every single time you receive a package, than walk the 10 yards it takes from your mailbox to your front door forcing you to bring that "Sorry, I'm too lazy slip" to the post office where the line is out the door full of people holding that little pink slip of inconvenience.

    That is just my two cents on the USPS in a nutshell... I hope for USPS bankruptcy!

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