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As you can see from the screenshots of the email correspondences, I made myself clear that I do not wish to subscribe and that I request cancellation so that I would not be charged after my Free Trial period. (05/06/2017)

Yes, I got a confirmation mail after a day.(05/08/2017) However, I found out that on "My Subscription" Tab, there was a False subscription that I NEVER mentioned. It seemed like the membership was canceled during the 14days of Free Trial period but somehow I was automatically subscribed to a new plan that is called "Compact" right after the Free Trial. I requested for my account to be deleted...
Usenet.l is putting me in a spot where I have to pay when the Free Trial ends for a service that I cancelled! This is downright scam.

So I called then and failed to reach them about 30 times because of "heavy volume". I messaged them again to make myself perfectly clear that I requested cancellation of free trial and to delete all my future plans and my data immediately. (05/08/2017)I haven't been messaged back. should delete all my future plans(They are fake! I never requested them!) and my account. I am constantly telling them that I didn't use their service and that I will not use them in the future.

May 09, 2017
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  • Hu
      May 10, 2017

    I've seen your complaint before. You cancelled. Nothing will happen. Make sure it says "subscription cancelled" somewhere on the page. Nothing bad happened to the other person with the same issue.

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  • Ad
      Jun 06, 2017

    @Hunterx27 I have asked them to cancel my subscription and I have also received a mail confirming this. But when I look at my account there, there is a line where it states that my subscription is canceled but underneath it there is this line: "Message: I want to withdraw my cancellation and subscribe to plan Relax (membership: 12 months, price: 99, 96€) from 06 / 20 / 2017." Does it mean that all of a sudden I will have a new subscription (this one for a year) that I never even asked for? Or will it only "start" if I click on the "withdraw termination and continue fee-based subscription"-button? And last, should I ask them to delete my account too to be absolutely sure nothing will happen? (I have already canceled them from my paypal).

    This whole thing has caused my anxiety to act up and I just need to be absolutely sure for it to calm down again.

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  • Hu
      Jun 07, 2017

    @Adelphia I know exactly what you're talking about and I had the same fear. There is a post on reddit about it. You canceled nothing will happen. It's just an option for you to click of you want to renew. Don't click it.

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