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USAA / car insurance ripoff!

1 9800 Fredericksburg RoadSan Antonio, TX, United States Review updated:

I got out of my car to get something out of the back, and left the driver's side open. The car next to me had occupants, which I knew. Then, the wind blew my door into the other guy's car. There's no dent--just a paint scrape. USAA says this is the same as having an at fault accident on the freeway, and wants to raise my rates probably a few thousand dollars a year (since we have five cars insured with them). The entire damage probably barely comes to my $500 deductible. I offered to just pay the guy's damages myself, but USAA says no. (Why miss a bogus opportunity to squeeze a policyholder?).

We've had USAA for 10+ years, and they've made a lot of $$ off of us. Just last year they wouldn't let us change my husband's life insurance from 20 yr term to 30 yr term just because he was deployed. (How silly is that--no matter what, they're on the hook for the next 20 yrs, no matter how many deployments he's got left).

After reading about USAA locking out people's bank accounts, I think we'll be closing our accounts and moving them to Bank of America. We've been really pleased with their service.

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  • Ba
      30th of Mar, 2008
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    DO NOT GO WITH BANK OF AMERICA!!! Google BANK OF AMERICA complaints and your computer will burn up. Go with Security Service Federal credit Union in San Antonio and don't give up on USAA. Have your main checking with SSFCU and have money sent each month from SSFCU to USAA to pay for your insurance. They give you a 10% discount for have automatic withdrawal. All the insurance companies are bad look at ALL STATE being sued by attorney generals in many states. Bank of America is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I had them for 3 pay periods (3 active duty checks) and they bounced over $$2500 worth of checks because my money was NEVER EVER deposited on the day the military paid me. BOA would wait at least 2 but sometime up to 4 days to deposit my money all the while telling me they would "honor" any checks they came through. This was in 2000. My USAA auto and property insurance came out on payday and my mutual funds a few days later by AUTOMATIC withdrawal not by check. ALL BOUNCED!!! It was the single most frustrating horrible experience of my life. I had a $2000 overdraft signature loan with BOA (like I did SSFCU which I never closed thank God) and BOA made sure they RACKED UP EVERY CENT of it in bounced check fees $39 each. I thought I was done paying the BX and Wal-mart etc. and then stormed into BOA to close my account and found out they ran the same check for $6.00 for lunch I cashed at the BX 3 or 4 times just to rack up that signature loan which I had to pay off before I could close the account. I kept all my BOA statements PROVING they never deposieted my military checks for DAYS after payday but was exhausted working on my masters degree and working and raising a child. I was screwed and worse my airmen all said "I TOLD YOU SO" because they had already been through the experience. When I had my military pay going back to SSFCU, SUDDENLY NO MORE BOUNCED CHECKS!!! TO ALL FIRST SERGEANTS OUT THERE: BEFORE YOU THROW OUT ANY AIRMAN SOLDIER OR MARINE OR SAILOR out of the military, HAVE THEM DUMP BOA FOR SSFCU and their checks will not bounce.

  • Mi
      19th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm completely ticked off at USAA. One of their clients is the at-fault driver in a collision in Texas. USAA is trying to force me to accept inferior junk parts (reconditioned) to repair my car. Does anyone know WHERE can I find information about my RIGHTS as a Texas auto insurance claimant??

  • Fo
      24th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    D.O.I. insuance complaint department. You make a complaint to them and USAA will be VERY helpful.

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