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I accepted a job as a Financial Services Representative with USAA after a background check that was completed by incompetent people who asked the same questions over and over and four different people who didn't communicate with one another and I was told I would be managing people's finances and their financial well beings-that specifically that would include the military and those stationed here at home and abroad who've put themselves in harms way for their country. I have also been a member of USAA for over 15 years and it was my understanding that they acted in the best interests of the military community and went out of their way to help service people. Imagine my surprise when my trainer who was a whopping 23 year old former CAGE FIGHTER with NO military experience and a running mouth that consisted of constantly reminding people that he was once a tough guy who would show up to work just like "Ed Norton in fight club with black eyes, a bloody nose and stitches in his ear" turned out to be the "Head of Training for the entire Financial Sector because he had sold some mutual funds and a few life insurance policies he was the head of training for the whole financial division for Phoenix Arizona which is an enormous training ground and his claim to fame was that he'd once turned in a life insurance policy he wrote for an officer with blood all over it. On the 3rd day of our training we were introduced to the "Head Honcho" of investments for USAA who was a retired LT. Col Aviator in the USMC. Imagine my surprise to find out that he was not even a Registered Principal or Series 24 which it was my understanding he was required to be. So there I sat with the top man for USAA in Phoenix Arizona with more licenses than he had after only four years in the business. The worst part was yet to come when both of these idiots told all of the new salespeople they hired including myself that it didn't matter if we were Registered Investment Advisors, we were "Forbidden from making any recommendations" to their people. In other words, as competent, FINRA Registered individuals, if we thought that an investment decision was a wise one we would be fired immediately if we shared it with any of the military, their families or civilians we spoke to. This just blew me away. On top of all of this and after being told a pile of lies in their interview process about my career and what I would be doing, Cage Fighter ### informed us that we could only sell life insurance and USAA's 6 mutual funds to the people we talked to on the phone. Never mind that I among many others had more experience in my pinky than Cage Fighter Broker had in his entire body when it came to investments, it is USAA's policy to push only their own products on people, especially their life insurance which they sell to people who already have the Serviceman's Group Life Insurance by trying like all hell to scare the service member or his wife or husband (i.e. whomever has the power of attorney) into buying more life insurance than they will ever need. The more policies you sell, regardless of suitability, the faster you are promoted, the more you get paid and the greater your chances are of having a job the following month. Not only that, but their management actually has a stopwatch they use when you have to go to the bathroom. I'm pretty sure that if Arizona wasn't a "Right To Work" State that this would violate multiple laws especially if you happen to be one of millions of Americans with any type of stomach issues. When I brought my concerns to HR, I was laughed at and told I could quit my job if I wanted. USAA has their own staff of nurses on the property so that if you claim to be sick, they can violate your rights and physical space by examining you first before you go to your own Doctor. I was sent home several times by their staff of nurses because of stomach issues and not being able to use the bathroom when I needed. What caused me to quit the company immediately was when the head of the Financial Services Division told us that we should have no problem selling "anything to USAA members" because, "They trust us, they love us, and will buy anything that you recommend." This is out and out FRAUD and illegal according to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority but will never be prosecuted or investigated because of USAA'a ties to the military and their lobby in the US Congress. As a Veteran of over 15 military bases and a plethora of military contacts, I can tell you that is it wasn't for these longstanding military ties, USAA would be a pathetic, broke company instead of the behemoth they've become because of recommendations made by military supervisors in positions of authority who believe that they are acting in the best interests of their troops both men and women fighting for our freedom while USAA basks and bathes in the service people's money and claims to act in their best interest by denying their sales force the right to recommend products and services that are actually needed. They also claim to be the cheapest and best insurance for the military when in fact there are plenty of insurance companies (AMICA) who have fantastic ratings and just as good of prices. All I can say about JD Power & Associates is that there is no way they have taken into account all of the complaints listed on this website or the accusations of fraud perpetrated by USAA on their unknowing customer base who really do trust them. The worst part of all of this is USAA is a bank, a brokerage firm, an insurance company and an officially recognized friend of the military community. Remember Service People that I was told as an official Employee of USAA that you will buy ANYTHING I RECOMMEND TO YOU JUST BECAUSE I WORK AT USAA! This is the most dishonest pile of garbage as well as an illegal monopoly of goods and services provided to the US Military that I've ever seen or heard of taking place. After 15 years of doing business with USAA, I will not be anymore or ever again. I would encourage you to check out these allegations for yourself and not just do what your First Shirt or C.O. tells you to do. USAA is a fraudulent company and will do absolutely anything to turn a profit. On your first day, USAA shows you a video with lots of pictures of the military and the burning Twin Towers at Ground Zero. They say that even though the pilots of those jets had incomplete insurance docs from USAA that because they are such a fantastic company, they paid out the policies anyway! They make you feel like if you don't support their garbage then you are not a true patriot and that you do not love your country! Cage Fighter Financial Trainer guy, The lead trainer was quick to jump on this bandwagon suggesting that anyone in the military who didn't take advantage of their products and services was "stupid". In addition, if you are a Rep at USAA who has sold an insurance policy to someone who is hurt or is killed in the line of duty, you are given, additional money, days off and a pair of dog tags with the deceased person's name on them making you feel as though you've committed an act of heroism. What about all of the people who purchased unnecessary policies from them because they were jumping on the bandwagon or feel as though they have no choice. I defy USAA to come up with 10 or more names of insurance policies they've paid out on since 9/11 because it didn't equal a fantastic opportunity for them to look good in the press. Remember ALL of you enlisted folk out there, USAA was a company only for Officers and refused to have anything to do with enlisted folks because their business and their lives weren't valued enough to be taken care of. Once their think tanks realized the business and the dollars that were being lost as a result of their failure to provide or offer services to Enlisted Folks, they opened their doors far and wide. For the record, you no longer have to be in the military AT ALL in order to have a bank account or invest with USAA...Only for car insurance. I write this to everyone in the military and ever customer of USAA so that they can see the fraud that is being visited on them. Use your heads people! Look at all the complaints here! One other thing, recently I was involved in a high pressure sales situation where I was told "if you should lose your job or be laid off for any reason, we will make your car payment for you for six months. This was the only thing told to me without any other exception. They then buried in tiny little print in a document that looks as though it contains only your car loan that you must have been paying on this agreement for 6 months before it is actually valid. This agreement was costing me over $30.00 a month and not once was it ever mentioned to me about the six months. Why on earth would I buy protection for a loan that requires a six month waiting period during these turbulent economic times. STUPID! After confronting every person and member of management I could, right up to the USAA Bank President, I was told that they would refund my money for the policy but refused to pay out on it because of the small print... Because I actually trusted USAA. I lost my job through no fault of my own-they laid me off because of my health and then refused to pay out on something I was counting on for the economic welfare of my family. USAA is a money grubbing, waste of space company who uses their ties to the military to look as though they care but when it comes down to it, you mean NOTHING TO THEM. Remember that the next time they give you a 3-5% year end bonus check while they pay their handcuffed employees 10-(last year) 18.99% bonuses. Take a look at the other people who've been ripped off here! Even if you write the person's name down that you spoke with, the chances that they have quit or that USAA simply erased that call so they didn't have to answer or stand behind their employees crap is highly likely. My advise, having more licenses than USAA's Senior VP of Financial Services would be to look elsewhere for your retirement, financial and insurance needs.

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      10th of Apr, 2011

    Sounds of another former disgruntled employee. All full of it...They have more funds than 6. They are a discount broker. They are limited to only recommending their product. Full service brokers will make the recomendations. Get the business model right. They love their members! SGLI is like having group life insurance with a private company. If I get sick to the point of medical retirement. I may no longer be insurable for life insurance. VGLI is super expensive over the long haul! There is a reason that superiors and CO's recommend them to everyone. They have seen there is no other out there like them. They only provide what you need. They will even tell you if you don't need it. Why are they listed top's for customer service? Why were they listed in the top 20 of best companies to work for. They are formidable and do the right thing. You didn't make it for a reason...I DONT believe your side of the story...I'm sure the other side remaining is the truth.

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