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USAA / usaa: poor customer service, just another big bank.

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Usaa: poor customer service, just another big bank.

I was a member of usaa for 7 years. I had a car loan, credit card, and checking account with them. I also had all my bills set on auto-payment through my usaa june I lost my job. I immediately called usaa to notify them of my situation and loss of income in an effort to head off any financial problems. They deferred my car loan for 2 months, and were not really interested in my job loss.
Over the next 3 months, my accounts became past due and usaa began to call me and harass me wanting their money. Telling me “you took the money, so now you have to pay it!!” I repeatedly called and tried to negotiate and work out an arrangement. Usaa wasn’t interested. They did not care that I had no income, they just wanted their money.
I finally found work, but my income was 25% of what it once was. Again, I contacted usaa and tried to work out a payment plan or to refinance my debts at a lower payment. And again they were not interested. Instead they transferred me around the corporation and twice to collection departments that said “you owe us, give us our money” at this point I was not even 60 days past due!!!
It seems to me that usaa would rather use their collections agents, repo a vehicle, destroy my credit, and receive zero dollars than refinance an existing loan that would make them more money!!! Their collections people were not interested in helping at all. They yelled at me, tried to intimidate me, and were rather impolite. Usaa was very unprofessional and has proven to be just another big bank. They could care less about its investors, members, and their financial situations. Not only would I caution everyone I meet to avoid them at all costs, but should I go back on active duty, I vow that no usaa representative will ever set foot on my post nor speak with my troops. Soldiers, servants of our great nation, their families, and people deserve better than usaa!!!

John krum
Former usaa member

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      5th of May, 2011
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    It sucks you lost your job, but that is not the banks fault, they deferred your payments they aren't legally obligated to do even that. Now deployment is different and they do a lot for the military members and they're families. When you borrow from a bank have financial obligations etc, It is your job to have in savings, enough to cover at least 3 months of financial obligations, plus all other expenses if you do not have this, you should not own car house etc. If more people were Fiscally responsible we wouldn't have the debt problem we do now. As a military member your entitled to respect not a free ride. if you want to negotiate do it while your still paying them and up to date. My husband honorably discharged from the service, because his job was overmanned and the air force at that time was claiming they were over there numbers. So he didn't want to retrain and he was promised a job in between times he was without a job for 65 days, We paid all our bills on time for the first 2 months while I spoke to USAA and other companies and explained the situation they were able to work with me because I hadn't stopped payment. See that's the key, the moment you miss a payment they no longer give a darn, but if you can show them hey look I'm set up for at least 60 days to pay you, and you begin working with them before your out of cash, it makes a world of difference. I'm tired of people thinking that banks or people you borrow money from should "understand" your dire straights. It wouldn't be so dire if you PLANNED ahead, because there is always some unforeseen circumstance. That no one planned for. So hurt your troops and there families and do them a disservice because you don't understand what being financially stable is, because you didn't plan ahead. You'd probably find honor in leading 600 men to there deaths as long as it made you look good...
    Thank you for your service to our country, for my freedoms but take a page from the military and always plan ahead. The 60 day financial plan was the first thing as a "new military" family, were taught in the family classes at Macdill AFB and they have been a life saver.

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      5th of May, 2011
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    tell the bank to go suck it they got enough money hong kong here doesnt know what shes talking about
    dont let it ruin your life those collectors are trained to that dont let them scare you!

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