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US Xpress / Scam and cheating

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I hear each and every single one of you out there with issues with US Xpress. I uprooted my family to move to Jeffersonville, OH just to be closer to US Xpress when I went to work for them. No sooner did I get on than all the issues started. No pay, or not enough pay.

Started in October 3rd was told by the GA location's safety director to my *cuss**cuss* off his truck and get the *cuss* off his property. Back in October is when he cussed me out. So I wasn't even on the truck a month. Was still in the training period. And all that had happened was I was detained by an officer in PA because there was claims that A not specifically mine but A US XPRESS truck was seen in an accident involving another motorist who never stopped. Just hit the truck and kept going. And in the contract I signed it states if ever detained for longer than an hour to let US Xpress know. So I did.

And what did I get for it?! I got terminated. And false information placed on my DAC Report. Get this I got terminated in October 2006 was not officially terminated on the DAC Report by US Xpress until December 2006. In which time if going by that record every day they have me off the truck they were suppose to compensate me $50 per day. I have never seen one red cent of that money. AND on top of that they said I was in a preventable accident. Which I never was. Now mind you this is back in 2006 that all this has gone down.

It has taken me now almost 2 years to fix my DAC Report. I had to contact USIS the company who runs DAC Report and acquire a copy. Well the copy I originally got was not showing this 'accident' stuff. But all the driving companies kept telling me it was there. And because my family and I were hurting something fierce for money we couldn't acquire another copy right away with the newest information on it. In fact because of US Xpress we had to move in with my parents just to get going again.

Anyways this year we got a new copy with all the information on it. Rebuttalled it and I was pleasantly surprised when DAC Agreed with me stating it was false information and made my DAC right again. Now I can go back to work as a Driver again. But this time I am definately weighing my choices carefully. As I have a son on the way now and I can not afford to go through this again like I did with US Xpress!! Such a Heartless company. Taking away a mans dream. Yes it was my dream since I was a boy to be a truck driver.

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  • Dr
      26th of Jan, 2010
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    While I am in no way endorsing or exonerating USXPress, I will tell you that I have a major problem with this complaint.

    I’ve been an employee for almost three years and they do some pretty shady things but I have serious doubts that they would terminate someone without just cause.

    USXPress has each one of their Fleet trucks numbered with a unique 5 digit number. If the number begins in 5 then the truck was put in service in 2005, 6 is 2006, etc. etc. The problem I have is that if a USXpress truck was involved in an accident, one of the first things one should record is that truck number. It is impossible to miss. They are installed in large white digits on the red truck background.

    If this guy's truck number was identified as being involved in a "hit and run" accident, it is hard to believe this was a mistake. I find it hard to believe that his truck was "randomly selected" by the company, or anyone else for that matter, to be placed at the scene of an accident. That would never hold up in court and if that were the case, why didn't this guy pursue legal liability or wrongful termination based on his accusations.

    Sorry, just too many holes in this entire tirade that don't add up! Just my opinion!

  • Ra
      5th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i was with u.s. xpress in the lease-purchase and was making good money until these [censor]s started cutting the rates were you could not make money and always in the hole with them i have quit and they have took my money that i payed in and tell me you owe this and that u.s. xpress is not the best company to work for and i'm not done with them yet but it's coming and if you been with them for 3 years and you like them well to me that's an [censor] kisser

  • Kk
      22nd of Mar, 2011
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    I started with US Express feb 25 sent out on two deliveries then was sent to Lexington Nc where i found out from a renee absher hr dept.that i was being put on suspension for a previous non driving emplyors feedback. i informed them that they alligations were false and even showed he text messages on my cell phone as poof of the alligation. In my opinion for a professional driver this is a very unperfessional company to work for. They operate on the southern good ole boy STATUS. If i was not thier type of material then why did they in turn screw up my dac report with a temp job. My next step is t contact a good frien of mine Senator Cam Ward here in Al. and explian the unscrupulous hiring practice. Remember they get a 5000.00 tax deduction for everyone they hire off unemployment, but i am curious to whether they notify th dept of labor and taxing authoritie that they are hiring for a week and therefore the tax deduction is null in void. I know this for the fact i used to work for the IRS audit dept. in which i will be calling.

    Thank You
    Kevin R. Kerwood

  • Pi
      17th of Jul, 2011
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    My husband is currently working for USXPRESS for the past 6 months. Now let me start by saying he is in no way clueless when it comes to transporting, knowing the importance of filing paper work correctly and delivering on time. Working and following the rules is nothing new to him. He started his own transporting company some years back while working for a major car manufacture for years before taking a buy out to relocate to the south. Because the business started to decline my husband decided to work for USXPRESS...boy ole boy was this the biggest mistake ever!!! USXPRESS is running off some SLAVE *HIT, GOOD OLE BOY NETWORK!!! This company would have never made it if the tired to operate up NORTH. They azzez would've been shut down before they could get started. The pay is below minimum wage when you compare to how they route their drivers. Not providing them valid information as to when the route really should be delivered. Having a driver sit for 48hours after their 34hr reset And other things like not answering the phone or when they do answer they but you on hold for damn near forever and sometimes never coming back to the phone. But when they need the driver the make sure they call the driver's cell phone. But want the driver to only communicate through the computer that is shut down at least once every other week for 4 hours for system updates???? When you finally get a dispatcher on the line they speak to you as if you work for their azz and they pay your check. Now I have 12 years of dispatching experience and from the stories my husband call home with of how some or most of the weekly day time dispatcher treat him and others are unheard of. The Fleet Managers and dispatcher seem to be incompetent of their duties. I question ANYONE WHO SAY THIS IS A GOOD COMPANY!!! It is obvious you are use to working for a bull ### company and making crumbs. Or could it be that you really aren't who you claim to be but one of the inside azz holes my husband talk to everyday. Whatever the case you'll never tell. But the fact of the matter is I really think there should be a UNION FORMED to assist USXPRESS in how to fairly treat and pay their drivers. I challenge anyone who dares to say it ain't true, I'm on stand by!!!

  • Bi
      19th of May, 2012
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    USXPRESS has treated me good . Im being wiith them for over 9 years, im about to pay off my 2nd truck so i dont have nothing dad to say about this companny . I average 3000 to 3800 miles per week im making good money and thats no bull.

  • Jo
      16th of Jul, 2012
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    i worked for these ###s to they took over 20, 000 from me and my family just in 2 months stay away please dont be the next victim to a pack of liars i wont stop til i get my money back go on my facebook page under my post, their drivers even cussed me out how professional is that!!! they represent their company good. words dont lie i was called trash mentally ill all sorts of evil words. my facebook is jodyhersforlifelee add me i will show you. i want them to remember me and know me!!!

  • Ro
      18th of Jul, 2012
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    I like the good comment from snake and his great miles but hate to inform you it is impossable for a driver to run 3800 miles in a week based on speed, and hours so i think he has smoked his lunch.Ive drove for usxpress and they do not pay.they are good scam artiests.they owe me back pay on six trips, breakdown pay, hazmate reimbursments, hotel, taxie, scale ticketts schooling.If you like to get paid for what you do bottom line stay far away from usxpress.

  • Pa
      21st of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes is a real website that supports truckers

  • To
      27th of May, 2013
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  • Wa
      9th of Nov, 2013
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    I applied at this bull company after leaving CRST a great company to me to go to us ex press an they [censored]ed me I did my drug an alcohol test came back what the [censored] I don't do that never have never will asked to take another right then an there told me NO didn't even give me a chance to test the other one now I'm going to sue I've been driving for two years an never had this problem with my last company the problem was it came back diluted I know I had this happened to me many time an they tell me to take another one no us ex press they are out to get u.

  • St
      15th of Aug, 2014
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    I just quit this company after 3wks with a racist
    Trainer who snores louder than 3 Diesel engines and
    Has the worse case of road rage I've ever seen!
    I was lied to from the recruiter to the training c
    Coordinater about everything from pay to the
    Account I was recruited for.My trainer was Chris
    Scicluna-a white pimp out of Detroit (go figure)!
    All he cares about is squeezing ever mile he can
    Get out of you and holding on to you til he can pick up his next trick.
    I'm currently stuck in Marion Indiana paying for my bus ticket home out
    Of the peanuts I earned SMFH!!!YOUNG DRIVER BEWARE!!!

  • Ho
      14th of Jul, 2015
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    Ugh sounds like a preschool in here so much complaining, ehh. I accepted a pre-hire from usxpress for a dedicated account and I'll either make what their saying or I won't either way I don't plan on staying for 2-3 weeks than crying and quit. I'll give them a year like I do and see what happens. I worked for Dana chemical and their a great co. Rarely do I ever listen to other drivers as 95% of the time their full of poo. I have no reason to disbelieve what their telling me, however I am careful example they say account pays up to 75k per year okay I'm expecting 65k per year, their saying 7500 sign bonus okay I believe them on that. Now over my years of driving you get out what you put in and I understand that if yer good at what you do and you try to do what they tell you and understand that 1 dispatcher isn't the whole co You can and will make money. Now I've only had 1 really bad job with a Co won't mention them I just quit it and moved on I didn't cry. Now I expect that if I do what I'm supposed to do and do it well I'll make exactly what they are saying which I will, when I'm away I want to work and make money, what else have you got to do, the only way I would lose is if 1. Trk is a lemon 2.they hire too many drivers and u end up sitting, both are highly unlikely, in short GROW UP AND STOP WHINING DO YOUR JOB AND ST[censored]

  • Cr
      2nd of Dec, 2015
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    Ive spoke with there recruters and the one i talked to is an ### hole and dosent want to answer any questions if you call and get abrem you might as well hang up

  • Me
      12th of Dec, 2016
    +1 Votes

    My husband worked for them for 8 months. in those 8 months they installed cameras on the trucks and according to a video from them they said it's not on all the time, well we found out it was. He was at a rest spot and changing his music on his phone so truck was stopped anyways... a week later termated for that. first of all camera should not have been on and it was so "peepin tom's". Now hes at orination for a new job and showed them his medical card that he got from USXpress and they said it was fake. so it's not a real medical card. WTH we had a lot of problems with thm in the 8 months he was working for them. He got emails about getting a raise and there was no raise at all, out teams for crappy pay, and home every 4 months. was told to get a bonus and never saw a bonus. Now we are suing the company and we have the school he went to, to get his CDL behind us as well.
    Melissa Evans

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