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US Pharmacy / harassing telemarketing calls

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We have been receiving harassing phone calls from a company called US Pharmacy off and on for about two years now...these individuals (who all have middle eastern accents) are attempting to sell phamaceuticals to our household. The calls come in from early morning until evening time...I have received up to 7 - Yes, 7!! - calls in one day. I have demanded that these people put me on their Do Not Call list - but they never do. Today, after hanging up on the individual, they called back twice; I let the call go to voicemail...the actually left messages, making lewd and X-rated vulgarities toward us - it was unbelieveable! Then, the "manager" called, threatening to call both the FBI and police on us, and threatening to take me to court because he didn't like the way I spoke to his employee. I wish they WOULD take me to court - they I could finally find out who they really are and SUE THEM!!! We can't block their calls from our lines bc their numbers are always "unavailable". This is America...why can't we do something about this???? How in God's name are these people getting away with this? Has anyone ever bought from them? If so, please share anything you know about this company (address and phone number) so we can stop this people! What they are doing is AGAINS THE LAW!!!

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  • Kd
      4th of Sep, 2017

    I spoke with USPharmacy today. I usually don't answer but had some time to kill. After I answered and talked to "victor" he evidently passed the phone off the a "manager Gene". I didn't realize it because he sounded exactly like "Victor", same accent. He told me of his "deal" and it was a good one. But I told him I had reservations and wanted his web site so I could research. He said they don't have a web site because of some excuse that they were forced to shut it down and only call customers. He mentioned that if I order they would not call me any more and that I would have to call them for reorder. I said "so I won't get 5 calls a day anymore?" He said no, that only he would have my number. I said that to verify his authenticity of the call, I would like to call him back. He gave me his number 1-888-653-1613 and said to ask for extension 182 and that I should call him back right away. I hung up and about 10 minutes I got a call from the same number that he gave me. I did not answer but there was call center noise in place of a verbal message. That definitely is a legit phone number.

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  • Us
      11th of Oct, 2017

    Like everyone else these people call daily. I've gone through all of the emotions. Tried nice to mean, nothing changes. So now when I have time I answer and have a little fun wasting their time. (My favorite is answering my phone "US Pharmacy". Really throws them for a loop.) Today's call actually surprised me with how it went. They asked like usual if I want Viagra or Cialis. I told them I didn't take those. They asked what I take and for a goof I said Vicodin and Percocet. Keeping in mind I'm just messing with them and don't have a prescription for either, they actually offered to sell them to me. $3 a pill but I'd have to send the money Western Union. Even if the company was legit, it isn't, this would be a huge violation of the law. Either it is a total scam, it is, or they're willing to provide opiodes without a prescription. I like the advice about cows given in earlier complaints. I'm actually looking forward to the next call so I can have some fun with that topic. Unfortunately, I won't have to wait long...

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  • Cl
      20th of Oct, 2017

    Two US Pharmacy staff - in India of course - have "mysteriously" disappeared. Without a body, there can be no crime scene...

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  • Tr
      25th of Oct, 2017

    Buy a whistle and every time they call, blow into the phone as loud as you can.

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  • Jo
      27th of Nov, 2017

    Im also a victim of this online pharmacy company. I get 20 calls a day and when I ask them to take me off their call list they just hang up and call me 5 mins later. they have thousands of telemarketers working for them and they have many different business names they go by such us Us Pharmacy, pharmacy online, etc etc. Ive been very cordial to them and this new one called American Pharmacy is from Pakistan, 310-527-9308 / I tell them I am a vet and that I have contacted the US Navy to report them as fraudulently using the name American Pharmacy when they are not American. Nothing stops these companies they share their number with all their affiliates and Im getting calls every 15 mins trying to sell me Viagra etc. Its horrible!. And there is no way out of it, I have tried everything. Since they are overseas and they get a workable phone number from cell phone companies in the US so they can call you all they want.

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  • Da
      4th of Dec, 2017

    years of abuse...

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  • Sr
      7th of Dec, 2017

    We just opened a business in October and we get these calls non stop all day. I cant just not answer the phone as we are a medical business and that is not allowed. I have threatened to call the police etc. but, still 20+ calls a day. It is interfering with our business!

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  • Bl
      27th of Jan, 2018

    If you've priced the ED meds Big Pharma is gouging us with here in the US you should be thankful you can have people calling you to sell you high quality MORE POTENT ED meds at a fraction of the cost. I have never been ripped off and saved a ton of money. I'll put up with the calls. The real crime is what these drug companies in the states are allowed to charge.

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  • Mi
      2nd of Feb, 2018

    One way to harass them is to call a number that they will answer or have a recorded message. I always call with *67 314-666-9790 and either speak with a representative or a voice message. I think that if enough of us spam this number, they will at least have to shut it down...Taste of their own harassment! Please spread the number around. I call and harass at least 10 times a day and actually speak to a person two or three times asking them to quit calling me. They have basically told me to answer my phone when they call me or buy something and they will reduce the harassing calls. I think this is BS and would like to get enough people to start harassing them to make them pay the price of disrupting our lives!

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  • Be
      20th of Mar, 2018

    I have been getting these call for well over a year also. To me it sounds like the same two guys, but they use names like Jason, Dan, David...etc. One of them asked me if he could call me when he got some free time. They are some weird guys. Now if I answer the phone and it is them, I give the phone to my husband. But, they still call. My 15 yr. old grandson answered the phone and they even asked him if he wanted Viagra. I agree we need to sue.

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  • Pe
      22nd of Apr, 2018

    They are using a phone number generator to mask their true number. The numbers that are being listed have no value to them. The way it works is this: they call you from a randomly generated number and these "call centers" are based in NYC or somewhere else in the USA; when you answer the number, it signals the call center to transfer your call to their Skype number overseas, where they begin to harass you. Unfortunately, it is not illegal to do this in their country, so there is no legal action that you personally can take against them. However, calling your congressperson may raise concern or better yet, contact the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. I personally am on the verge of changing my phone number in order to combat these harassing calls after 5 years of them.

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  • Mi
      4th of May, 2018

    If anyone ever files a class action case they have been harassing me 4 years.

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  • Pi
      21st of May, 2018

    Here is their main number. 314-666-9790. Put *67 in front of the number so it blocks your number. I just call them non stop until I get bored. Help me...

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  • Go
      25th of May, 2018

    Obama outsourced a lot call center jobs to India and ever since then I have been Harassed by U.S Pharmacy and the phone numbers they are calling me from are local area code numbers how do you make this stop I haven't a clue cause when you call the number back it is "out of order please check the number and call again" I am on the National do not call list and on a state do not call list so why and how am I suppose to document this harassment if the number don't exist? I block numbers and they just call from different ones and sometimes from different states

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  • Ho
      25th of May, 2018

    I also get calls from this Co. For over 10 years. They want to sell drugs that are illegal without a prescription. The Government really should look into this horrible company.

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  • Th
      8th of Jun, 2018

    Blocking phone numbers from US Pharmacy DOES NOT WORK because they use a different computer-generated number for each call. The calls originate from either Mumbai, India or from Singapore but they use computer, robo-call equipment so that for each call they generate a different number. Sometimes they will use the same number a few times in a row but generally it it either a different number or a number masked by Unknown Caller.

    No amount of reasoning will work with these people. I simply never answer their calls. The FTC do no call list is totally useless. I have decided to change all my phone numbers rather than put up will from 8 to 15 calls a day. For many people this has gone on for 7 or 8 years. This has been going on in my case for over a year. As much as I hate to change my numbers it is the only solution. I have forwarded my calls to my US number to the FTC, discontinued numbers no longer in service and to police departments. They still keep calling.

    The bottom line is that despite pleasant trips to India, I will simply NEVER do any business whatsoever with an individual or company based in India. It is not worth the aggravation. I intend to contact the Indian Embassy in Washington to protest the unprofessional practices the Indian government permits to flourish. It will ultimately put India on a par with the infamous scam artists from Nigeria.

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  • Ty
      9th of Jun, 2018

    I have tried everything-- from giving them fake credit card numbers to calling in bomb threats. Now I just have fun with them (although the bomb threats were kind of fun). Sometimes I negotiate really hard and get the price down to 40 cents per pill, but I have to buy 500 pills. After I’ve wasted a bunch of their time and they think they struck a deal, that’s when the fun begins.

    US Pharmacy: What’s your name?
    Me: Abrahamaramalamarov Siddhaparushkanityannandasalamahramabob
    US Pharmacy: Can you spell that?
    Me: Uhh. I don’t think so.
    US Pharmacy: What’s your card number?
    Me: 4595640901114508174432298…
    US Pharmacy: Stop! That’s too many numbers.
    Me: Well, you can’t expect the credit card company to fit my name on just one card, do you?

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  • Bl
      9th of Aug, 2018

    i just now recieved a call from a company called pharmacy services... my boyfriend answered and handed the phone to me b/c they wanted to speak to me by name... its scary knowing they know my name somehow. anyway there was static on the line and then i heard a noise like they hung up.

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  • Bi
      20th of Sep, 2018

    I receive these calls in Australia also. The company behind this scam is VE Health NOTHING WILL STOP THEM. I called a number associated with this company at 2am india time and spoke to a guy calling himself the CEO. He was in India.

    If you call the 1800 number in USA at 2am India time it is diverted to him.

    Did no good. I have tried stretching out the call with lots of silence, abusing them, blocking numbers, many other strategies. These calls are computer generated with random numbers for caller ID. These peopl;e are paid to be abused. the more you do the more you lose but they still get paid regardless.

    In my opinion only a concerted effort by all governments will sto-p this. Legislate to bann ALL calls originationg fro india until the telecommunications companies in India track and block access to the system at source. Form a worlwide block to India and the government will be forced to act.

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  • Hu
      26th of Sep, 2018

    I suggest you place an order. a big one. $800, $1000 whatever. give them your name, address, the whole bit. but change a couple digits on your card. also change your expiration date, and cvc #. I like to use 007. write it down and give them the same fake # over and over. sometimes the shipping and billing dept. will call you back and ask what's wrong. you tell them you get 8 or 9 calls a day, no matter what you tell them about not wanting to buy anything. so, from now on. you will place this order with every call you get and you will give the same bad cc #. tell them you will do this until one of you die. it seems to really piss them off.

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