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We have been receiving harassing phone calls from a company called US Pharmacy off and on for about two years now...these individuals (who all have middle eastern accents) are attempting to sell phamaceuticals to our household. The calls come in from early morning until evening time...I have received up to 7 - Yes, 7!! - calls in one day. I have demanded that these people put me on their Do Not Call list - but they never do. Today, after hanging up on the individual, they called back twice; I let the call go to voicemail...the actually left messages, making lewd and X-rated vulgarities toward us - it was unbelieveable! Then, the "manager" called, threatening to call both the FBI and police on us, and threatening to take me to court because he didn't like the way I spoke to his employee. I wish they WOULD take me to court - they I could finally find out who they really are and SUE THEM!!! We can't block their calls from our lines bc their numbers are always "unavailable". This is America...why can't we do something about this???? How in God's name are these people getting away with this? Has anyone ever bought from them? If so, please share anything you know about this company (address and phone number) so we can stop this people! What they are doing is AGAINS THE LAW!!!

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  • Bi
      2nd of Nov, 2018

    I get these calls 5-6 times a day too. Either US Pharacy or United States Pharmacy but their script is the same so they must be the same. When they call they say "Hi, this is Brian (or someother anglo name) from US Pharmacy. Do you take any medications like Viagra or Cialis". I reply with "Hi I'm Sanjay from India pharmacy. Do you take any medications like viagra or cialis? If not you should. I had a 3some with your mother and sister last night and they both complained you can't get hard enough to satisfy them anymore". (9 times out of 10 they hang up on me). Once in a while you get someone who wants to react and play so I go with the flow. After a few minutes I let hem know how stupid they are because they are dialing for dollars yet they are wasting time with me because it obvious I'm not going to buy anything from them. If it gfoes to far I tell them the shame is that England didn't kill more of them when they held Indian in slavery for 400 years. That one always pisses them off. If its a female calling I say I will buy some but only if she comes over so I can test it out on her.

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  • Mi
      6th of Nov, 2018

    If some of us that are being harassed by US Pharmacy were to put together an action group to network and draw together everyone targeted by these goons, we would have thousands and thousands of members. Each one of us donates say 50 bucks (I know I would pay more than that to stop this crap). We would raise millions of dollars. Now we can finance a "team" of individuals with very special skills. I'm kinda thinking something like the Expendables. And we send them to India to have a little "talk" with everyone at their call center. Then they go to pay a visit to the place that makes their crappy so-called medications. And then they go knock on the doors of the Board Members, officials, accountants, and owners of US Pharmacy.
    This might just put a stop to the phone calls.
    And at the very least it would be a great idea for the next Stallone movie.

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  • Al
      21st of Nov, 2018

    I have tried to block them they just spawn another number, tried to reason with them, I tried being rude, I tried being nasty and foul they seem to enjoy it frankly! I don't know if there is any protection from the law it seems to be one of those crimes that are NO PRIORITY. I call them back and they were clever enough to employ a call back blocking number wanted to give them a dose of what they do to me several times a week. You would think the [censored]s would get the hint.

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  • Ro
      18th of Dec, 2018

    I too have been getting these calls frequently and have simply given up talking to them. I am in Australia so this is not a US only issue - they do this everywhere.

    I always answer the phone and say hello which tells their system that there is a person on the phone but there is a short delay before they come on the line. I simply put the phone down and let them waste some time trying to talk to me.

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  • Ro
      22nd of Jan, 2019

    I purchased a personal alarm that emits a very loud and very high frequency sound. I was receiving calls multiple time a week and after using it the first time more than a week passed before I received another call.

    Only time will tell if this will work in the long term but the thought of painful ears on the other end makes me happy.

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  • Mi
      25th of Jan, 2019

    I'm thinking maybe we should get them by forwarding their calls to like the president or Congress I know you can set your calls on a cell phone to ring through to a different number I've never done it maybe I should learn how

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  • Me
      31st of Jan, 2019

    Have had many phone calls from these people including threats and horrible language they finally left a voicemail with a number that actually dials directly back to them. The numbers they call off of do not work if you try to call back. Calling 929-999-1215 is the number to reach them. I called back to back nearly 20 times and asked to speak to a manager each time- there aren't any they just pass the phone around. They continued to threaten and use foul language and each time I asked them to remove my phone number. After all these phone calls they were finally frustrated enough to remove my number and I have not had a call since. I would recommend attempting to call and return the favor until they realize you aren't letting it go anymore. That's the only thing that has worked for me.

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  • Fr
      8th of Feb, 2019

    US Pharmacy is a business name used by a call centre in India. They phone to scam you into buying erectile disfunction medication (Viagra etc) and 'cheap prices' but the medication does not work...had a lab test their pills ….just fillers. today I received a phone call from and Australian number 0893064273 it is a dummy number...if you call it back you will get a message that it is disconnected. told me he was from us pharmacy and wanted to sell me some more pills very cheap. Was onto him this time ….tried to get details in regard to the operation ….where it is located contact details website details etc kept using language understanding difficulties to avoid answering the question but was very intent in making a sale. He finally admitted that he was not in the US but in India in a call centre doing the 'Australian afternoon shift'. Made out he sold me the last pills but finally got out of him that it was another person who no longer worked there was sacked because he was a scammer. He was pushing to make a sale but I informed him that I could and would not as they had scammed me on the last order. He said his name was david and told me her had to word there for 15 years or he would go to jail????? told me that should I have a problem just contact him that he will resolve it (just like the other guy I said) Refused to pass my call to his boss. just said 'sorry' A MOB OF SCAMMERS>>>>>DON"T FALL FOR THEIR FRAUDS AGAINST THEIR OUTSIDERS

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  • Ke
      7th of Mar, 2019

    I am not alone!!! U.S. Pharmacy has been calling my office for the past 5-6 years. I also have repeatedly asked them to place our number on their do not call list and that does not work. They have gotten ugly with me and cussed me out or called me honey etc. I write the number down to block and it is always unavailable. I am so frustrated I could pull my hair out. Is there nothing we can do???

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  • Tr
      18th of Mar, 2019

    These pests have been calling me every day for three years - sometimes I receive up to 30 calls a day. They are "spoofing" numbers so it often appears someone is calling from my area code, or with an individual's name. My business deals with people all over the country, so I always answer, in case it is a client.

    Today I decided I will keep their grimy little hands busy, and ordered 100 tramadol pills under the name of "Holly Golightly" and using a credit card number I made up. They have called me back four times so far, saying they cannot get my card to go through, and wanting to verify the information.

    As long as they are dinking around with my fake card, they aren't bugging someone else. If they get crappy with me, I plan to tell them they are not the only ones who can think of ways to mess with people. Perhaps if we all order hundreds of dollars using non-existent cards, they will stop with their harassment.

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  • Tr
      16th of Apr, 2019

    We have tried everything to get them to stop dad died
    ...already received your last order
    ...all stocked up
    ...dont need cialis. do you stock cocaine? oxycotton? marijuana?
    Nothing seemed to work.

    I finally found one that did, pretend you cannot hear them...hello? ...hello? ...hello?
    I can actually tell you that this pissed them off to no end where they start cussing.
    Have not heard from them in several weeks.

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  • St
      23rd of Apr, 2019

    Yeah these people are ruthless something needs to be done about it

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