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US Airways / Refund policy

1 Medford, OR, United States

I purchased a flight on Priceline for a one way flight from Medford to Albuquerque for June 6, 2008. I was on vacation in Grants Pass, Oregon and needed to fly back to NM in order to drive to Clovis, NM to take a state EMT licensing exam. Unfortunatley, I underestimated the driving time to the airport and arrived at the airport at 515am for my flight at 542. The Medford airport is a very SMALL airport so even though it was cutting it close, I didn't feel 30 minutes was THAT close. The ticket agent proceeds to tell me that she "already closed the ticket window 2 minutes ago, sorry." THAT was all she said to me, I then told her that I did not need to check any luggage and already purchased my ticket. She flat out refused and said that she was going to board the passengers on that flight and be back to help me. Mind you, I do not fly very often so I am very naive when it comes to policies and such as far as airlines go. When the agent returned over 30 minutes later, she offered me a flight 4 hours later, but I would have been too late to make the drive to Clovis. I asked what else I could do as far as a refund or exchange and she stated to call Priceline. I call priceline after returning to my sisters house and they tell me to call the airline. I call, and it's all automated VAGUE information regarding refunds. So I go to the website and complete the refund form and explained the situation. I recieve an email today stating that it's US Airway's policy that you must CANCEL your reservation up to midnight the day of the flight. I submitted my refund request 4 hours later, but never knew that "appropriately cancelling" the reservation was required. I feel that had the ticket agent shoud have been more helpful and informed me that I needed to "cancel" the reservation in order to recieve some sort of refund. Apparently after reading other complaints on US Airlines a refund is practically useless anyways. I do understand that arriving at the airport so late was indeed my own fault, customer service can stand to be a little more helpful and informative.

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