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US Mastercard is offered with the promotion that you will get two $99 companion tickets to fly US Airways. What they don't tell you is that the certificates come in August and you have to book within 2 months. If they had told me that somewhere in the information before I signed up at least I would have been forewarned. The ad said only that you got the companion tickets... I was stupid enough to think that they were good for the year.

I complained about it and they sent me another certificate. I wrote them and told them that the certificate they sent me had expired. Their answer was that a new one would be coming as soon as my year was up. No attempt to make the customer happy whatsoever.

This $99 companion fare is being misrepresented. They need to be upfront about what the program is and what the offer is so you don't feel scammed.

Shame on US Airways for allowing Barclays to do this!

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  • Cg
      Aug 20, 2009

    The entire switch from Bank of America to Barclay's Bank is a scam. If you transferred your previous U.S. Airways Visa from Bank of America to Barclay's, the annuqal fee is $ 99 and you got 10, 000 miles. If you apply for a new Mastercard from Barclay's the annual fee is $ 79 and you receive 25, 000 miles. If you were are former Bank of America customer and apply for a new card, Barclay denies the application.

    Well, I'm going to apply for a Southwest Airlines Chase Visa, guess who I will be flying with in the future!

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