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US Airways / Nightmare

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I will never again fly this god-forsaken airline! The nightmare began last year when a friend and I were scheduled to go to Greece. My friend got sick on the way to the airport and we had to reschedule. Our tickets were reissued for two days later. She was still ill, so we had to bail on the entire trip. We called US Airlines. The rep told us that we could purchase new tickets using this flight as a credit for a year from the date of reissue.

When I called a few months later to make a reservation using my credit, I was told that I would have to buy a ticket close to the cost of my ticket because I would not be credited the amount over the cost (which was not what I was told previously).

I had the opportunity to go to Greece the following summer. I called to cash in my ticket and they tried to tell me that I was too late to use it because the ticket expired, citing my initial purchase date rather than the reissue date. After a strenuous argument, they gave in, but quoted me a price $300 greater than my friend (who made her reservations 15 minutes before I called). I tried to argue this, but they said that that was the fare quoted in their computer. Liars -- especially since I called later that evening and they quoted me the price my friend got!

So, off we went to Greece. The trip over was surprisingly fine. The trip back was a nightmare. We arrived at the airport well before the closing of the flight only to be told that the flight was overloaded and due to FAA regulations, we were getting bumped. Never mind that we were confirmed passengers on the flight. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, they had a hard time getting us out of Athens and had to put us on a Continental flight (the only good part of the trip) into Newark. From there, the rep claimed that the only way for us to reach our final destination was to *somehow* get through customs and find transportation to LaGuardia in TWO HOURS. When I asked the rep how exactly we could do that, she said that if we wanted to get home, we would have to do that (which is impossible).

She did, however, offer us each $600 for the inconvenience and was going to issue us a draft right there. However, they were "out of drafts" and that our money would be sent by US Airways.

We got into Newark on time (thank you Continental), however, by the time we got through passport control and customs, we would get to LaGuardia (in a cab at our expense) in time to see the plane fly over our heads.

We called US Airways from the taxi line and when they looked at the computer, they "realized" that we could get a flight out of Newark and make a connection to our final destination. We specifically asked if this was a possibility in Athens, but were told it wasn't. So, we had to then RUN through the airport, deal with the fact that they kept "losing" my friend's reservation, go through security (again), recheck our luggage (which they charged us extra for), and made our flight with 10 minutes to spare.

When we got home I called US Airways a few days later to issue a complaint about the way we were treated. I was told that there was "no customer service line" and that I would have to send my complaint via email.

I did and receive a rude response from the rep saying that while they were sorry for the experience, they did not have to do anything because a) we did make it home and b) they don't reimburse for FAA cancelled reservations.

I sent off another email indicating that the crux of the refund was not due to the bumped flight but the fact that they were booking us on a flight that they KNEW we could not make. And what about the fact that the woman was ready to write a check then and there?

I was blown off yet again and decided to call back. I was told several times that there was no customer relations line. Then they told me that they would transfer me. They transferred me to a fax line. I called back and finally got a number out of them.

After 45 minutes on hold, I spoke to a very nice human who was going to send my complaint "up to exec."

Needless to say, I have not received a response. I won't hold my breath, but I WILL be calling again.

If your plans call for air travel. DO NOT fly US Scareways!


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