UPS United Parcel Service / parcel delivery


This is without a doubt the poorest run business in all of Canada. I ordered a package on Amazon and unfortunately the parcel was shipped using UPS...not my choice as it was the sender that used this joke of a company. I'm from Deer Lake, NL and my parcel ended up reaching their depot in Corner Brook, NL on Dec 17th, 2015. Corner Brook is only 50kms from Deer Lake and guess is Dec 24th and the damn package is still sitting in their damn warehouse...8 DAYS AT THAT WAREHOUSE AND THE PARCEL CANNOT GET 50 KMS UP THE HIGHWAY AFTER TRAVELING ACROSS CANADA. I called their complaints line and you would not believe what I was told by the lady on the other end "I'm sorry sir but we are busy at this time of year and there is not much we can do"????????? WHAT KIND OF RESPONSE IS THAT...YOU ARE IN THE DAMN BUSINESS OF SHIPPING PARCELS...IT'S YOUR JOB...POOR, POOR SERVICE AND I'LL NEVER EVER SHIP OR HOPEFULLY NEVER RECEIVE ANOTHER PACKAGE FROM THESE ###S.

Dec 24, 2015

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