Unsure - lookup shows Global Crossing - MDUnsolicited call(s)

Received call from [protected]. Asked for my name, provided their own (assumed) fake name, and inquired about a resume/job application. Received something similar in the form of a text a few weeks ago.

Motive is really unclear as one would assume it's a scam, but they don't seem particularly motivated to actually get anything out of it, and other, similar reports describe juvenile, petulant, or just generally odd behavior.

In the text I received before, though I'm unsure if it is directly related to this person/people/company, and this call, the sender asked to verify my address, which was accurate, and their reference to job applications/resumes was also relevant, as I was sending out quite a lot of those, and many online applications make use of third party companies, and their own application processes. So, I'm under the impression that my information was sold to some shady buyers, but the type of behavior exhibited is really odd.

Jan 08, 2015

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