Universal Vacation Club / Villa del Palmar timeshare HORROR

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Like most people coming to Mexico we were hounded by multiple people who wanted me to watch a timeshare. We were on our honeymoon and just wanted to get to our hotel so we agreed to get it over with. We left the next day to the Flamingos location, there we were greeted by the sales team. Once met the team bombarded us with sales pitch after sales pitch. Finally beaten and tired we agreed. The Contract amount was small a little over $7500 plus interest. We went home and thought this isn't for us and we should cancel, when we arrived back at flamingos we were told we would lose our deposit and that the timeshare is non negotiable. Learning today that was a LIE, we had 5 days according to (NOM-029-SCFI-2010) of the Mexican consumer protection clause.

My rights were violated and still I continued with the timeshare, I have even used the product but come to find out the payment plan is not what was agreed upon. Being changed more then 50% interest when the total due after the 15 year contract was roughly $7900. After two year enough was enough of being robbed. In the contract it stated if I chose to default I would lose the timeshare and would no longer be required for payment. Now I am being harassed to pay when the contract clearly stated I would no longer have to.

This has been a nightmare from the start. Lie after Lie and now this nonsense.

My rights have been violated and still are being violated, I have reached out to PROFECO, and awaiting information from them. I loved Mexico and the people who I have meet. Its the timeshare people who have ruined this experience for me. I may never go back.

Hope this keeps people from wanting to purchase a timeshare from these crooks!!

Apr 14, 2016

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