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The USPS is running a SCAM to make extra money!

I work in a mailroom at my job, and we get a lot of returned envelopes from the USPS marked "no such address".

There is NOTHING wrong with these envelopes we mail out, because we have to double check the addresses before we send them out. We also have checked EVERY single return we get like this, and ALL of the addresses are CORRECT!!! They are spelled correctly, they have the correct street numbers, street names, zip codes, suite numbers, etc... We even check with the sites themselves to make sure the addresses are still the same, and they are. And these are sites that have been there for many years!!

Yet we keep getting return after return of these envelopes we mail out...and YES, they DO have postage on them when they go out!!!

Yet we get them back and have to remail them AGAIN, having to RESTAMP them AGAIN, sometimes three or four times!!!

This is a USPS SCAM!!!

So if the things you mail out keep coming back and there is nothing wrong with it, this is why...they are scamming you for MORE wasted postage!!!

Jun 3, 2015
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  • Ju
      12th of Dec, 2015

    Having actually worked for the USPS as a PT mail carrier and experiencing the way the USPS operates from behind the scenes I can tell you this is not an isolated or even rare incident. That being said it is not motivated by a scam to make more money (that would imply the USPS employees care about the company...they don't, and vice-versa) it is motivated in fact by simple, unwavering and unparalleled laziness.

    The unofficial motto of Mail Carriers in the employ of the USPS is "How can I get out of delivering this mail?". That is it plain and simple. There are actual tubs set up for mail carriers to toss the letters that actually can not be delivered like "No such address, Wrong Postal District, Lack of Postage, etc." That being said you must realize that there is ZERO accountability for who tosses what into these tubs so at the end of each day these tubs would be overflowing with literally hundreds of letters (personally witnessed carriers toss entire streets worth of letters into these.) They simply take the tubs away and replace them with empty ones and throw the mail back into circulation to start the cycle over again. I have personally witnessed the SAME letters appear for weeks on end over and over again just dropped in the tub and a few days later they appear again...EVEN the letters with ACTUAL problems show back up is madness.

    The entire USPS is run like one giant game of "pass the buck". Granted I only worked in 3 post offices but this isn't just my opinion but the general consensus of all the workers I have spoken with. Everyone (management included) knows it goes on...hell everyone jokes about it openly. Vets will actually train newbies on how to get away with this kind of behavior (I was trained this way).

    Ever been home waiting for a package and when you go out to the mailbox you see a slip with the box "No one home" checked off and you are now forced to pick the parcel up at the Post Office...spoiler alert most carriers have these slips filled out in advance so they can just toss them in your mail box because "How can you prove they didn't knock?" The only packages guaranteed to be delivered promptly are the ones with the word "AMAZON" on the side...its is the ONE and ONLY thing a mail carrier is accountable for because the USPS can't chance losing that huge contract. Its the only thing keeping them afloat.

    The USPS is one of the most toxic work environments you could ever have the misfortune to enter, it is where "hope for humanity" goes to die.

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