United Parcel Service [UPS] / delivery service/driver

I have the same delivery guy in my neighborhood. From previous experience this particular driver is rude, let's start there, He delivers packages almost everyday to a grocery store and Im waiting for my packages but for some reason once he's finished delivering to the store at 9am my package is delivered at 9pm Iam directly across the street!!! Why and how is it possible to have to wait 12 hours for a delivery when he was already here directly across the street.This morning the same exact thing happened and he has a helper? He delivered a package to that same Leonel Mini Market and Im waiting for my delivery directly across the street and he pulls off and goes somewhere and now i have to wait until he comes back which will what ever time that is. This driver is rude very cocky when you ask a question and if you ask is my package on the truck he waves his hands at you. Im sick of it and Im sick of him. Getting package delivery shouldnt be this difficult or frustrating. And what's even worst if that helper ever decides to become a driver for this company he will provide the same service that this driver is showing him. Which will be very sad for this company. You guys should be ashamed of this service and this employee!!!

Nov 27, 2017

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