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This year all of a sudden after umpteen years certain UPS drivers that come out of Madera 's up to Oakhurst on Sundays keep saying that my driveway is inaccessible. That is a total lie. Our driveway is a flat well maintained gravel road that there is no problem whatsoever driving on it and its not even long. I am not the only one having this problem. Many other people on my rd are having the same problem. I spoke to the Oakhurst Post Master and she said the guy that runs the UPS in Madera told his drivers not to dive on ANY driveways that are not paved. Thus is total ludicrous. Thousands upon thousands if homes up here in the mountains where I live have gravel or dirt driveways! Now UPS is saying my package is lost! This is not the first time this has happened. I am very upset. I told her I wanted to make a report and have it investigated and she said that he won't listen. I believe that she isn't doing her job if she is obligated to her job as being postmaster for this area of Oakhurst Ca. Hum on the other hand which she did not give his name is charge of the drivers out of Madera on Sundays. A couple of months ago we had a car drive up and a man that worked for the postal service said he was doing an investigation of why the driver that drives on Sunday keeps saying that all these driveways are inaccessible. He also said that he doesn't understand why the driver would say that, that there is no reason at all that he wouldn't be able to deliver the package to the door. I believe that the driver just doesn't want to come up here and do his job so he writes all of us off as inaccessible. This needs to stop! Something needs to be done. It is ridiculous that so many people are not getting their packages and they are coming back as lost. Is he keeping them? That the Hell is going on? My address is 50944 rd 423 Oakhurst 93644. A few months back I made a claim for an investigation that the driver said he delivered my package here even said the gps they said. But that is false. He never came that day, no one came that day. I never did get my package from UPS. The company had to resend the package out of their pocket and UPS did nothing but keep saying it was delivered to me which is a total lie! Mail and parcels is a federal company and I think that things are being done the right way and need to be fixed. Please get back to me asap. Shyloh Rowe, thank you.

United Parcel Service [UPS]


  •   Nov 27, 2017

    Simple answer is they are not required to damage their vehicles driving on unpaved roads. Stop using UPS as a delivery service or ask that your package be held there for pickup. You can rent a UPS box for that purpose.

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