United Healthcare Community Plan / dental and health care

Rifgefield Park NJ, US

I lost myjob as a Corrections Officer due to severe depression and had to get the UHC Community Plan. long story short, they offered Dental Services to my surprise, almost every root canal, pulling crowns, post, cavities filled has been consistently DENIED, for ridiculous reasons, I appealaed all of them, , still denied so I am now in the process of having a Fair Hearing with the State of NJ, last but not least I will sue them as they left me with doing half of the procesures with no follow up Posts, Crowns or bridges, 2 of the teeth broke already due to being unstable without the crowns and posts, they thought I would just walk around with broken teeth or a gap in my front tooth. not happening, The Dept. of Banking and Insurance will look into this as well, I hate UHC, all they do is deny, deny, deny, make you spend countless hours on the phone with them just to get no answers. I have had enough. oh and they denied to pay my medication which I have been on for years and was $500 a month!!! Enough!

Mar 08, 2017

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