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United Healthcare / stay away

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I have had endless problems with United Healthcare over the past year. They have dropped me from the plan and claimed computer problems. It took 3 months to fix that and get a new card with my name on it. They told my chiropractic office that I didn't have chiropractic coverage twice! I called and they confirmed that I did have coverage. I have filed claims that are still unpaid. Lastly, I just had surgery and they are only covering about half of the physical therapy sessions that are needed for recovery.

I'm not sure why they have the word "care" in their name because it is obvious that they do not give a dam.

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  • Be
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    UHC is absolutely the worst "insurance" company I have ever dealt with!

    They refuse to pay anything - they apply everything to a never-ending deductible and then they start pegging everything as a pre-existing claim.

    They send out form after form, yet never seem to process the forms - they accuse doctors of lying and always say that the whole issue will be resolved in "24-48 hours."

    They steal your payroll deductions and, in the end, you pay for everything 100% out of pocket!

    Supposedly, someone is supposed to be monitoring them until 2010 because of issues such as these for the past FOUR years - where is the monitoring?

    You are better off having NO insurance than paying UHC for pretend insurance!

    They are AWFUL!!!

    I have five more months before I can switch carriers - five months too long and thousands of dollars later I hope to be away from this nonsense!

  • Ni
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    If you have coverage thru your employer, it is YOUR employer that chooses YOUR benefits, NOT UHC.

  • Sc
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    Even though they deny claims and make claims a paperwork nightmare for physicians, they turn around and WASTE $55 million on quarterly statements.

    Recently implemented, United so-called Healthcare sends out a quarterly statement identifying health benefit plan activity. With about 20, 000, 000 subscribers, 4 times a year, and let say the minimum postage was the same as mine (34.6¢) the postage cost alone is $27, 680, 000. The paper, the envelope and the processing have to cost about the same. We’re looking at $55 Million wasted—not to mention the trees—for something of little value which could be sent over the internet IF the individual wanted it. THIS DOES NOT LOWER HEALTHCARE COSTS. Reminds me of their former CEO’s $124, 800, 000 one-year salary and $1.6 BILLION in stock options over 8 yrs.

    To add to the waste on these statements, even if the subscriber is the only member, they list the member every time. For any Type if Service that’s Pharmacy the Provider is always “suppressed for member’s privacy.” The amount of unused space is amazing, the statements could be reorganized to take up much less paper. I complained and ask to opt out and the rep said I couldn’t. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The rep said that her supervisor would tell me the same thing. The supervisor said they were wrong—that I could opt out. He took care of it.

    I’m sick of having to opt out of everything. UHC — do it right. Get rid of the waste and ask people if they want to opt in and if they want it electronically. And not where you have to sign in and verify who you are. Send it directly to the subscriber’s e-mail address as a PDF. If you cared about costs, you could send me a postcard ONE TIME offering me options and whether I even want the statement (which I don’t).

    I was told by my rep to direct my complaints to UHC at 9900 Brenstreet Rd, Minnetonka, MN 55343. From what I have been able to ascertain the correct address to UHC would be 9900 Bren Rd E Ste 300W, Hopkins MN 55343, phone 952-936-1300.

    I directed my letter after I initially posted this to Midwest CEO Kathryn Sullivan at UHC at that address. We’ll see what happens.

    You want to call Ms. Sullivan, too? Call the same number and ask for Veronica Sanders, her assistant.

  • Ar
      21st of Sep, 2015
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    They have dragged out approval of a drug I am on for weeks and weeks, only to FINALLY approve it, after over a month late. My new insurance company pre-approved the same drug such that all I have to do is answer the phone when the pharmacy is preparing to send it out. A WORLD of difference. Stay far away from United Healthcare!

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