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United Benefit Advantage / Harassment

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I first received a phone call on October 30th, 2008 from United Benefit Advantage at my work. At first I was a little interested in what they had to offer but as the call continued I felt uncomfortable and hang up. They called back that evening and we requested that they don't call back. They called another 2 times that night alone. The next day Friday October 31st, 2008 we received atleast 5 more calls all of which were unwarranted. I told him we were not interested and not to call back here again, this is a business line. I'm uncertain how many times they called on Saturday as I was not at work. Sunday November 2, 2008 he called 2 more times. This is harassment. The employee I spoke with I informed not to call back every time he called. This needs to stop or I may get in serious trouble at work, not to mention it's a disruption to the business.

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  • It
      29th of Dec, 2008
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    I received a call on NOVEMBER 2008 saying that I was selected to get $1000 shopping spree by using this website: but inorder to avail this gift, there's a package requirement of supporting the roswell magazines. The agent went over the details and they recorded my verbal contract of agreeing to the payment of $34.24 every month for 24 months but I could cancel anytime. The number that called me is 888 279 9221. I was being uneasy when i heard that inorder to avail the 1000 dollars gift certificate, i have to support the magazines by paying every month. HOwever, I already gave my debit account information for the agent to file on their records because of the $1000 excitement. Because I felt this is going to be a trick or scam, I called the same number and talked to the same agent on that same day, about 10 minutes after I hang up the phone. I told him to cancel my account information because I didn't want anything to deal with this anymore and even my parents told me to cancel. THe agent said that it was only a pre-registration and they're not going to charge me anything UNLESS i sign the pre-authorization form w/ my signature authorizing them that I chose the certain magazines to be mailed at my door. When that pre-authorization mail arrived, I DID NOT FILL, SIGN AND MAIL IT BACK TO THEM. This act alone shows that I didn't want anything to do with their business. Meaning, i did not want any magazines to be sent to me. The agent's word was a LIE!!! My debit card was charged twice even though i didn't place an order. They charged me for the month of november and december 2008. The number that the agent told me to call to cancel is 877 855 1115 but they directed me to the phone number of the united benefits advantqage program which is 1 800 261 8274. The account manager Ms. PALMER said that the magazines are pre-paid and the company cannot take the loss of so much money. She said that I owe $700 something because it was pre-paid and because of my verbal commitment. I explained to her that it would be absurd to pay that amount when the fact is I didn't place an order on the magazines, I have no job, i didn't get the 1000 gift card and most of all did not get anything from their company.She lowered the money that I owe to $300. She said if i pay this amount, I would not hear anything from their company anymore and They would not file a complaint to the COLLECTION AGENCY. Even the $300 amount, i am not willing to pay and never will. She said, I couldn't do anything about it but pay for it. 2 days ago, i received 2 magazines fr. them without the return address. I called again the United Benefits Advantage Program number to ask for the return address of the magazine and Palmer said the publication has nothing to do w/ it so she gave me their company's address saying that even i mail it back, there would be no change to what I owe.

    Is there any way I could cancel this even though the company says I can't do anything with it, i just have to deal with the fact that I owe $300. As soon as I pay that amount, I will not hear anything from them and they will not send my info to the collections agency.

    Can I report them to the BUsiness bureau?

    I need help. Comment back pls.

  • Ma
      14th of Oct, 2010
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    This company is a scam all you need to say to them is Better Business Bureau or Attourney General and they will give you all the money you were charged back...they should have the doors closed to this company they are fraudulent and do not sign up or work for this company !!!

  • Se
      17th of Dec, 2010
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    ugh same crap happened to me the other day!!! were you able to cancel? Im thinking of closing my checking acct. forget that.

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