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United Air Care / unfinished work and hard-sell tactics

1 91311Chatsworth, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-914-DUCT

n response to a $79 coupon from Valu-Pak, I scheduled air-duct cleaning from my 3bd rental home on a Friday afternoon, 9/5/08. The sales rep, "Shawn", showed up with a non-English
speaking Mexican guy (who did all "the work" while Shawn was busy trying to sell me on $100's of dollars worth of extra product) They had a very impressive vacuum machine with them and Shawn explained that it exerts " 5 tons of negative ion pressure". Shawn told me that he only needed one duct vent open to hook the machine up to--that the machine was powerful enough to suck all of the dust and debri out of the entire system from the one vent.
Not far into the work set up, Shawn told showed me where there was a duct in my attic that had been improperly sealed with duct tape (by my landlord, most likely). I climbed up the ladder and looked into the attic as he explained to me what he was talking about. Shawn highly recommended that this duct be sealed properly with flexible, metallic tape. He offered to tape this duct properly for me as a courtesy, "no extra charge." I would think that this little taping procedure would be a standard part of cleaning the air ducts properly, but he acted as if he were doing me a big favor. After all, how can you suck all the air and debri out if there are leaks in the system?
As his worker was vacuuming the ducts, Shawn suggested that I stay outside. He came outside on the patio with me for most of the time trying to sell me on a new Electrostic Gold filter $181.00) and a UV Light Cleanser ($650.00). I told Shawn right up front that I was in financial hardship and although I agreed that these products made good sense, it was not a good time for me to invest in them at this time. He continued to hard-sell "pressure" me, albeit in a very friendly way, to purchase these extra products, offering to break the cost of the UV Light Cleaser into three monthly payments and to give me a slight discount on the cost. After listening to his enthusiastic convincing and reading the brochures he gave me, I gave in, and agree to purchase the filter and UV unit if I could pay in three monthly installments. I assumed they would invoice me for these installments, as most companies do.
At the end of their work, as Shawn was writing up the invoice, I noticed that he had not filled out the section that outlines my three monthly payments for the UV unit. I asked him to fill it in before I signed. As he did so, he stated that he needed me to write three checks, up front, (two of them could be post-dated). I balked at this and told him that I would write a check for the duct cleaning, air filter and 1/3 of the UV cleanser and asked that they invoice me for the other two payments. He insisted that he was "not allowed" to accept my payment any other way--that he must have the checks up front and that he "promised" the post-dated checks would not be cashed sooner than the date indicated on the check. Of course, I knew that legally, most banks could easily cash a check upon presentation of it, whether it was post-dated or not. I argued this point with Shawn, but he insisted that his company would not submit the post-dated checks to be cashed until the dates stated they should be cashed. Shawn was very smooth at gaining my "trust" and convincing me to do it his way, plus, the UV unit had already been installed and the ducts had been "cleaned" so I felt pressured to just write the checks, get them out of there and take a "leap of faith" that I would be treated fairly. I had a meeting to get to that night so I could not spend more time belabored these details with him.
When I started to sign the invoice/service agreement, I noticed that I was stating to have "checked and approved the work", but I had not yet done so. When I told Shawn that I did not want to sign the contract until I've checked the work, he told me I could not go in there for at least 15 minutes because they had just done a "smoke check" and it would be dangerous for my health. Even though they had given me a dust mask and we had been walking in and out of the house while they were working, Shawn insisted that I should stay outside until at least 15 minutes after they had left. I told him that I still wanted to check that the ducts had been taped up as he promised and he assured me that they had been. Shawn told me that if I were not satisfied with the service they provided, I could simply call the office and they would come back to correct the situation, but that I should not go into the house for at least another 15 minutes, to protect my health. So I decided to trust his word, wrote him three post-dated checks to pay for the very expensive UV Light Cleanser and signed the contract.
Soon after they left, I had a function to attend so had to leave for the night. The next day, I had a client to work with, so was gone all day. On Sunday, I finally had time to undo all of the vents and climb up to the attic to check United Air Care's work. The Vent he pointed out to me was NOT taped as he promised. Plus, each of the vent covers and some of the openings were filthy with dust and debri. Most likely, the super-duper vacuum unit did not suck all of this out because the ducts had leaks in them.
When I called on Monday to request that Shawn come back out to complete the job satisfactorily, I spoke to the manager, Denny Amar, who was very curt with me. After trying to explain my disatisfaction, amidst him frequently interrupting me, I began to get an even more bitter taste with this company. Since I did not feel I was being listened to, I asked him to please have Shawn call me so we can get him back out here to complete the job and show me where he believes the ducts were taped in the attic. Denny assured me that he would call Shawn as soon as he hung up with me and ask him to call me ASAP that day. I left at 5:30pm that day to attend a business meeting. When I returned at 10:00pm that night, I listened to a voice mail message from Shawn (he called at 6:23pm to tell me that they DID tape the ducts and that I must be confused about where to look in the attic--he did not offer to come out to finish the work or show me where they taped the duct). I then began to look back on the entire service visit with a clear head, and in hindsight, recognized some red flags. Now I'm suspicious, so I began doing some online research on United Air Care and found several consumer complaints written about them. When I called the manager back the next day, 9/8/08, I was told he "was on another line". Reading over their customer "agreement" I realized that they required any complaint to be in writing. So, after much searching for an address to write to (without success), I wrote a complaint through their "contact us" section on the website and then faxed them over a copy of the complaint. My letter informed them that I stopped payment on my checks to them and requested they send someone out to finish the work satisfactorily before I re-cut any checks to them. I also stated that I had second thoughts about purchasing the UV Light Cleanser and requested them to take it back. I explained to them that I had changed my mind on the purchase because I no longer trusted the company and because I was in the midst of financial hardship.
Soon after I faxed over the complaint letter stating that I stopped payment on my checks to United Air Care, Denny, the manager that I'd spoken to on 9/8/08, called me. Instead of working with me to rectify my dissatisfaction with the service provide me on 9/5/08, Denny became defensive and combative with me. He even threatened to "sue me for fraud"--for writing bad checks--and to report me to the credit bureaus, etc.). Although I stated to him several times that I intended to re-cut a check to United Air Care as soon as Shawn came back to finish the work completely, Denny continued to argue with me. Because I knew I was not being listened to or cooperated with, and because I was running late for a client appointment, I told Denny we would need to resolve this later and that I expected a call back from Shawn to come back out and show me where he believes the duct was properly taped up. That conversation was on 9/9/08. I have already vacuumed out all of the debri and dust from the openings of each duct vent and cleaned the vents. I have not yet received a call back or any kind of communication from United Air Care, although Denny had threatened to take me to court. What would YOU do?

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  • Ua
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    Read the T&Cs before you purchase - YOUR IGNORANCE is not a right to complain!

    Besides - the "upgrade kit" does NOT guarantee you an upgrade - it just puts you on the "upgrade list" and as of late - you as a "fly one a year" MP member are very unlikely to get the upgrade - as Global Service, 1K, PE, P, PA members (in that order take precedence - regardless of when they request the upgrade).

    WHY should YOU benefit from having these perks (like priorty standby flights, exit row, economy plus, upgrades, etc) when there are "frequent" travelers who are more valuable to UA (or fill in whatever carrier).

    My advise - wait in the lobby to board last, sit down, shut up, and enjoy. Else fly someone else - your once in a lifetime flight revenue is meaningless to the value of those of us who fly consistently.

  • Ua
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Missing facts / details...

    This is policy - if you flew more than once in a lifetime - you would read and understand airline policy and T&Cs before you agree to them (i.e. via your purchase of the ticket).

    Pending MP status, ticket fare basis, etc - different benefits are provided for changes or delayed and cancelled flights.

    Try to read, comprehend and act responsible before moaning about what you didn't get... and think that you are "entitled" to...

    UA is a good airline - and may make errors (but they don't control the weather or FAA requirements) - but they also compensate if they are wrong or are supposed to (via Contract of Carriage ).

  • Ta
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes
    United Airline - Worst airline I've ever used
    United Airline
    United States

    United Airline by far is the WORST airline I've ever used. They failed to contact me when my flight was canceled. Their lame excuse for my flight cancellation was that they did not have a flight crews. If anyone listen, please DO NOT use United Airline no matter how inexpensive your flight ticket is.

  • Ms
      4th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had the same experience with them yesterday. United Care Air Duct Cleaning guy was asking me around $700 for cleaning my duct with included $175 for cleaning furnace fan, $175 for filter( which is washable), $275 for sanitize the ducts plus $5 to clean each duct open cover. This was just one unit; I have two units in the home.
    I have one duct lose at the end and they said they will fix that too in it.

    Once I refused to do that the guys was telling me that why I have bought such a expensive house if I cannot afford it? why you have pool you do not do swimming but still spends money to maintain it?

    I got very angry with his comments; I have perfectly made him clear that it is none of his business. If he don’t want to do the basic cleaning, which was $40 + $40 ( I have two units), he should get out of my house. He left saying that your duct is lose and we cannot do it as we have to use negative pressure. Once I will fix that they can come back to do it.

    I fixed that lose duct in 5 min later using duct tape. They were ready to fix it if I had paid them $700. Also he didn't even do the second unit and just left.

    After reading you’re compliant and my own experience, I guess I have realized that everybody should stay from these crooks.
    m singh
    calabasas CA

  • Ke
      19th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I think this is a little blow out of proportion

  • Kn
      27th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had the exact same experience. An Israeli guy who called himself Elay came out with a Mexican guy and pushed the hardest sales push to upgrade my service to a $1, 400 service. When I asked them if I could look in the box that they said was filled with debris from the air ducts of my fairly new condo, they refused and moved the box out of my reach.

  • Da
      1st of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I totally agree - United is a disgrace. I'd rather fly Air India. I could not believe the shabbiness of their planes, lack of service and refreshments. Unfortunately, they codeshare with so so many airlines in the USA/world that it's near impossible to avoid them!

  • Mu
      30th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    hey guys, so i used to wok for united air care, nottoo long ago, as a sales rep.
    when i first got there, the people that you referenced to were always talked about.
    they were dirty sales people, they tried to sell you snake oil.
    i no longer work for the company, but ican tell you that the service has really changed, they are under new management, and the techs have basically ALL been replaced.
    i really encourage you to call back and ask to speak to one of the managers now, and try and gt something done about your bad service.

  • Kn
      24th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    United Air Care is Ocean Air Care. they keep changing the company name and have several companies running using different names at the same time. Same guys. Only safe bet - DON'T USE ANY SERVICES THROUGH VALUEPAK OR MONEY MAILER. Find your vendors the old fashion way!

  • Th
      27th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    United Air Care and Ocean Air Care are no affiliated. They are actually competitors. Do your homework - check out United Air Care: all you need to look at are license information and you will realize they are two separate companies, unaffiliate in any way. And as for them owning a bunch of companies - so what? Name one large company that doesn't own smaller companies or has different names - it's a common practice. Of course there are unhappy customers - that's a sad reality of any company. But it's important to remember one thing: this website allows anonymous comments (so nothing here is verified) and is completely one-sided (the company cannot defend itself) so it's really hard to prove what's true and what's not.
    The company MUST honor the price of the coupon - false advertising is illegal, so saying that they refused to honor the price cannot be right.
    I am actually a satisfied customer and found these complaints online, which I feel are an exaggerated, one-sided version of the truth. Every story has two sides and unfortunately consumers are not getting a fair evaluation of a company because of some exaggerated statements and flat-out untruths.
    The bottom line is, licensed service companies are very highly regulated, so if all these negative statements are true - I believe one of those regulating agencies would have done something about it.
    Speaking as someone who has had extensive work done by this company, I was very happy with the crew, the work, the price, the follow-up, and the customer service. I wish everyone here would have had the same experience.

  • Hs
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    United Airlines - Bad bag service
    United Airlines
    United States

    I arrived at LAX for flight 163 to Honolulu on June 14 at least two hours before the scheduled departure. Yet my bag has been lost. It is now 24 hours since I put my bag in the care of United, and no one knows where it is.

    United's bag tracking website continues to say United has no idea where it is. When I call the lost bag office number, I get Manila. When I call customer service, I get India. In both cases, the United reps use false names, their accent is so heavy and the telephonic connection so unclear, they are hard to understand. The most I got out of the lost bag unit yesterday, from a rep who said his name is Cepak Adav, was that there were no more flights that afternoon from LAX to HNL -- which was absolutely untrue since there were at least three more flights from LAX to HNL on the afternoon of the 14th.

    So here I sit, my bag -- which contains important documents as well as dirty clothes -- is God knows where. And United appears to have done little to get it back to me.

  • Ua
      9th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    You provide a lot of "pity me" but no facts about UA or items within their control (i.e. ground stops, FAA limits, etc)...

    You seem to be misinformed about your rights and expectations, perhaps due to your own ignorance.

    Perhaps you owe United an apology...

  • Ki
      28th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes
    United Airlines - Contradicting information
    United Airlines
    United States

    I and 3 other persons in my family were traveling out of Portland to Burbank via San Francisco in August of 2007 when we arrived to stand in line for baggage check-in, 1 hour prior to flight departure. By the time we arrived at the baggage check in and automated boarding pass dispenser 15 minutes later we were warned that we had missed the flight and would have to check with United Airlines personnel to accomodate us on another flight to get us to our destination. I was informed nothing was available leaving out of Portland for two days! We could try stand by on the next flight out from Portland to San Francisco, but would have to check in our baggage to assure a spot in stand-by. We did not get on, even after checking in with out United Mileage Plus Accounts. Before stand-by was called they were asking for persons to volunteer to give up their seats for the over-booked passengers. It was then I realized all the flights out of Portland had been over-booked for two days.
    I was informed at the counter I did not qualify for a refund of the unused fare, even though we were there 1 hour prior to flight departure according to the counter associate. The sign at the beginning of the line state 45 minutes. That was the first contradiction.
    After missing the first stand-by and the inablility of United Airlines Representatives to tell us where we stood in the waitlist for the next stand-by 3 hours later we figured we would most likely be bumped for the next two days!
    Decided the only way to get home without havig to pay $1200.00 for a chance at another ticket on another airline to get home was to rent a car and drive the long drive from Portland to Burbank Airport where we could pick up our car that was in long-term parking. We all had to be a work meetings the next day and schools.
    Upon my return I immediately sent an e-mail to United Airline's Customer Service with all flight information. I received an answer and an attempt to make-good on the contradictory information I was given. They were very sorry and informed that me I would receive a refund for the unused portion of the four airline tickets. I was informed I would see the credit back on the card I had used to pay. I was also given travel vouchers in the amout of $100 per passenger. About two weeks later I contacted the same customer service rep to inform him that I still did not have a refund to my credit card. He replied that I should contact the Refunds Department if I had further questions.
    Refunds Department located in India (I asked where they were located) told me that Customer Service did not have the authority to approve refunds...Huh???? They told me that I did not qualify for a refund since I missed my flight, even though I was in line one hour prior to departure (second contradiction).
    I insisted and then was told I could speak to a real live person (again in India) in the Customer Service department and that I should request expenses for having been forced to rent a car and extra food. I did not even attempt to ask for the one night in the hotel room. I was denied that because I missed my fllight (3rd contradiction).
    I do not want a travel voucher because I do not intend to fly United Airlines again, and I will be cancelling my United Airlines Frequent Flyer account for all 5 family members. I sent another e-mail to customer service re-itering my complaint and pasting the previous e-mails I had received. I still have not heard back and it has been over one month!
    It was so disappointing that an airline that was once a flagship of professionalism does not have its departments working in synch. No one has authority to do take care of complaints...meanwhile they keep getting bailouts that I have paid for in taxes!
    Hooray for the upstart airlines companies that have figured out what customer service is. I must remember that next time I take a business or personal trip.

  • Ra
      15th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes
    United Airlines - Lacks Customer Service
    United Airlines
    United States

    Two of my family members were left stranded at their point of origin today as a result of the poor business ethics of United Airline. I am told by a United manager that the practice of routinely overbooking flights, even though these fights were booked months in advance, is the direct cause of the unnecessary heartbeak of two students who were about to embark on a once in a life time trip. All the agent could do was quote statistics and say that all the other airlines do this as well. A voucher does not compensate for this vastly negative experience. This is unacceptable practice on behalf of this airline.

  • Sp
      8th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes
    United Air Lines - Not one manager would even talk to me about refunding my additional expenses
    United Air Lines
    United States

    On may 13 2010 I was stranded my United Airlines at Chicago Ohara airport. My fligth to Eau claire Wisconsin was Canx do to weather, Which is not the case, It was because it was only 50% full. They put my self and my wife on a flight to Minneapolis and didn't pay my way to Eau Clare. I had to pay additional 100 for a van service. to eau claire. Not one manager would even talk to me about refunding my additional expenses. I Never fly united airlines again.

  • Ma
      29th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    anyone and I do mean anyone could have walked off with it before a flight attendant even got to your row. Dont assume a crew member did. the person next to behind you could have walked right off with it. But I do agree a person should be available to atleast try and track down items or answer questions.

  • Ma
      9th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

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  • Aa
      10th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hello –

    Jackie from the Help Team here. We’re pleased that our customer service team was able to assist you. Please take advantage of our 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee, which gives you the opportunity to fully read and assess your policy, and if you believe that it does not meet your needs, you can cancel it and receive a full premium refund.

    Should you have any questions leading up to your vacation, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service team at 1.800.284.8300, and one of our dedicated representatives will assist you. Our team is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions you may have.

    Jackie, Help Team

  • Ev
      6th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    United Airlines has set up and trained their call center staff in India. They speak English with heavy heavy... accent. One time I told the representative "round trip ticket" and she replied "w-one trip ticket, right?" I really not sure what to answer! Apparently, staff of United oversea call center does not get trained well in these areas: finding resource, using company technologies, and customer services to aid their job demands. In the end, customers suffer. I wouldn't fly in United Airlines neither; instead, I fly Delta. I can always speak to someone who actually live and work in the US.

  • Br
      29th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

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