UMC Quick Caremedical misdiagnose

My name is William “Bill” Ashcroft. Account # 412736; Encounter Number [protected] on or about 11/08/14 I started not to hear out of my right ear. When I drank water or any type liquid I would hear a clicking sound in that ear. By the 10th. I could not hear even the snapping of my fingers next to my ear. I was alarmed and did not want further damage to occur if any, so I went down the street to the quick care facility. There I described to the nurse that took my vitals and then to Dr. Rodrigues the events leading me to come to the clinic. He checked my ears with a scope of some kind and said there is nothing wrong that is visible to him and that is was or is an anomaly, a possible flap of skin etc. My blood pressure was a little high at the time mainly because I have what they consider or label as the white coat syndrome. So he wrote me a prescription for blood pressure pills. He then told me to go see an ear, nose, and throat Doctor. I did go and get my blood pressure medication filled and told the pharmacist what had happened. He said try using Allegra or Clarion because it sounds like sinus or allergies or the combination there of. I did and three days later I was totally and completely cleared, and have been since. It is now 12/18/14.
The Doctor misdiagnosed the problem and charges me or my insurance $251.61 for less than five minutes in the exam room; my insurance paid $146.61 plus $80.00 contract HMO/PPO which left my Balance $25.00 for something that was not wrong in the first place. I feel this is wrong and should not pay the $25.00. What my insurance does is entirely up to them. I have not and will not contact them depending on the outcome of my dispute. I am sure this can be resolve in a diplomatic matter to satisfy all concern.

Dec 19, 2014

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