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On Dec 7 2016 I purchased a $150.00 gift card as a Christmas gift for a family member. Unfortunately, on Christmas Day after opening gifts, I realized the gift card was among them.
On Dec 26 2016 I went in to the local Ulta store and the manager there contacted customer care on my behalf and explained the situation to an employee who I then spoke with. During that call I spoke withRobin and was told that there would be a 72 hour delay to be sure no activity had been taken on the lost cardbefore a replacement gift card would be mailed to me. I was told I would receive an email when the replacement was mailed. Having heard nothing, I called customer service on Jan 4 2017 and spoke with Rachel who told me that the replacement card was mailed to me on Jan 2 2017.
On Jan 9 2017. Still having received no replacement card, I again called customer care and after being told by Mike that the replacement card was mailed out on Jan 7 2017 a Saturday!), I then asked to speak with a supervisor. As obviouslyI was receiving conflicting information regarding the date a replacement was mailed. After an 18 minute hold, Mike retuned on the line and said I was being transferred to a supervisor. Instead, I listened to a recording asking me if I was satisfied with the result of my employee interaction, if yes, press 1, if no, press 2. I didn't respond, assuming I would then reach a supervisor. No, the recording thanked me for my response and the call was disconnected.
I immediately called back, again requesting to speak with a supervisor and after 11 minutes on hold, spoke with Colinda, who identified herself as a supervisor who told me that a replacement card had not even been REQUESTED until Jan 2 2017, let alone mailed, but that the replacement had indeed been mailed to me on SATURDAY Jan 7 2017.
At this time I'm not sure if I have been dealing with extremely incompetent customer service staff members or getting a runaround. (A polite way of saying I am possibly being lied to!).
I will say that I am doubtful that a replacement gift card will be received at all.
In all fairness, if I do receive the replacement. I will be sure to revisit this site to indicate that outcome.
Extremely disappointed at my experience with Ulta.

Jan 09, 2017

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