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Irving, TX, United States
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I am writing in reference to an encounter that I experienced with Ultas General Manager yesterday, June 20. I visited the Las Colinas location (Irving, Texas). I was going to shop for perfume. I walked in and was approached by Cindy (who I later learned was the general manager), and another young lady. I let her know that I didn't need any assistance and I continued shopping. I noticed that she remained on the same aisle as me even though that is not where she was when I initially approached. I shrugged it off and continued to browse. I walked to the next aisle and sure enough Cindy and the young lady that she was with followed me to the aisle. Their conversation was the same, apparently the girl was a trainee and Cindy kept repeating information about displays (nothing new from the previous perfume aisle). I became very irritated and decided that before I jumped to conclusions I would walk to a third aisle in the Mens cologne section. There would be no reason for them to follow me there and it would prove that I was overreacting. Sure enough, not even a minute later Cindy and the other girl came to the exact aisle that I was on... having the same conversation. At this point I was furious. I felt very hurt and violated. As a Woman of Color I could not help but feel the discrimination. The store was somewhat busy and there was a White woman shopping nearby who Cindy seemed to not notice at all. I immediately let a Sales Associate know and I also let Cindy know that her actions were very hurtful as well as offensive. I will never shop at Ulta again. I will not give my money to a place that doesn't respect me as a person and makes me feel the way that I felt that day. Cindy is a sick woman and I am saddened that she is the choice that you have made as a General Manager. This behavior from her can't be new so it lends to the belief that Ulta has not only supported it, but has rewarded it in the form of a promotion. I am very disappointed.

Jun 21, 2017

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