Ultahighly disappointed

I have already writeen to Ulta on their website about what happened. No response till now!!..This is what happened. I saw this $20 haircut& style coupon in the Ulta Flyer in the Sunday newspaper abt 2 weeks back. I called Ulta to get an appointment on a Tuesday. The lady from Ulta tells me to come "tomorrow" at 11:30am. So, obviously tomorrow means Wednesday. When I reach there on Wed at 11:20, the salon employee is with another customer. She takes her own sweet time and finishes with that customer. The other customer is gone and she passes another 20-25 mins telling me that she'll just clean up the area before starting my haircut. When she tells me that, I don't see her cleaning the area for next 7-8 mins and she is busy chatting on the phone. Finally when I am asked to sit on the seat for the haircut, its almost 12pm we both discover that my appointment was on Thursday and I was given the wrong appointment time. So, again i get up and the salon manager is called and the girl and him talk and he asks me what day suits me and he gives me appoitment for next week, Wednesday. I specifically ask this guy if teh $20 haircut would still be good next week and he said YES! Now, this is what happens next week, the day before the appointment. A lady from the salon calls me to confirm the appointment and very conveniently tells me that the $20 haircut is no longer valid!! I cud not believe what I was hearing. When I told her that the salon manager himself told me that it wud be still good, she says that she is the real manager and she cannot honor it. Anyway, I was at workplace that time and could not argue more with her. I ask her to cancel the appointment obviously. As soon as I cancel, the sorry word comes out of her mouth now that her mission was accomplished. I just disconnected the phone. I used to think Ulta was a high end company but doesn't look like. Any self respecting, customer friendly company would keep their word. I am writing this review not to get any compensation from them but to make them realize its high time they have basic customer service ettiquetes. Never expected this from Ulta. Few of my friends were looking forward to my haircut from Ulta who after hearing my experience wud never go. I guess Ulta is doing too good, they don't need new clients!! Good luck Ulta!!


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