Ultaulta will not even exchange a fragrance without a customer receipt

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Ulta has a slick way of upping profits by knowingly not accepting exchanges in their store that without question have been purchased there. The question isnt if you purchased it there, because their name is on it. Or they dont even care if its in the original packaging. Its important for anyone entering the door, to know that once you pay and leave, they gottcha. Not their worry if you live in houston and send the wrong scent to a friend in dallas. No sir, they arrogantly say, we cant exchange this without a receipt. Ideally, we all wish that that receipt was attached to our forehead, but in the case where they are positive it came from there and is returned in perfect condition, they refuse to even please the customer by letting them select another fragrance and make us all happy. Its no different than any other scam. And ulta is as dishonest as any other disgusting company scam, and you are busted!

The intelligent reply is, you need a customer receipt. Why if you know it came from ulta??? Because, you know over the holidays most people have a hard time keeping up with regular receipts let alone customer receipts. This is one of the most transparent ways of ripping the customer off to keep your bottom line up.
I'm all for making a profit and not being taken advantage of by customers. It works both ways this case its a true set up at the customers expense and a blatant attempt to take advantage of the unsuspecting customer. Pass the word. Customer service is not their forte. But smiling (Sometimes) as they take your money with a gottcha attitude is.

There are a lot of stores out there who's prices are even better and they would love to have your business! So warning!!! Ulta will not even exchange a fragrance without a customer receipt!!!. I'll send some names of other great places to purchase fragrances without putting the screws to you. If you work hard for your money and expect to be treated fairly, then stay away from ulta friends. They couldn't care less about making the customer happy, but rather sticking it to you and attempting to rationalize it.

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      Jun 14, 2010

    LOL. Sorry Drunkstik, but you really make yourself look like an ### and I think the rest of the realistic world would agree. Um, yeah, unless you've been living under a rock all of your life. Everyone knows that you can't return an item without a receipt. Get with it. Sounds like your just upset because you know you're in the wrong--you lost your receipt and can't find it. You need the money back that you spent on some perfume so you can pay a bill or something and now you're freaking out. My advice to you: be more organized. keep your receipts in a file so you don't run into an issue again. Its just that simple. Sorry, but you just don't have a leg to stand on here.

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  • Ma
      Aug 09, 2010

    The question is whether YOU, as in yourself, purchased it. No matter if it has an Ulta tag on it - it could be stolen. They would be taking back stolen merchandise for something that was never actually purchased. Your complaint lacks logic. From a company's perspective, it doesn't seem profitable to take exchanges without a receipt. Keep your receipt next time.

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  • Sh
      Dec 30, 2015

    Ulta will always do an even exchange if you purchased the item with an ulta card(a rewards card that's free to sign up for). The best thing is you can have any employee look up the card by phone number. So if your friend in Dallas needed to exchange a fragrance you bought for them, they would just have to give the cashier your phone number. As long as you made the purchase within 60 days any associate can look up your transaction history and get the info needed to do any return or exchange. No recipe required!

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