UKSoccerShoplack of customer service, communication or indeed any help what so ever.

M Nov 22, 2017

I have purchased 4 shirts from UK Soccer shop over the last few years, recently last week. Order number 820581.

Goods were sent and delivered on Pose Office POD number JA496691487GB - however they were delivered to completely the wrong address in another part of Crewe. My signature was also signed in my name by the owner of the house which I am guessing is fraud.

I complained to the post office on complaint number 1-[protected] - they have admitted fault and told me to register complaint with UK Soccershop who can send another item and claim form the Post Office. The issue I have is that they never answer the phone number advertised for Customer Services and wont respond to emails. I have had a little contact via their facebook page on messenger but they have now lost interest. I explained to them what the situation is and given all details, they are aware Post Office have admitted fault and asked me to contact UK Soccershop to ask them to claim off post office and send me another football shirt. They just keep saying it was delivered and the Post Office have not informed them, I explained they wont because they can't get hold of them even if they wanted to as no one ever responds at UK Soccer shop. Also the Post Office have told me to sort with them so they then claim from Post Office. They have had their money and don't want to bother from what I can see. They have subsequently now lost a good loyal customer as I don't see why I should lose £82 through no fault of my own. I was also advised to complain to Pay Pay as this was how I paid, which I did on complaint number PP-[protected], however guess what they told me to get in contact with UK Soccer shop! Any assistance you can help with would be appreciated, I am happy to discuss in more detail if needed on [protected]. Email is [protected] I have never experienced such poor customer service from UK Soccershop in my lifetime, I understand the Post Office are to blame but everyone keeps telling me to go back to UK Soccershop, who quite frankly are ignoring me and don't care.
Many thanks Marc James

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