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Harrassing telephone calls

I get many calls from shopnbc and they do not leave a message.  Have answered the calls and it is shopnbc doing the constant HARRASSING from many many different telephone numbers. Evidently when  my credit card co sent me a new card because they said it had been compromised, i got behind with my payments.  Shopnbc waited two months to call me and advise me of this.  After their first call upon notification, i went online and updated my account with new cc info thinking this would take care of this.  They still kept calling and said they needed my cc info over the phone, that they cld not get the cc info online sice it was past due.  This makes no sense to me.  At that point, i went back online and removed my cc info.  Shopnbc is probably the reason my cc info was compromised in the first place.  After the way they harassed me, I did not want to give them another credit card number and asked that they send me a bill for what I owed and I would gladly pay it.  They said they had to have a credit card number given to them over the telephone and called and called and called. Shopnbc has called using many many numbers.  This company should be investigated by our atty general.   I DO NOT GIVE MY CREDIT CARD INFO OVER THE PHONE!!! I HAVE HAD TO TURN OFF THE RINGERS TO ALL MY PHONES BECAUSE OF THEM.  SHOPNBC use common sense and just send a bill and end this all.  I only used value pay with shopnbc because it was very rare that I didnt return what I ordered and they don't credit your card back unless you call their incompetent customer service 5-10 times.

terrible customer service

I don't know how shopnbc stays in business! Isn't this a recession? Don't businesses want to have repeat customers? Apparently ShopNBC is swimming in money and doesn't need repeat customers because the customer service people are rude and unhelpful. And if you ever have to call the billing department, keep your blood pressure pills handy. They are TERRIBLE! I had a problem with a credit card. They don't contact you first, but they start calling and starts harassing you by calling again and again. I had to wait until my husband came home with the credit card I used. When I finally asked for the head of the department and complained about the way I was being treated, he said that I owed a payment so they could treat me any way they wanted to treat me and if I wanted better treatment, make the payment. And this was all on the first day I had heard about it. Today I asked a sales person where to write the head honcho or business address for the guys at the top--the ones that make all these bad decisions and allow this to go on. She said she had no idea who to write or who ran anything.I will NEVER shop with them again! Not to mention the products are getting worse and worse and their shipping is ridiculous.

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    4746calle Apr 08, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently purchased item #J401665 (Invicta watch)and it was completely unsatisfactory. I was unable to fasten it on my wrist and it is painful and flops over to the back of my arm no matter what I do. However, when I contacted SNBC customer service about returning it, I was rudely told that "it had better be in unworn condition with all tags and paperwork untouched" and that none of the extremely high ($10) shipping charges would be included in the refund even though the item was completely unsatisfactory. AND I will have to pay to ship it back to them. So I guess ShopNBC is willing to loose a long term customer over this ridiculous non-refund of the shipping charges. Apparently ShopNBC doesn't want customers to order anything unless they are absolutely CERTAIN that the item will be satisfactory (impossible for the majority of online and TV shopping sites and certainly inconsistent with the whole concept of online shopping). I guess that eliminates ALL ORDERS for any items of clothing, shoes, and jewelry that may not fit. GOOD BYE to this horrible company, AND GOOD RIDDANCE. I will be in contact to close my account permanently as soon as the horrible experience is over. I also plan to make sure that this terrible experience with ShopNBC is shared across all possible social networks and review sites. SNBC deserves to be in the financial difficulty it is in. My only hope is that someone like QVC or HSN, that understand how to provide customer service, purchases them.

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    4746calle Apr 08, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @13321 - Reply: Their competitors have figured out how to do this and not only stay in business but practically take over this market segment. And SNBC does resell these returned items (see the reviews that comment that they have received a previously used item) since they will only accept them in completely unworn, prestine condition (per the return instructions published on their site). Again, unlike their primary competitors. If they want to play in this space, then they need to understand the challenges of attracting buyers in this market and be competitive or customers will flee to their other choices. Just basic marketing.

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    On the oter side of things May 28, 2011

    on average they get 2000+ returns a day. Lets do a little math. $9.99 to ship it to you, $9.99 to ship it back to them. that is $19.98 in shipping charges. That is $39, 960 a day in shipping charges. $279, 720 a week. $14, 545, 440 a year just for shipping charges. If you owned the company would you want to dish out 14 million dollars a year just for people who change there mind and do not like the items they purchase. i highly doubt it. quit complaining. if you dont want to pay shipping then do not order the item,

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    Love2shop0921 Mar 27, 2012
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    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me. I set up value pays through paypal. I always had plenty of money in my account. However shopnbc started calling and treating me very rude. The manager was the worse. I told him that I have done everything on my end I don't know why you did not process a payment. I had to tell him that treating a customer with a condensing tone and with lack of respect was not ok. He told me that I was the one in default. For 3 days straight I received many harassing phone calls. I called paypal to see what happened. They did not have a record of shopnbc of trying for a payment and confirmed that my account did not have any issues. Paypal offered to have a conference call with shopnbc. The man who answered told me that shopnbc had an issue with paypal that has since been resolved. He admitted that shopnbc had the problem and not me. I was treated like dirt over $35.00. I was told it was my issue. I have only shopped once with them and I won't ever again. I was never in the wrong but treated as a criminal.

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Customer Service

ShopNBC customer service sucks! I have shopped on this Web site in the past but it has been a couple of years ago. On 06/30/2011 I spent a couple of hours picking out certain items and putting them in the shopping cart. When I went to add the last item I could not and was directed to checkout. When I tried to check out I could not and was directed to call customer service. That was at 6:12 pm pdt. I called and the department was closed. I called on 07/01/11 at 3:35 pm pdt and was told that I would have to be directed to the "credit department" and of course they were closed. I have never had any sort of credit account with this company and have paid all purchases with either credit card or debit card. No one could give me any answers. As far as I'm concerned ShopNBC does not want my business if this is the way they treat their customers.

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    Fyneart Dec 18, 2008

    On Sun Dec 14th I saw that ShopNBC had a pink ACER Aspire One on sale for 479.00 (after $100 mail in rebate). I had already purchased a white one from HSN for $499 a week prior. Seeing that my daughter's favorite color is pink, we decided to order it! While ordering I was told my order would arrive on 12/23, which was key to me placing the order in the first place. I received an email on 12/14 thanking me for the order & I called on 12/16 to inquire about a tracking number and was told by the system that it would arrive by 12/28. I asked to speak with a rep and was told that the system always gave 2 weeks for electronics, but was promised it was "shipping either today or tomorrow". Mind you, the $180 was ALREADY taken out of my account ON 12/15/08! After not receiving a shipping confirmation notice via email on the 17th I called to inquire-- TODAY 12/18/08. At first I was told by a rep, "Yes you should receive your order by the 23rd!" But she couldn't provide a tracking number. Very confused because my card was already charged for the first payment, I then asked to speak with a supervisor. After being placed on hold for 5 minutes, I spoke with a "supervisor" named Nathaniel who told me that my order was in fact CANCELED on 12/17/08! Huh??? Canceled, by who??? His answer, "Well, with your 'past history' we can't offer you the 6 value pays at this time...WTF?? Are you kidding me? With what past history??? I've NEVER had a problem ordering with you before, how is this possible and why wasn't I notified??? He couldn't answer that, but he did say that they wrote me a letter! But you take my money??? Why couldn't you send an email me that little bit of info? AND WHERE IS MY MONEY?? You would think with it being so close to Christmas, they'd try to secure a sale and place a call informing me of this-or an email at the very least! Way to go ShopNBC! Had I not called to inquire about a tracking # & 'insisted' on speaking to a supervisor I would STILL be waiting on that PINK ACER FROM SHOPNBC! I will NEVER EVER order from SHOPNBC--EVER! Not to mention, I plan to share my ShopNBC experience with family, friends & maybe even a few blogs OVER THE INTERNET!!! Nothings more powerful than WORD OF MOUTH!!

    THANKS so MUCH TO THE HOME SHOPPING NETWORK (HSN) for being up front, HONEST and HASSEL FREE!! I placed my order with HSN on 12/9, they charged my account on 12/10 and I recieved the Acer on 12/16/08!!

    Thanks for NOTHING ValueVision Media Inc, /ShopNBC! No wonder you suffered a net loss of $20.8 million in the third quarter!!!

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    charles d ryder Aug 24, 2013

    I have been a long time watcher of this program.A couple of weeks ago an item appeared, I ran for my wallet to make order.Well I don't have your phone written down and low and behold no phone appears on the screen.Watching again today no phone all others show a phone no.Your Truly Chuck Ryder

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    charles d ryder Aug 24, 2013

    see complaint

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Refused to cancel my order

I placed my order online at a few minutes to 1 AM EST this morning. Tried to cancel the order online, there was NO button to cancel the order. Called at 9 AM EST and was told that my order "was already in the shipping process"! (In the middle of the night?) Did some online research this afternoon and found that consumers are legally allowed a "cooling off" period of 7 days. I emailed ShopNBC customer and demanded that they cancel my order immediately. I got their standard customer service email stating that they will respond "within 72 hours". Called again, got another customer service rep. Even though the web site states that the item has "not shipped" they still won't cancel my order! I was told that I would have to return it (at my expense!) or "refuse the order" when it arrives... but what if it DOESN"T arrive? What if it is lost in the mail? I had a VERY bad experience with them a long time ago, but thought perhaps it was just a one time problem. Now I know: This company is NOT to be trusted. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!

Denied Purchase

I was drawn to ShopNBC because of their advertised Value Pay (monthly) for a $1000 watch. Completed the transaction and a couple of hours later, received an automated email advising that their credit department denied Value Pay, but that I could pay for it all now and it would be good. Not for me; this concerned me because I have near perfect credit (hovering just below 900) and thought that someone had accessed my credit without my knowledge thus harming my credit and my name. I called SNBC and could not talk to anybody who could answer any questions other than I would receive a letter in a week or two; not sure what that letter would reveal.

In any event, I had to acquire the three major credit reporting documents and found that my credit was not compromised, so what gives with SNBC? Another phone call or two would advance this no further; several emails returned with the boilerplate apologetic responses but NOT ONE PERSON WAS ABLE TO ANSWER MY QUESTION OR ENLIGHTEN ME WHY THIS OCCURRED. I even asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the supervisor would tell me the same thing.

Guess SNBC is a big operation and doesn't need their cut of the $1000 purchase I was trying to make. But there is something good here, I went to Amazon and gladly paid the full amount on my credit card and received it next day. I don't mind doing that, but when SNBC touts their Value Pay, then summarily rejects me, I take issue with that.

Goodbye SNBC, hello Amazon.

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About a month ago, I made my first purchase at ShopNBC. It was an Ipad gizmo and a cable. When it arrived, I determined it wasn't what I thought it was and began the faulty ShopNBC return process. First, I tried to locate on the customer page some way to contact electronically the vendor to let them know I was initiating a return. This site functionality didn't exist. Next I called the customer service line and was provided return instructions. I asked for an ROA, I was told none was necessary. I just needed to ship my items back using FedX. The instructions called for removing the bottom half of the ORIGINAL invoice...not a copy. However, once you cut off the bottom, no information remains regarding what was purchased. So, on 02/04/2011 I cut off the bottoms of the two invoices, re-used the original box, and shipped them both together. ShopNBC does not refund initial shipping nor reimburse for return shipping so I put two items in a single box with both invoice bottoms.

About a week ago, I received an email with the header RETURN PROCESSED. Yesterday, I received a nasty phone call from the ShopNBC collection department. They were having trouble with charging my card. I needed to call immediately to avoid being sent to collections. So I called. The woman was so rude. This was my first purchase with ShopNBC. I asked to speak with her supervisor. She said she was gone for the day. I asked to speak with any supervisor. She said she didn't have a supervisor. I tried to explaine I had a confirmation email stating the return had been accepted LONG before this nasty call originated. She kept saying it didn't matter what I had in my inbox, "the system" didn't register my return. Therefore if I didn't provide her with a new credit card number immediately, I was going to collections.

Stunned and obviously irritated, I responded to the email ShopNBC had sent me conveying my conversation. To my surprise, customer service told me the only item I returned was the cable. Again I protested that ShopNBC was trying to collect on a non-debt as I had confirmation they had the cable...therefore if they had the cable, they had the tablet too. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was, according to ShopNBC attempting to engage in fraud but claiming to have returned the tablet when in fact I had not. "The System" only registered the cable. Therefore I was a liar and a theif. Pretty serious allegations in my opinion. Even after pointing out that my package weighed 4 lbs according to FedX and most tablet cables weigh only ounces, they are still threatening to damage my credit if I don't provide a new credit card number immediately.

Isn't this extortion? According to the Bing dictionary: criminal law obtaining something by illegal threats: the crime of obtaining something such as money or information from somebody by using force, threats, or other unacceptable methods
2. charging of unfairly high prices: the charging of an excessive amount of money for something ( informal )
3. getting something by force: the acquisition of something through the use of force or threats

ShopNBC has met all three definitions as listed above. I followed a return policy riddled with holes big enough to drive a truck through. Which begs the question, is that an intentional business strategy? Should it be next to impossible to return an item successfully when no matter what goes wrong in the process a third-party (consumer or shipper) is hunted down and threatened with bad credit if they don't pay up for an item that's been returned to its original owner? ShopNBC doesn't seem want to address the fact that the shipper says a 4 lb package arrived the ShopNBC return center that only contained merchandise weighing a few ounces without . "the system" says I only returned the cable. "The System" says I am a liar.

The way I see it, ShopNBC owes me money for the initial down payment. However, they claim I owe money for merchandise they themselves admit to receiving. DANGER awaits anyone foolish enough to do business with these crooks!

Too risky

I ordered a necklace from SHOP NBC...When my delivery came I opened the box only to find it empty. I immediately call the customer service department and was told within two days someone would call me and another neckalce would probably be here by then...Well five days later I called the customer service department and was told it was more like ten days and after the searched the warehouse I would be contacted by the fraud department and they would have me submit answers to some questions...I asked then am I quilty til proven innocent...there was no quality control sticker on my receipt and I will gladly return the brand new empty box and receipt for inspection, but could they put a hold on my bill from Shop NBC credit card...I was told no hold I was responsible til proven innocent. I now contacted the company by e-mail and was told they were removing the charge from my bill...I still cannot sent my receipt showing no quality sticker...never to purchase from them again...too risky.

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    Amory Jul 13, 2011

    I ordered a ring from shopnbc and when I received the package, the ring box was ALSO EMPTY!! Their customer service department is an absolute joke. With my first call to advise of the situation, I was told someone would e-mail me a complaint form, it didn't happen! With my second call, I was told it would take approx 3-5 business days, with my 3rd call, I was told that they've refunded my money and it should show up in my account in approx. 2 days...we'll see how that goes?????? When I asked to speak to a supervisor, you could hear the two customer service reps giggling together, then the one I was speaking with got back on the phone and said she'd just spoken to a supervisor who said my money had just been refunded to my account as of today, it should show up in my account in 2 days. Shop nbc is definately the DREGS of the television shopping world, I'd never make another purchase from them EVER!! Can't imagine how they will manage to stay on air much longer with their routine of farce 'customer service'.

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Fraud and cheating

Please for all of you smart people that search the web to find out about ripoffs and scams before doing business with any web company I will give you one to look out for beware of SHOP NBC.

I gotta be honest, before purchasing something from them I came here and found a lot of stuff but I went for it. Yes, the deal was attractive a Technomarine Watch with 3 extra bracelets for just $450, a bargain! Well bargain indeed, these were all the wrong things with this deal:

1) The watch box was not complete.
2) The screwdriver for changing bands was not in the box where it's supposed to be with every new technomarine watch.
3) The warranty did not come with the watch. What watch retailer would not send a warranty with a new watch? One that is an unauthorized retailer who refurbishes and sells defective product.
4) More importantly, the watch did not work!!! Which proves my previous point.

Of course I am returning the product and NEVER buying anything from these guys again. I decided to write the [redacted] just to keep anyone else for going with these deals. I recommend the following: everytime you find a hot deal for a Branded product simply check with the parent company (owner of the Brand) whether ShopNBC is an authorized dealer. That is what I did, I went with and ask them about shopNBC and they told me NOT to purchase any technomarine watches from them, they are unauthorized and will sell you defective and refurbished product not guaranteed by Technomarine. I bet you they are unauthorized dealer of everything they sell!

Nasty Customer Treatment

Purchased items from ShopNBC on a 5 payment plan. I entered a credit card, which I did not realize would expire mid-way through making the 5 payments. Yes, I got a new expiration date later, but there was nothing to remind me to go back to ShopNBC and update the new expiration date. ShopNBC began calling my home every hour on the hour all day long for a $17 payment. I was at work and never heard these calls. My husband happened to be home one day and answered the call and the person from ShopNBC proceeded to tell him all the details of my account, including my balance and that they were going to turn me into a Collection Agency. This is a direct violation of the Fair Debt Collections Privacy Act where creditors are strictly prohibited from giving out account information to 3rd parties without the consumers approval. My husband is not on the credit card account and is not a party to my debt with ShopNBC. My husband told them that I received an invoice and mailed in the payment in full. The person from ShopNBC lied to him and said they don't send invoices and they don't accept checks and attempted to get him to give his credit card number for my debt!! I called ShopNBC today and told them that I had mailed in the payment and to stop harassing us. The person named Laurie on their collection staff proceeded to scream at me that I am irresponsible and that I didn't care that I had given ShopNBC a credit card that would expire and that ShopNBC is not responsible for mail delays and a tirade of other insults and rude comments.
I then asked to speak to her supervisor, who of course was unavailable, and left that person a long voicemail stating that I had paid the bill and that I was very upset about how Laurie had spoken to me and to my husband.
1 hour later, I get a call from yet another collector of ShopNBC trying to collect my debt!! I told him that I had just spoken to Laurie and gave her all the information that I had paid the debt and asked him why he was calling. He stated that there was NO NOTATION on my account that I had spoken to Laurie 1 hour earlier!!

ShiopNBC has violated the Fair Debt Collections Privacy Act so many times on my account, that I am now searching the internet looking for a class action suit that I can join into. They cannot be allowed to treat consumers this way.

My horror story

Part 1: They said they would delivery to my door...but the driver from Yellow Freight hired by ShopNBC in his 18 wheeler said I had to take it off the truck myself (I won’t even talk about this 2 day wait in my house for delivery), I could barely see up into the truck and I am a 50yr old female. Not in good enough shape to take a 65" TV off the truck. Lucky for me my wonderful neighbours stepped in and took it off the truck and pushed it into my garage… (FYI: I did send an email complaining, NO REPLY)…I thought okay my husband and son can carry it into the house after work. End of this problem.

New problem-GETS WORSE!

Part 2: I was told when I placed the order by the REP “I was approved for the ShopNBC charge card and to call when my charge card comes in the mail and they will open the account and then place me on a 18 months same as cash”. Hmmm okay easy enough…NOT!

Well mid-June I got a charge card statement dated 6/10/08 > before my new charge card even came so I was never able to call like I was told when I originally placed this order and as directed tell them to make it 18/m same as cash. To make it worse they made it into FLEX payments instead...When I called I got my first not so nice rep Yvonne when after much insistence on my part she said she would contact the other department to see if this can be changed to 18/m SAC and week later she calls me and said I was denied 18 months same as cash option-she said she “cannot tell me why but I need to call GE charge card division” I spoke with Shawn and gave her ALL my personal information including my SS#, mother maiden name etc (which OMG makes me very uncomfortable but I wanted things FIXED) after all that info she said she could not do anything about correcting this problem I asked for her suprv: Sharon (very nice) and she said I had to call SNBC credit dept she said “she only puts the billing the way they send it to her”. So I do as advised and spk with Brody and he said “Mrs. A, I really think I can handle this, could you please give me 24 hours” ??? Against my better judgment I said okay and went out of town until today.

Today July 3, 2008, I start getting calls from the pre-auth (collections) department Lori, Tina, Supervisors: Elizabeth and Jolene and later in the day by others who refused to give me there names. It seems they are contracted with SNBC their company name is “National Enterprise Sys”.---THEY HARRASSED ME BEYOND WHAT WORDS COULD SAY!!! And all customer service could say was “they will call for 24 more hours--until midnight when their error is corrected and their adjustment shows on there ShopNBC computer”. And I was told because they (the pre-auth collection dept) are working off of auto calling they cannot stop the calls. The customer service people said “ignore the calls”. (Note these calls are marked “UNKNOWN CALLER” ON CALLER ID) I also asked them if they could do a 3 way call with me online to inform the pre-auth collection department of the error that THEY made to call off the mean calls--Customer said they could NOT…Even with all the stress of talking with MANY people and departments I persevered I want the problem resolved TODAY! So between collection calls I received I spoke with customer service rep Craig who could not help (but was nice) I spk with his supervisor Kersh (nice) but said I had to call the GE dept I spk with a rep Maria I asked to talk with Sharon (I had already talked with her) she said she could not give her to me but the next supervisor AVAN (nice) who was a supervisor he was the original person to figure out what the problem was but could only tell me to “call them back and tell them cancel the previous order from the temporary card and re-enter as whole amount to the permanent card”. FINALLY! Only problem I had to call customer service back (No 3 way) So I now am speaking with Sheri (nicest rep to date) who reviewed this with her supervisor Chris (she gave me his name) and called the other dept and spoke with their supervisor AVA (she gave me her name). Sheri said we are sooo sorry they applied my TV onto my temporary card which was only authorized up to $2, 100.00 and the TV was over by apx $169.63 (shoot I should NOT have bought the extended warranty) but the permanent card was auth for $5, 500 so she did a "mis-applied credit" and said NO finance charge or any other charges will show and it will be 18 months same as cash. And called ahead to the other department to finalize the correction and talked with Pat (Ava is his supervisor) explained for me so when I got on with him I gave him the information he needed to finalize the correction. He said it will take apx 3-5 days for everything to complete. I did tell him and other reps today that I do not have much faith in ShopNBC because of all the problems I have gone through to date and will never purchase again because I could not handle going through this again. He told me an email was sent to the pre-auth collection department and they should stop calling you.

Well would you believe it, within 2 hours I got another nasty call from pre-auth and I called Pat who was gone and per Ryanne Ava would not take my call…I was told again I had to ignore the calls for 24 hours…So is it resolved I am still hoping and praying !!!???????

I have no faith in ShopNBC and have a very sick feeling in my stomach thinking what if this TV breaks even though I purchased the extended warranty. God give me strength OR deliver ShopNBC from there nasty ways!!

Worse, then terrible customer service!

I had the singularly worst customer service I've ever had with Shop NBC. I purchased a piece of jewelry with Value Pay. My credit card expired and I was called by a recording to give my personal credit card and number on the back of the card via recording. I refused to so so. I contacted Shop NBC customer service on a dozen occasions after that who said I owed no money and they did not know why I would be called. I continued to receive calls and finally discovered the Value Pay snafu. The company representing Shop NBC, CPC, or some such fly-by-night organization would never give any information or even identify themselves! It was a shady and scary experience. Believing I was the victim of a credit card scam operation, or identity theft, I closed my account and contacted local authorities... that's how HORRIBLE my experience was with these people. They called at all hours of the day and night, time-after-time in a row, and then would not admit that they had done so. I called dozens of times got routed through to India, to Pakistan, and several other places where the call services centers are located. Everyone seemed to use the name "Alice, " no matter how many times I called or who I spoke to. I was asked for my social security number, not just the last 4 digits, but my full social security number. I refused to provide it, believing that this was a scam of some type. On that occasion in that same phone call, "Alice" said they never take the full social security number of their customers... I told her she had asked for it not 15 minutes prior! Of course I was then disconnected. I closed my account with them and will never do business with them again. I think the CPC agency that represents Shop NBC is WORSE THAN HORRIBLE.

I'm still awaiting a credit from three months ago, as when all of this happened I had just made several purchases from them NOT ON VALUE PAY but immediately returned everything I had just bought from them. Although I had all my proper documentation and delivery confirmation that they received it my products back, I still did not and have not gotten the credit I am due. And that's just their "regular" customer service, without their HORRIBLE CPC people! The products were received within 7 days and signed for at their warehouse. I was promised a refund in the standard 30 days, then when that didn't happen, I was promised three days, when that didn't happen, I was told to wait 5 to 7 days more... to date, 90 days later, I've now contacted my credit card company and contested the charge, again, with all proper documentation.

Apparently, this IS the best they can do, as sorry as that is.

  • Wi
    winkro Dec 08, 2009

    I have had horrible experiences with SHOPNBC. I always vow to end my shopping with them, but then I realize I cannot buy Isomers Skincare any where I continue and things go ok until there's an issue with a value pay or a return or exchange. Well they have done it this time. Very similar to this posting I just read. I returned multiple items within a box because all their returns go to the same address. I was already going to loose the shipping I paid to receive the items, I certainly was not going to return each item individually. Within this box, there was a bottle of ISOMERS ARC CREAM. It was not processed with the other returns. I was told repeatedly that the warehouse had it and the return would be processed. It has not been an extended period of time; however, I know this company well. WHen I noticed the missing return was not part of what they processed, I acted to get this resolved. Well they have told mistruths, treated me like I'm an idiot, and basically said F. You! I still do not have my credit and there is another $50 value pay due in a few days. This has consumed my time and still I cannot get my $$ refunded even though I have given them the UPS tracking #, the weight of the package and the declared value. I plan to file complaints everywhere possible. BUYER BEWARE OF SHOPNBC. and they wonder why they can't turn a profit...hum. I vow to find another resource for Isomers.

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Watch Quality

I found the scam on how ShopNBC can sell $700 watches for $99. I was flipping channels in early December and...

Returning nonworking television

Purchased this tv featured on ShopNBC of last year. Two-three days after receiving item picture went and then the sound. Called company and they insist that I pay to ship tv back. Sent me part that they think is problem and told me to call a tech in my area to fix it. I don't want to do that. I want another tv or my $1,499.88+149.99 Protection+89.99 ship&handling. They said they'll send me a refurbished tv after I provide my credit card # again to recharge a tv to send me and will restore credit upon receipt of broken tv. It is obvious that the tv I got is refurbished and I don't know what to do. Shame on such a reputable company for pushing used electronics.

  • To
    Tony Rose May 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Puchased 2 Spectronic / Protron 32" LCD TVs from ShopNBC. One unit stopped working after 4 hours. ShopNBC said to return to Protron (888-257-8899). Protron has had TV for several months, same story "waiting on shipment of replacement TVs should have mine by end of month". It has been 8 months. ShopNBC will do nothing!! Some customer service. DO NOT BUY FROM SHOPNBC or their vendor PROTRON.


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  • La
    Lary B Jul 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same thing happen I bought a 65 inch Mitsubishi TV it stopped working 10 days later . I also got the extended protection plan it's worthless. I have been on the phone with ShopNBC and been given the run around for a month now. The box it was delivered in was in bad shape so I had to throw it out they will only send me a new TV if I send this one back first, great can you send me a box ill pay for it >>>>> no! so I have to have a company come out a crate the TV $350.00 so I can Ship it back to the company who sent be a damaged box to begin with.

    ShopNBC vendor is Tiger direct who are known deadbeats, they sell used and refurbished electronics and shopNBC does not care all along laughing their way to the bank and leaving clients out to hung out to dry.

    ShopNBC is a classless company that cares nothing for their clients avoid them at all costs

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Sold defective jewelry, refused to accept a return!

I bought two rings for Christmas gifts and immediately the stones fell out. Being this happened just after the 30 day return guarantee ran out ShopNBC refused to accept a return, even in the face that they sold defective merchandise.

After much arguing they agreed to an exchange and then when I wrote for a return shipping label they informed me that they would NOT accept a return.

Think about buying from ShaftNBC? Don't!

  • Ma
    Maria Renzetto Sep 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ShopNBC is the worst on air and internet website.
    All of the items sold by Lisa Roberts are defective from her handbags to her crappy furniture.
    Her ottomans are made of the cheapest materials.
    Her handbags (which she calls THE FIND) should be called the LOST BUT DONT FIND
    They fall apart.
    She is a fraud.

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  • Co
    Connie Skirtz Sep 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I firmly agree with these posts about ShopNBC
    Crap, crap and more crap.....
    Marge and her lamps are made by slave labor in India and China.
    She changes her prices constantly and then would not refund the difference.
    Never buy her rugs.
    They smell of old must and mildew.
    Buyer beware of Margie's Crap......!!!!

    1 Votes
  • Ay
    Aye Nita Sep 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is really a shame how consumers are being taken for granted by the absolutely DEFECTIVE products sold on ShopNBC.
    Large screen TVs, laptop computers and even jewelry.....
    Get appraisals done on these items and they show that they are worthless.....especially the diamonds sold by Chuckie....

    I also cannot believe that they allow a man-a- quin to sell her own line of clothes for anorexics ...She doesnt even have strength to talk...
    ahaahahahahahah yah right is all she says as she cons her followers to get a trainer to wear her size zero clothes....
    Shame on you Pam Mc coy and someone please tell Wes to prop her up , she is sinking in her chair lately.

    1 Votes
  • Pa
    patricia heffner Oct 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently returned a ring I bought on shop nbc. It was $30.99 and I was returned $18.01. I have been a customer of Qvc for 12 years and always receive all my money back.

    How do they get by with this? Should be illegal!!

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  • Ma
    Marci Jul 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi! I totally agree with the comment regarding Pamela McCoy! Last week I was watching a show and she and Wes were selling sheets. She was in really rare form that she was either on drugs or possibly had a little too much to drink...Wes even gave her a few looks and then towards the end of the show it looked as though he was helping her stand up!!! I think she is really phony and thinks she is "all that" and a "bag of chips"!!! I wish Wes would leave ShopNBC and get a job as a sports announcer...he would be fabulous!!! :) On another subject, I have read that Lisa Mason show host for the Q has Lupus. Does any one know if this is true??? Pam should watch Lisa, then she would know how to "act" like a "real" sophistacated woman!

    1 Votes
  • Be
    betsy Jun 09, 2009

    I worked at ShopNBC, so I know what Pam McCoy is like - and she's not drunk or on drugs. She's a couple sandwiches short of a picnic. Really, she's absolutely dingy.

    0 Votes

Their customer service has a lot to be desired!

Although ShopNBC may tout themselves as being such an "upscale" tv shopping service, their customer service...

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