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Ukrainian Girls, Mail Order Bride Ukraine, Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) / Mail oder bride fraud and theft scam

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Beware of Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) located in Kharkov, Ukraine. The agency employs Ukrainian girls living in the Kharkov, Ukraine and operates under the false pretense that these Ukrainian girls from Kharkov, Ukraine would like to be Ukrainian brides.

The fake Ukrainian mail order brides are professional daters who are paid to date men who travel to Ukraine visit them under the impression that the Ukrainian girls from Kharkov want to be Ukrainian fiancees and ultimately Ukrainian brides.

During the courtship the Ukrainian girls are paid for a number of things such as video chatting, luring men to Ukraine, writing letters, ..., etc. Men believe they can purchase gifts through UFMA for the Ukrainian girls that they think want to be Ukrainian fiancees and Ukrainian brides.

What happens is fraud and theft. UFMA takes the money from a guy wanting to purchase a gift for a Ukrainian girl and keeps it and gives the Ukrainian girl half and the gift is never given to the Ukrainian girl.

In the end, after Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) bleeds a victim dry the Ukrainian girl makes up a lie why she cannot marry guy. This is a heartless, cruel act and it often results in a lot of emotional pain.

Below is a more detailed fraud activity report filed by Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) victim. This one involves the vandalism of photos sent by a victim to a Ukrainian he thought loved him.

Story of a Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) fraud and scam victim...

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a very serious matter and reports have been filed with the FTC, IC3, FBI and pertinent embassies. Additionally, please see the description of the fraudulent activity and theft that has occurred below.

A gift was purchased for a lady through the Ukrainian fiancee Marriage Agency website on June 2, 2011. The item was a pendent and also the purchase was supposed to include a delivery. The item was never received by the recipient and the agency processed the charge and kept the money.

I did request delivery photos and 7 were sent, however, the item purchased was not shown in any of them. The recipient received a letter from me stating that I don't believe she received the item.

The recipient approached the manager at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency and they argued. I believe the argument had more to do with her not receiving her cut in the fraudulent activity.

The agency takes the money and does not deliver to the recipient the items purchased for the recipient. The money is then split between the recipient and the agency and the intended gift is never given to the recipient, but the victim believes that it is and pays for an item and a delivery that was not delivered.

The ladies (gift recipients) lead men to believe they want to marry, but they have no intention of it. These ladies are professional daters and are paid to date men, video chat and they get a cut when the items are purchased and the agency keeps the money and does not deliver.

The agency itself is lying to men and operating under false pretenses, which can lead to emotional pain for men using the agency’s services. The men do not know that the ladies are professional daters.

In another incident photos of a lady from the agency and a guy who visited her were taken in Kharkov. The guy sent the photos to the lady whom he believed loved him. The photos were then vandalized by someone at the agency, presumably the manager, and used as part of a scheme and was told that because of this the lady would be afraid to relocate and marry him because she would be fearful of a person who hates her. Of course, this is a lie.

I have many photos, recorded video chats, emails, letters, ..., etc. that can verify my claims. I would like to see this website taken down so that more men do not suffer emotional pain and are defrauded out of their money.

Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) scam victim

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  • Uf
      2nd of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) in Kharkov has other complaints against it. Here is another:

  • Uf
      2nd of Feb, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Another complaint against Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA):

  • +1 Votes

    Another Complaint:

  • Cb
      6th of Feb, 2012
    -2 Votes









  • Wi
      6th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    The comment that CB12 posted is pure LIBEL against me by CB12!! It's a load of BS with no proof behind it!! I suspect CB12 to be a person named Alex who sought out a model at UFMA for the purpose of wanting to harm her. Alex is also on a vendetta against mail order bride (MOB) agencies. In the post he made notice that he links back to RUADVENTURES and a blog HE created.

    The thread Alex links to contains 40 pages that talks about UFMA in a bad way. The blog has a link to that thread also. Alex is cleverly smearing UFMA, libelling me, and attempting to make Sergey blame me. This said, Alex is UFMA Scam, Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency Scam, and CB12.

    Other aliases that Alex used that are known recently include; Jon_k on ruadventures, fungus on XNXX, Kremnef on XNXX, Ronald-Hard on XNXX, and WhosEggRover on XNXX. This is NOTHING new for Alex as he has attacked and complained about MANY agencies via internet aliases that he has.

    GO TO HELL, Alex!!

  • Wi
      7th of Feb, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I have not filed any complaints against Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) located in Kharkov, but I am now because of the libel posted against me by user CB12 and the blatant misrepresentation in facts. Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) is indeed a scam and guilty of fraud and theft.

    There have been and are cases where UFMA has left profiles of girls up when they are not active, which is fraud because it is using the girls information to lure guys to the agency to pay for whatever. In one specific incident, a girl asked Sergey to remove her profile in June 2011 and he did not. A guy sent a letter to this girl in November 2011 and got a reply, however, an agency translator responded to the guy by way of a letter saying he or she was the girl. Immediately after, the girl was contacted and she had no knowledge that the guy had written to her or that the the agency translator responded to the guy that wrote to her. Additionally, the girl was asked if she knew her profile was live on the UFMA website and she said NO and then told that she had asked Sergey to remove it in June 2011 and he did not.

    The girl then called Sergey and told him to remove it. This means for 5 months UFMA used this girls details to defraud guys. Another way that Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) defrauds guys is when guys by jewelry and other gifts for the girls.

    I personally purchased a gold pendant for a girl and asked for delivery photos. I received 7 delivery photos and the gold pendant was NOT shown in ANY of them. When the girl was asked if she received the gold pendant she said NO and the jewelry box was empty in the delivery photos.

    With respect to the libel against me above by user CB12, I sent the following in an email to Complaint Board:


    In complaints: and user CB12 libelled me. I DO NOT own porn studios and travel to Ukraine to recruit Ukrainian women. Additionally, there are NO copyright or identity problems associated with Carrie Joslin and the model of concern has full knowledge of what is going on. Please remove this libel immediately.

    I DID NOT make any complaints so saying that I made those complaints is a LIE and calling me an international scammer is libel. Again, please remove the libel and if it hasn't been removed within 24 hours I will contact my attorney regarding this matter.

    Thank you,
    William Pike

  • Wi
      7th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    New complaint filed to today against Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA). . Please bookmark and forward to friends so that more guys don't get defrauded.

  • Wi
      8th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    A little background on user CB12. I suspect CB12 to be a person named Alex from the UK who sought out a model at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) for the purpose of wanting to harm her. Alex is also on a vendetta against mail order bride (MOB) agencies, which UFMA is. This person should be considered dangerous and unstable based on behaviors he has exhibited online.

    This person has many aliases and a few that Alex used that are known recently include; Jon_k on ruadventures, fungus on XNXX, Kremnef on XNXX, Ronald-Hard on XNXX, and WhosEggRover on XNXX. It is NOTHING new for Alex to attack and complain about MOB Marriage Agencies as he has attacked and complained about MANY agencies via internet aliases that he has. Also, it is NOTHING new for Alex to stalk women online and in some cases for the purpose of wanting to harm them.

  • Wi
      8th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    lol Well Norman, that's probably the safest bet. :))

  • Ke
      6th of Jun, 2012
    +3 Votes

    Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) is not a scam agency! They helped me to find my sweetheart. She is the best woman I ever met.

    Sergey from UFMA helped me lots of times when I was in Ukraine. He found my luggage, gave clothes I needed, changed my tickets. He is more than a business contact for me!

    See a photo of me with my girl and her son. I don’t want to show their faces though.

    I ordered gifts through UFMA dozens of times and all were delivered. I always got photos when I wanted (I always wanted them actually). You can use their delivery and all services with confidence!

    Some photos added too.

    Here’s my video about UFMA
    More will be added soon.

    I can prove my every word. Don’t want to write more here. You can ask me on email: My nick here +

    I can advise with travels, visas and other things. For free of course. I’ve been through hell before I discovered the small UFMA agency.

    Best wishes!

  • Pe
      13th of Aug, 2014
    -3 Votes

    The agency is indeed a scam. I used it in 2012 / 2013. Paid money for about 50 e-mails. Settled on one woman who appeared to be serious - though the "formulistic" nature the letters should have clued me in as to the ultimate dishonesty of them.

    To make a long story short - after writing letters for over a year, I went all the way to Kharkov to see the woman. Suddenly she was out of town with a "family problem" and couldn't meet with me (I later learned this is a classic excuse). As I was on my vacation and had no work requirements, I wrote to her "no problem, I will wait." Second week out of town. Third week, out of town. Fourth week, still out of town. Finally, at the end, I suppose she (or whoever was posing as her) got frustrated with my attempts and told me directly she has a boyfriend and has to end the correspondence with me!

    So please - save your money - and stay far away from this dishonest agency. Spread the word too. There are many nice and sweet people in Ukraine and in Kharkov. Take time to get to know them as I was able to do while I was there and you will have a much greater probability of finding someone for your life. All the best!

  • Uf
      11th of Sep, 2014
    +3 Votes


    Please understand that the UFMA doesn’t control all 200 ladies who are in the Gallery, we can’t control their movement and lives. They are free to go wherever they go. And it doesn’t mean that the agency is a scam if a lady went to see her relatives. I don't remember a man in 2012 who didn't meet the lady he was talking with though.

    The effective strategy is to talk to several ladies and then come and see them and choose the best match. It is not recommended to concentrate on just one lady.

    I underline that all messages are written by the ladies themselves and all women at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency are real and serious.

    Please see the marriages and testimonials, also the video reviews at our agency website.

    Once again, we don’t control each particular lady. But we work for every client for him to achieve success in this. And we helped dozens of people.

    If you have any questions or remarks, write to us by email or skype. I will be glad to help or give any info.


  • An
      26th of Jan, 2016
    -4 Votes

    UFMA just like UADREAMS and Anastasia, UALADYS are BIG SCAMS. I have been on several of these sites and then after searching through the internet have found many of them are just STOCK PHOTOS that you can also buy. Be certain this is a big business for the guys running this agencies. They have perfected the game where they will lure you into chatting, emails, (preferred mode ) and even video cam where the girl will pretend to talk to you but the answers come so quick that after several of these I realized it was made up. The agencies make the bulk of the money, very little is given to the actors ( girls ) and the companies make huge profit. Everyone knows about it. 95% of all profiles are scams, 4% of the profiles are real girls ( I verified several through vk etc) but only there to make money and less than 1% is really looking for anyone to get married to. But sincerely speaking are you really bluffing yourself that a young beautiful slavic girl in her heart want an overweight, old man who is a loser in his own city ( cannot get dates) and doesn't have a life other than searching for young vulnerable girls overseas to satisfy his own ego ( one pathetic last attempt to vindicate his ego & desire ). So guys save yourself the trouble and angst and keep the money in your pocket. Go for a vacation to ukraine/russia and meet the people. I intend to do that but then again I am in my 30's and look like in my 20's due to my marathon running! I wish everyone to be careful, think hard and well before falling into a scam. I was scammed out of about $1500 and time/hopes before I realized the truth. But there are several true sites where you can meet honest people. I have met some and perhaps something will come out of it.
    Be careful guys !! Be Careful ! Don't become a victim to your own desire and let yourself be scammed.

  • De
      24th of Feb, 2016
    -4 Votes

    It's common sense... ANY agency that requires you to pay per email is a scam... anyone who is dumb enough to pay for emails... deserves to be scammed.

  • Uf
      28th of Mar, 2016
    +3 Votes

    At UFMA all profiles are real. All photos are made in same studio. All have watermarks.

    We have lots of photo and video proof of successful relationships.

    Not all men who come here are losers. Normal people will always find a good woman in Ukraine.

  • Sc
      14th of Apr, 2016
    +3 Votes

    I've met with the ladies at UFMA last summer. All were real and good. Got nice service from Sergey and his team. But it's a small agency with not so many ladies. I'll probably visit Kharkov again this summer and meet ladies too.

  • Wi
      27th of Apr, 2016
    +3 Votes

    I am happily married to a woman from UFMA for 3 years now. Traveled there in 2010 first, then in 2011 and with all the visa stuff it took 1 year to get her back home. UFMA is an OK place.

  • Kk
      24th of May, 2016
    -2 Votes

    This is a big scam agency. All the ladies you meet are just daters.Please do not waste your money on these crooks and scammers

  • St
      27th of May, 2016
    +2 Votes

    Hey kks, stop ### everywhere. If some woman turned you around, it doesn't mean that everyone is guilty )))

  • St
      27th of May, 2016
    +3 Votes

    Hey kks, stop writng BS everywhere. If some woman turned you around, it doesn't mean that everyone is guilty )))

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