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United Kingdom

My parcel was due to be delivered to me on July 13th. After phone calls made on the 15th, 22nd, 25th and 29th July, my parcel was sent back to the sender without any attempt at delivery being made. I know there was no attempt made because on the first occasion I called, I was told that you had the wrong postcode. This is despite the fact that I had to CONFIRM THE POSTCODE to the automated phone service. Also, the correct postcode was displayed on the 'manage my delivery' page of your website. The second time I called, I was told that you needed a building/house name as you could not find my house even with a number and postcode. I was told my delivery would be made the next day. The third time I called, I was told that delivery was REFUSED. When I questioned this and asked to speak to a supervisor, the story changed to 'its been sent back to the sender because of the incorrect postcode'. When I enquired further, the story was then changed to 'there was some confusion at the depot and you'll have to speak with them'. I have been assured that there will be an 'investigation' into this. I would like the full report of the findings of this investigation forwarded to me along with an explanation for the variety of stories I was told. A £30 purchase from Ebay and a four week wait for my delivery is not the issue here. Honestly, that's not worth the hassle to me. What IS important and what is the issue is the variety of excuses and sudden change of stories when I questioned them.

Jul 31, 2016

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