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UEI / Worse School Ever

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UEI does nothing but lie to there students. They promise you success in writing and verbally, but nothing is honored. I took the pharmacy technician course there in 2009 and graduated with high honors and still don't have a EI job. I took CPR training in june 2009 and still do not have my CPR card. Every time I ask about it my instructor tells me it should be here any day now. They weren't that relax about getting my tuition payment. Every single day they had no problem interrupting class to harass students about there tuition payments. Why has it been 8 months and I still do not have my CPR card. I am still waiting to be registered to take the PTCB exam that was included in my tuition. I filled out the application in October 2009, and still have not been registered dby the school. I went to check on the reason why, and Found that my application was sitting in the desk of one of the instructors for 4 months! Then they invited students who were not yet employed to come to a job fair that would have employers from all fields, but when we arrived there were no employers at all! They gave us some cookies and soda and asked us why we think we haven't got a job. Then they took down our phone numbers (like they don't have that info already) then told us, " Thank you for coming". They wasted my time and my gas. Career services does nothing to help students find jobs. I tried to utilize my counselor, and all I got was a list of outdated job leads that she had given to other students 3 months before. All their information was on the job leads including the dates she faxed their resumes months before. I found my own externship site because my coordinator said she did not have any sites. I am not the only one who feels this way. I have over 20 classmates that attended school with me as well as previous students who all share similar issues. I found out that this has been going on for years. If anyone is planning a lawsuit I would like to join in. Please don't be fooled.These are the type of services you receive when you attend UEI College. What a waste of time and money.

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  • To
      3rd of Jan, 2014
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    i also went to uei in san Bernardino they told me that they was going to help me like for a job and they didn't and yes i agree with a lot of yall with the phone calls

  • Og
      2nd of Feb, 2014
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    yea they dont help u find any jobs at all n they promise u not going to pay for something that promises u that u will have a job n that will promise u everything n they really dont do nothing for u but just take ur money.does anyone know how to avoid paying there grants n fed loans lmk so i can do it thanks .to everyone wanting to go uei dont go they suck at everything n helpin u find jobs anywhere they basically just give u a piece of paper n tell u to go there n thats bout it.carpool sucks to bcuz if one person misses a day u dont get it even tho u go everyday so juyst forget about even trying on gettinfg paid for some bs they tell u .oh yea we took a test for our certificate for ac's for auto tec n they said we should recieve it 3 wks before we graduate til this day we ghavent recieved anything .they said we should be getting them in the mail n they still keep telling us its comming til now n its been like a year going almost on 2 years now n none of us still havent received it so [censored] uei n the people who tell u bout the school n everything .they r money hungry school so think twice about them n plz if anyone knows how to avoild paying to let me know bcuz i dont wanna pay for something they havent helpped me on ...

  • Ma
      25th of Apr, 2014
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    UEI Lawsuit
    I am an attorney from Duckor Spradling Metzger & Wynne. Our firm has filed a lawsuit of behalf of students UEI College for unlawful and deceptive business practices. We would like to here about your experience and see if you fit into the class of students we are representing. If you are interested, please call or email either myself (, (619) 209-3046) or Annette Clark (, (619) 209-3054) to set up a phone interview.

    Anne K. Wilson, Esq.
    Duckor Spradling Metzger & Wynne
    A Law Corporation
    Email: | Web:

  • Bl
      6th of Jun, 2014
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    UEI Is the worst school in the world!!! I will NEVER EVER recommend this school to anyone! I got screwed so bad they said I was getting financial aid! Then said all I would need to pay is $5000. Then they went on to say "WE WILL HELP YOU FIND A JOB"even when you graduate. After I graduated I went back for them to help me find a job and the lady was to busy so I told her to call me! She never did so I went Back and the other lady said she left!! LIES I Said to her! I see her in her office. The lady Said oh yea I guess she is! She got mad and told me to leave. Now I am paying 10, 000 and its gathering interest so it will end up being $20, 000 its un payable! This school LIES, CHEATS, AND STEALS From you!!! You get screwed over bad!!! DONT EVER GO TO UEI!!!

  • So
      8th of Aug, 2014
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    so i shouldn't go to uei anymore?

  • Ma
      13th of Aug, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I go to the UEI in Gardena, California for Pharmacy Technician and for the last 2 months, three people have exit to to do their externship, and all three have gotten hired. The staff there is on point. They apply for your Pharmacy Technician License when you first start school. My live scan was did 1 month later and it takes up to 6 weeks for it to comeback. I think it depends on how determined you are. Are you willing to accept a job to get the experience or get your foot in the door? Some people who don't have jobs want to go in making $20 an hour with no experience, If you have that type of attitude you should take the test to be certified in all states. That test is called the PTCB and it's pretty much backing up the fact that you know what your doing. Employers will pick you over a person, that just have a license for that state. Also when your taking the course if you are a A-B student they will give you a letter of recommendation and towards the end of you completing the class you'll get an different color scrub that represent that you are an Honor student, and you will assist the teacher. Also the employers check with accredited schools first to look for employees. A great demand for Pharmacy Techs. It all depends on what you want. You have to make it happen. Keep looking until someone gives you a chance. It may be 100 times that you may get turned down, but that 101 time you may get hired. Apply for the same job over and over, they may eventually hire you. My name is Marlo Williamson student of
    UEI in Gardena, California

  • Je
      9th of Jan, 2015
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    I graduated from U.E.I College in San Diego back in 2009, and I have to agree with all of you that this so called "school" is no good its a joke. It has been almost six years since then and I finally got a job in the field that I studied which is Pharmacy Technician. This job I found by myself not thanks to UEI, just keep pushing yourself to find a job in whatever it was that you studied. Believe me when I say that I put applications in all over the San Diego area. I had a lot of companies call me for interviews and reject me because I had no experience at all thanks to the fact the UEI does not help you at all when they said they would. But I am happy to say that now I am a working Pharmacy Technician in a well established pharmacy. Good luck to everyone who was or is still enrolled keep pushing for that job.

  • Al
      14th of Jan, 2015
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    UEI - worse school
    Huntington Park
    United States

    This school is nothing but lies!!!
    Charging all this money yet they don't help you find a job AT ALL!

  • Pi
      3rd of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I graduated from this school back in 2010 in the MBIC program that they offer. They said that once you graduated from this program from this school, they will help you to find a job that is connected to what you studied there. I already went through 3.0 job coordinator and nothing. The last time I received a job leads from them was about 6.0 months ago and nothing that is connected to what I studied there. Majority of the jobs that I found online, according to some, is that you need at least 2.0 years worth of experience on that field, for you to be considered even as a part time. I spent so much money at this school, and all I get is the bill on my student loans from this school. No contact whatsoever from anybody. This school is the pits of HELL for me, because the last time I went there I got shooed away by some people who worked there. When I was there, the instructor did not even taught us anything about the actual medical billing nor the actual insurance coding. What the instructor taught us has nothing to do with the subject.

  • Ad
      9th of Apr, 2015
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    I go to UEI in Bakersfield & I love i . I take the DA class and my teacher is the bes . Not only does she teach us what we need to know, she teaches us everything she knows! We take field trips to actually dental offices, & we even started fundraising to go to a dental convention! The staff is friendly and helpful, and former students from my class are always coming back with a new job. They place you in an extern site, & if you feel you are not a fit, then they will place you in another site! I got financial aid, & two loans, and my payments are only $40 dollars a month. Very affordable. Also, they give you a grace period of FIFTEEN DAYS to make a payment. They do bug during class to notify you of your late payment, but they don't pull you out of class, they tell you to go at the next break. There's often student appreciation days where the activities director will put togther something for the students to enjoy. Whoever complains about this school is bitter! You have to help yourself before UEI can help you! They're not responsible for everything

  • Do
      20th of Apr, 2015
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    I went to the uei in Morrow Georgia and the discontinued the Medical Assistant program for a year which to me the should have never brought back for many good reasons, they tell you they have recruiters coming from Emory and Piedmont to name a few for extern to hire but all these so called recruiters want is a warm body until they actually hire a Certified Medical Assistant with experience and when they don't deliver its all ur fault I think this school needs to burn with all the staff in it

  • Cv
      13th of May, 2015
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    I visited this school not that long ago probably in mid march, they told me to come in for a tour and it became a sign up type of thing. Things felt like they were moving fast with them trying to get my info. I was gonna sign up, but I had a debt and I thought they offered financial aid that you can spend. I told them that maybe next semester I will sign up. It was weird when I was leaving, I swore I heard the lady that was attending me tell another lady in a whisper "we couldn't get him to sign up" ever since that I went back to my old job as a security guard which kinda sucks because I wanna study computers. Does studying computers for 9 or 10 months so, get me hired at a career field?

  • Ju
      20th of May, 2015
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    I graduated in 2010... they never found me a job, my husband went as well for the pharmacy tech. Graduated with honors, not onces did they ever try to find him a job . . BEWARE DO NOT GET SUCKERED IN. AM PAYING FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT WORKING ... CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT IS NOT A BAD IDEA ! There teachers are only high school graduates, not real teachers . If your thinking about going here . Don't go to real college, don't waist ur money I r time .

  • Bv
      21st of May, 2015
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    I, like Cv333, went for a tour yesterday, and they tried real hard to get me to sign up. I spent my morning talking in circles with a the admission lady why I couldn't sign up right then and there. I'm a little worried about identity thief now because I did give some personal information to see what it would actually cost to go there. I have, had, no intention of attending this school, and was just curious what this school was.
    Now I am scared that I'm headed for real trouble cuz I went in. Has anyone encountered this?

  • Ed
      3rd of Jun, 2015
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    Worse college ever teacher Ms.marquez for medical biller at evening classes is the worse teacher ever she harassed me said threatening words towards me and always says stuff towards me singles me out says I'm the worse student to the security and I have good attendance never miss only miss 2 days because of her and now today got suspended by Regina because she got mad because what I say is all true and the schools second main lady Regina is her best friend and she doesn't know how to fix the problem takes her friends side I can't even come to school and feel comfortable I'm paying a lot of money for what to be treated like shyt this college is so not worth it don't waste your time and money seriously plus this college is now in a freaken mall you sign up and will regret this shyt for the rest of your life seriously

  • Yo
      25th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    To all the people that have complained about this school how many of you have jobs now? Or are tall just hoping you win the lawsuit and get your money back

  • Ma
      3rd of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    If you are a lawyer I pity you and your's HEAR not HERE...your ignorance shines...people like you are why this country is going down the drain.

  • Lo
      28th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Most of it is true ..I just finished school.and I don't have a job this point I don't know what to is sad because I trust them completely..

  • Aj
      2nd of Feb, 2016
    -1 Votes

    It's a good school they offerd us a chance at a better life and all we have to do is get of our lazey ### and go get it. I Graduated sept 4 2015 and I don't have job but that's not there falt its mine and I will be the first one to admit it. UEI helps you succed and wants you to succed and all I hear on this sight is I graduated with honors so evry one that's complaining is about not being able to get a job not that the school didn't do there job. Let's admit that it is in our nature to complain about things we have to pay for. If you are not working its your fault not the schools. You are more then capable of finding a job and paying off your student bill. How about going to the interviews dressed in a professional manner and on time. The school even has clothing for you if you are that hopeless. They do everything for you except go to the intervew on your behalf, they even give you money for public transportation so you can get to the intervew. If UEI can't help you then no one can good luck to all you cry baby's its everyone else's fault except yours that's a 10 4.

  • Ja
      28th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    Wow to Mr. Ajay Bright for still believing his fault he cannot get a job. I was a CST student promised direct placement with AT&T and Verizon; not being directed to craigslist for jobs in Englewood, CA and not Ingelwood, CA! I already have a 4 year degree and have been on computers for 25 years but I assumed UEI would give me an official qualification. IT jobs have personally told me my degree is worthless but my experience and getting the real certifications make up for it. I already filed a formal complaint and lost because apparently jobs postings on campus for Chuck E. Cheeze and craigslist still counts. On the contract it says you can't sue or gather students.

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