United Education Institute [UEI] Complaints & Reviews

United Education Institute [UEI] / did not provide help after was laid off.

Jul 08, 2019

So I graduated here last year. On externship they send me to a horrible clinic where the manager always complained about my hair when in reality I have a scalp condition. I later traded spots they send me far away from there and made me go. When I finished uei they did a poor job helping...

United Education Institute [UEI] / lack of education and nobody cares

Jul 07, 2019

If you're thinking about going here but you're not sure, just don't go here and seek anything better. You will not learn anything more than you may learn on your own(online+books), you will at times know more than your own instructors and if you correct them on mistakes or how wrongly...

United Education Institute [UEI] / uei is a scam

Jul 01, 2019

UEI is a huge scam making you pay $20, 000 for nothing but an empty dream. The schools did not teach me anything. The teachers gave us all the answers to past test. I wasn't allowed to come to class if I was late on payment which made me missed test or PowerPoints notes. And I was late on...

United Education Institute [UEI] / unprofessional

Jun 05, 2019

I was lied to about finding work as an MBIC Entry level position, turned out, that it's not. Most companies want you to have at least 2-3 years experience in MBIC. I wasn't told that, and it's also my fault for not researching first. This School in Fresno is a joke! I should...

United Education Institute [UEI] / uei is fraud. they're advertising false information.

Apr 28, 2019

I was a former student my at UEI college. I graduated for medical assistance but I had the worst experience ever.  I have filed complaints with the department of education. I will not give not give up and will fight until this school gets shut down. Its great to know that other people like...

United Education Institute [UEI] / with holding diploma because of money

Apr 26, 2019

This school is money hungry. They take all of your government grant funds then they make you pay them $90 every month saying it's going towards your tuition. And not only that unless you are quote on quote up to date with those payments you can't graduate, also so when ever you are done...

United Education Institute [UEI] / business office administrative

Jan 25, 2019

I been going to UEI since the middle of last year, and I have notice that only the medical assistants, dental and hvac has been getting jobs without any problems. Business office administrative has not been lucky at all. Then out of no where the president of the school, decide to give us a...

United Education Institute [UEI] / uei encino

Oct 02, 2018

this school is a scam it is in the ghetto and it is a car accident for one waiting to happen bad setup I already new all the information which means it was basic information and common sense but they're teaching nothing complicated and a waste of my hour drive at night and 8 months of ga...

United Education Institute [UEI] / loan

Sep 15, 2018

I was a student in 2012 at UEI for dental assisting. I was completely lied to during my enrollment process and they even fraudulently filled out my fafsa to get me to qualify for this loan. I was homeless and barely out of hs so I didn't know any better. Now my life is ruined I can't go...

United Education Institute [UEI] / unethical behavior

Jul 20, 2018

A huge part of why I chose this technical school was that they promised that at the end of my course they would find me a medical site to do my externship hours and that they would help me find a job after I completed the course. My career adviser Maria Diaz hasn't done anything to help me...

United Education Institute [UEI] / scam

May 04, 2018

Your comment is awaiting moderation. I attended uei in 2011 Riverside one I did billing coding program till this day not working in field admission rep promise me so many things ended being lies we went through so many teachers I don't feel like a learn from that school they made do...

UEI College / interview

Aug 23, 2016

Got a call from Marlaina in regards to an open position at the Bakersfield CA. site was not willing to work around my schedule which should of been a sign I read the reviews about this school online which was so bad I decided not to proceed with the interview...

UEI College / scam ripoff, lies

Jun 01, 2016

Hello, my wife graduated from UEI Encino campus in 2014 and they promised her Job assistants. After graduation UEI sent my wife on two interviews. The jobs were really bad. Since then we have not heard from UEI again. No follow up calls no nothing!!! This is June 1, 2016 and my wife still...

Uei Huntington park / school

Feb 20, 2016

So I went to just check it out and next thing u know I'm enrolled. I didn't even say YES I WOULD LOVE TO ATTEND UR SCHOOL my answer was Idk I'm not ready and I'm broke plus my baby is only 4 months I don't wanna leave her till 6 months or unless I'm working making money. They didn't care...

UEI College / negligence with staff

Dec 18, 2015

I agree with everyones comments I read tonight. I recently finished there in October. And I experienced many similar incidents as you all have. Being a few weeks late on a tuition payment shouldnt be grounds for with withholding my diploma. How is that legal.? Overturn of staff and I mean...

UEI College / false job assistance and placement and high loan's to pay back

Jul 02, 2015

well my name is Angela Williams and i have attended UEI COLLEGE the Fresno campus and however i have graduation from there but i have never been placed in the career field that i went to the school for. i have been on numerous interviews and all the companies was not hiring and at any...

UEI College / medical assistant

Jun 28, 2015

Worst school ever. We got assured that we would get a job after we finish school the most it would take six months. I have three years now and no job. I pay $80 a month of Federal loan and for what I don't even have a medical job. I had 3.8 GPA and honor and prefect attended. Got no help looking for a job until this day.

[Resolved] Uei Fresno / worse college

Jun 03, 2015

Worse college ever teacher Ms.marquez for medical biller at evening classes is the worse teacher ever she harassed me said threatening words towards me and always says stuff towards me singles me out says I'm the worse student to the security and I have good attendance never miss only...

UEI College / convinced me to take out huge loans with promises upon graduation I will be placed in a well-paying jobs in my chosen field. but failed to.

May 23, 2015

the school took advantage of me by convincing me to take out large student loans with the promise that, upon graduation, i would receive job placement assistance that would find me well-paying jobs in my chosen filed. But failed to. Now my loan went to collections I have no job and bad credit.

UEI / pointless debt

May 29, 2013

I took classes at UEI awhile back and I didn't learn anything. I only had one teacher that seemed to care that he was supposed to teach us. I asked one teacher to show me an example for the work that we were doing because I am a hands on type of learner and all she said (with an...

UEI / we need justice

Apr 03, 2013

i want to make it known that we need to stand against this corrupt school called UEI. i agree with you on this, we need to stand united and be strong be heard. Im tired of getting ripped of by companies who think they will get away with this. UEI will go down, we have to stop this train...

UEI / selling false hopes and dreams

Jan 15, 2013

Going into my uei experience I was hopeful to land a great paying full time career, to support my unborn child, instead I am stuck with 10, 000 of debt and no job in the medical field. The instructors at the schools aren't the best and don't really know what they are talking...

UEI / uei is a rip off to students

Oct 16, 2012

Well first i would like to start off by saying i started uei on may 15, 2012 the reason for me coming to this school and continuing is because the staff at uei was actually making alot of since saying things that i wanted to hear to attend this school so by me wanting to be a medical...

UEI / medical asisstane program

Oct 16, 2012

I am a student here at uei the campus in riverside and I can truly say uei is full of lies and the instructructors are terrible. I have been thru two instructors the first one mr. Thomas was great he had it set up where we could understand everything and did great demostrations of what we...

UEI College / director of education

Oct 09, 2012

The new Director of Education at the school has the worst manners. She has run the school into the ground! She is rude to her students and doesn't care about her staff. The students don't even know who she is, unless they have had a bad experience with her. She never comes out of...

UEI College / rip off

Sep 19, 2012

So I started Uei college in January 2012 when I started it seemed great everyone was nice lots of hands on but then after about a month if that the instructors started being rude and not really caring what the students did... when I signed up I was told by the end of the 8 months I would...

UEI DENTAL ASSISTANT PROGRAM / them not giving a #!!!

Sep 18, 2012

My experience at uei was great at first great instructor MS.GARDNER she taught us like no other. we were all A students. I looked forward to see my classmates learn and enjoy my time at school. I learned so much. the first couple of months that is. They gave these gas cards for carpooling...

UEI / all

Jul 31, 2012

Well!! when i enrolled into uei back in november 2011 a lot was said about how their success rate was good bla bla bla how my life would change after 8 months, granted every one's experience is different i know that.And the process was fast i mean the next day i was attending...

UEI Collage / rip off

Jul 20, 2012

I started this school in august 2010.I wanted to go to a school where I can get a job right away with out doing all my general classes. I should of done more research about this school. First of the staff is not even professional. They were really demanding I had told them I had to discu...

UEI / rip off

Jun 19, 2012

THIS SCHOOL IS A ###IN SCAMMMM!!! I attended UEI back in 2011, finished in jan. 2012 (Medical Assisting). I swear I wasted 9 months of my life at that ###in place, not only did i not learn anything or get any jobs out of it. But the school itself is a joke, you learn more about the teacher...

UEI / unproffessional and costly

Apr 09, 2012


UEI / they hire career service advisors with criminal records to con you!

Mar 20, 2012

One of the advisors initials J.O. is known fired previous school Devry taking youngr students smoke weed with him. My daughtr go to school now and tell me this. He has a criminal record shows he was in jail just last year for months for stealing. UEI didnt do background check or maybe they...

UEI / false advertiment

Feb 27, 2012

my daughter went there for medical billing and was told she would have a job in a few month's she was a perfect student on time never missed a day passed all test an awarded certificates and now no job no help from personal and now we are stuck paying back thousands of dollars so what...

UEI / sueing

Feb 20, 2012

i'm in the process of wanting to sue UEI i have done a lot of research on it and watched tons of documentaries but i am constantly second guessing myself on "will i win"? has any one ever had any success and what did you do to go about this situation? please let me know. please email...

United Education Institute / waste of money

Jul 23, 2011

In April of 2010, I was at a point where I needed to do something and fast. So I had received information about a trade school that got you certified in 7 months for a career of your choice. I figured this would be a great way to get the ball rolling on a career. I was promised job...

UEI College / scam &school&

Jun 27, 2011

I attended UEI TO GET A STABLE "career". Although I was working already, I decided to complete the Pharmacy Tech program during the eveing sessions.. the teacher was more of a babysitter..she expected other students to teach the newest students who had arrived, clueless to the beginning...

UEI / I highly do not recommend this school!

Jun 27, 2011

I attended UEI in 2009 and graduated in the dental assisting program in honors and great grades. I was one of those people who did not want to believe what other people had to say about this school (I wish I did). I thought I was different because I am a very driven person. After...

UEI College / money

Jun 22, 2011

in our finance paperwork it states that we are to get around 2800 for traveling expences. This differs from person to person on the amount every student getting the fianancle aid is intityled to X amount of money to cover gas, school supplies, computers... Where's my money I have 3...

UEI Ontario Campus / placement assistance is non existent

Jun 13, 2011

This school promised my daughter placement assistance, and to send her for an externship. The externship she was sent to - they sent three other girls to at the same time! In addition this office didn't even want them there. All they had them do was filing. My daughter became an...

UEI / lack of integrity & lies

May 16, 2011

My son attends this school in the Medical Assistance Program and I am appalled at the number of times his instructor has told him lies. It would seem that neither instructor has any integrity what so ever. First they are told they have no class then he is contacted and told he just need...