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uei accounting department and boa course

I was contacted on 11-25-19 by IEC to advise me of a delinquent bill of $631 saying that my contract wa...

lied about jobs

First of all they promise to give you a job at uei which I was sent too 3 and Career services gave up on me...

did not provide help after was laid off.

So I graduated here last year. On externship they send me to a horrible clinic where the manager alway...

lack of education and nobody cares

If you're thinking about going here but you're not sure, just don't go here and seek anything better. You will not learn anything more than you may learn on your own(online+books), you will at times know more than your own instructors and if you correct them on mistakes or how wrongly they've graded your exams they will not do anything about it and just ignore you. I went to the UEI in Encino for pharmacy technician; I don't share many regrets in my life but this is definitely a big mistake I would love to rectify if anyone is willing to share their recent horrid store about this establishment so that I may submit complaints to the Board of Education along with other agencies that will listen and do something about how poorly this school educates and how they've become just money grabbing leeches. I don't expect anyone to listen right away but something has to give if enough of us complain & if we keep bringing up the topic to them, nobody is stepping in and supervising or cracking down on this school, somebody definitely needs to. You want a strong economy don't you? Then we need to help each other rise not get sucked dry by something that has not yet taught or accomplished any of the things they claim when you first sign up, the worst part is that you don't realize how repetitive, useless and how bad the school educates until after your first MOD which is a little over a month but you only have 1-2 weeks to decide if you want to continue with them or not, it took me a month to realize how I was smarter than my instructor and cared more about the class than her but by that time I was told I couldn't leave without still having to pay the money back whether I continue with school or not. If you want to know all the points I have against this establishment please contact me, let's get together and do something about this school, I want a real education or atleast my money's worth. It's frustraiting to know the amount of friends and acquaintances that are left disappointed, in debt, or are living with a huge regret over this school including myself, I was one of the "good students" yet here I am waiting tables again because UEI failed me and my teacher was too lazy to educate. Me and most of my classmates had to educate ourselves after we realized our instructor was misspelling words, correct our exams wrong(when she gave us the answers to memorize every test)& our department is pharmacy technician meaning correct spelling to Brands/Generics medication is crucial and important in this field. I have a lot more to say and point out but if you'd like to know more or share your story please message me, let's get together and do something about this school. I mainly just wanted to let others who have not been victimized to look past this school, DO NOT go here, you will not learn more than you could on your own and you will mainly just be graded on attendance, that's all they care about because that's one of the main ways they get their m funding. You may be the dumbest person in the class and not do your work but as long as you show up everyday that's all they care enough to grade and praise over, this school is ridiculous and nothing else matters to them.

uei is a scam

UEI is a huge scam making you pay $20, 000 for nothing but an empty dream. The schools did not teach me anything. The teachers gave us all the answers to past test. I wasn't allowed to come to class if I was late on payment which made me missed test or PowerPoints notes. And I was late on payment because at the time I was 17 with a part time job to not miss school. I made many sacrifices and still ended no where. Now I'm struggling to look for a job in the education that I studied. Oh!!! BTW I did all this to still find out I get paid $11 an hour. THATS NOT WHAT I WENT TO SCHOOL FOR .

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    Book Worm Jul 07, 2019

    I'm on the same page as you, I went for pharmacy technician in the Encino. I too feel I did not learn anything and I'm working at a minimum wage job as we speak.

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I was lied to about finding work as an MBIC Entry level position, turned out, that it's not. Most...

uei is fraud. they're advertising false information.

I was a former student my at UEI college. I graduated for medical assistance but I had the worst experience...

with holding diploma because of money

This school is money hungry. They take all of your government grant funds then they make you pay them $90 every month saying it's going towards your tuition. And not only that unless you are quote on quote up to date with those payments you can't graduate, also so when ever you are done with your course they well with hold your diploma because of lack of money.

with holding diploma because of money

business office administrative

I been going to UEI since the middle of last year, and I have notice that only the medical assistants, dental...

uei encino

this school is a scam it is in the ghetto and it is a car accident for one waiting to happen bad setup I already new all the information which means it was basic information and common sense but they're teaching nothing complicated and a waste of my hour drive at night and 8 months of gas money and time I have received no job help the only available jobs they only have little things that I can get on my own in that city alone not anywhere they do not help you I did my resume on my own through templates online the teachers are even that strict and it's hard to get extra help which I saw from other kids that did need help but they give you Promises of job placement hundred percent and we are accredited and so useful and a life they make you sound so excited but it's worthless people who don't have money to go to college are tricked and lied to to waste money they don't have nobody should be wasting their money and they should give us all our money back because it was worthless now if you can use it and it was impressive on your resume and employers are allowed by it then it would be worth it but they aren't so it's of no help plus UEI does not even help you it is not worth the money around 19000 or even more for this little 8 month certificate. They definitely should wipe the loans out and not even be in business this should not be allowed it's just a scam. I still have to be on government assistance and can't use it but I try to use it but it is worthless nobody cares about a little certificate and I also have to have collections on me and credit destroyed because of this? That's not right.


I was a student in 2012 at UEI for dental assisting. I was completely lied to during my enrollment process and they even fraudulently filled out my fafsa to get me to qualify for this loan. I was homeless and barely out of hs so I didn't know any better. Now my life is ruined I can't go back to college because of this debt. My credit is ruined. I'm unemployed and pregnant with my 2nd child and I don't know what to do. I never even learned anything to be able to function as a dental assistant. The way their school worked they had me start at the end of the year when everyone was learning dental xrays. I cried and complained and they said even if I left I would have this debt and I couldn't wait to start at the beginning. So I was trapped. I failed the xray exam because I didn't even know what was going on. The whole thing was effed up. If there is ever a lawsuit pleeeeeease contact me [protected]

unethical behavior

A huge part of why I chose this technical school was that they promised that at the end of my course they...


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I attended uei in 2011 Riverside one I did billing coding program till this day not working in field admission rep promise me so many things ended being lies we went through so many teachers I don't feel like a learn from that school they made do externship in field unrelated to what study and till this day they can't send me certificate of completion this school unprofessional I never received information about the lawsuit made for uei does someone have information who to call?


Got a call from Marlaina in regards to an open position at the Bakersfield CA. site was not willing to work...

scam ripoff, lies

Hello, my wife graduated from UEI Encino campus in 2014 and they promised her Job assistants. After...


So I went to just check it out and next thing u know I'm enrolled. I didn't even say YES I WOULD LOVE TO ATTEND UR SCHOOL my answer was Idk I'm not ready and I'm broke plus my baby is only 4 months I don't wanna leave her till 6 months or unless I'm working making money. They didn't care all she said was well in 9 months ur life will be better. The thing is how tf am I gunna pay my rent and bills if I ain't gunna be working for 9 months? I guess that school don't help with things like transportation, child care help, or housing. I see no benefits besides a diploma tbh. I wanna know if I can cancel my enrollment because I need a job RN not SCHOOL. I have to take more paperwork on Monday please help before I make a mistake.

negligence with staff

I agree with everyones comments I read tonight. I recently finished there in October. And I experienced many...

false job assistance and placement and high loan's to pay back

well my name is Angela Williams and i have attended UEI COLLEGE the Fresno campus and however i have...

medical assistant

Worst school ever. We got assured that we would get a job after we finish school the most it would take six months. I have three years now and no job. I pay $80 a month of Federal loan and for what I don't even have a medical job. I had 3.8 GPA and honor and prefect attended. Got no help looking for a job until this day.

Resolved worse college

Worse college ever teacher Ms.marquez for medical biller at evening classes is the worse teacher ever she...