UDR / renting

I recently left apartments owned by UDR. To say the least they are a piece of work. Everyone is so nasty and mean in the office, all the way to the directors level. Just because of what I went through a wll knowned family member will no longer invest in a company who treats there tennants like they did me. I paid my rent on time for three years!!! When I wanted to move out, it seemed they did not want to talk to me, didnt return my phone calls, answer my emails or accept my letters. I am so angry at this corporation and why the government still allows them to do business. I did not even have an inspection upon move out. I was told to pay 416.00 on top of 678. ( prorated rent ) for damages!! Those pictures are ridiculous. One of the reasons I left, because there was water damage on the ceiling in my bedroom and living room. I have already contacted the housing authority in Hampton, Richmond and I am headed to D. C. The other part is I cannot even get my rental history. I have asked for three weeks, it makes me think they are trying to alter documents. However, my lawyer will find out!! I am obsurd by this company and I am furious, because I am a Veteran and I did not get any sympathy from any director or anyone else. They are all the same. They will learn after this courtcase how important it is to treat your tennants. The manager at the apartment complex was the meanest lady I have ever scene. I am starting to think they are racists. I hate to say it but out of my 29 years of living this is ridiculous. If someone has some insight on UDR let me know I will help you too!! Thanks

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