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I have read a lot of reviews and thoughts about online dating agencies. Well I must say that I did not find anything suspicious on I do not understand why people are so negative towards online dating sites, nevertheless they keep using them.
As for me, I have been having a good time with uadreams. Indeed they managed to design very interesting services which help to cut distance between people. Of course you may say what a weird way of communication, but if you use any service, no matter where, it means that you are agree with the policy. Otherwise restrict from using this service. It simple easy, I am absolutely agree with their policy and I think prohibition on exchange of personal information is a very good move. We should remember that private information should not be given to any third part, it may have deplorable consequences.

Does anybody have any experience? Is Uadreams scam dating agency or a dating company suffering from fake slander of its competitors?

Oct 1, 2014
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  • Nu
      11th of Nov, 2014
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    I am an active internet user and found one thing for me. When person experiences bad times with online services, it a disaster. Why do we run and shout that somebody is a scammer? It is ridiculous to see thousands of people who are telling about how bad their experience was. As for me, it is just like when your car is out of a petrol – you go and buy a new one, instead of find petrol station.

    I noticed one more fact that all reviews about scam do not have any concrete character. People write about UAdreams, ... etc. sites that they are scam agencies. This begs the question, if all people really are so stupid that they believe in it? After all, the scammers cannot exist on the market for so long, sooner or later they will be found out. Besides all scam complaints don't remind scam reports. Have you ever seen or read a specific case or REAL example of a particular person who has committed an action that can be safely called scam?
    In fact, any marriage agency can be called scams simply because some of them charge their clients for these services, all agencies without exception provide photos of girls, and and the majority of them do professional photography. But in the real life the girls don't look like models. And does it mean that it is not true?
    After all, what the work scheme of a marriage site may be, it is always possible to find vulnerabilities in it and bring it in line with fraud or scam.

  • Me
      17th of Oct, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Nuell Though you are here to prevent others from dating at all, I think I need to clarify dating issue amid among international dating. Guys. I know that to meet someone online is a big serendipity! But do we really have more chances to meet someone going out? I suppose chances are the same, we do have risks with talking or not talking because we are shy with other people just to look into their eyes. That means you are viable and foreseeable to speak with someone on a distance, you know. This may seem to be rude but we are sincere if we can be far from each other. That is my idea. You cannot just sit and talk about yourself, to open up and to share your concerns looking into eyes of interlocutor. However if you are in another city or country or whatever you can sit and type whatever you want, this is your decision, but this commitment is easier. With my dating experience, don’t really worry about me, I can make it on my own. I want to mix my dating offline with online just upon my schedule and opportunities. Scammers can be detected everywhere, not only on dating sites, it doesn’t really matter. Accusations can be worthless and have no arguments. The matter is how fast these platforms go struggle with their problem. I see a progress in this area, so let’s hope for better, people.

  • Ga
      16th of Dec, 2014
    -2 Votes

    Correspondence with my girl is supported perfectly. Every single letter is translated and all of my questions are explained in a full. I have never had a feeling that something is coming over me. I am extremely glad to meet pretty and open Lady on the website. We became a close friends and we are ready to move further. Video chat service, I think its a main service they provide, is well done, support center gives responses very quickly, they go into every case with a personal attitude. I feel like a customer of a very responsible company and they treat each of their clients.

    I have read trip testimonials, I want to say a lot of people from all over the world visited uadreams and it seems all of them are completely satisfied. This site and testimonial section make feel confident and I will ask them to take care of my trip with a big pleasure.
    I am full of willingness to meet my girl, so I am about to visit Ukraine very soon. I have no doubts they will make their best with my trip. I wish everyone had such a good experience with uadreams as I have.

  • Ld
      8th of Jan, 2015
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    You cannot be sure until you try. Both men and women have a big responsibility for the deal. Like an accepting to be scammed – no one will force you to give your personal information in case you do not trust your person. If you do – there are lot of others to blame, right? UaDreams follows their own antiscam policy – they do not allow to exchange private contact information till the moment of the first meeting. But taking into consideration all the seriousness of communication with any girl it is hardly to say what to do. But my advise: first come and see, check by your own eyes – you will never know if this lady even match you. For example you have been communicating with her on any free website for months or years, then you crossed to personal correspondence and it seemed nothing can ruin your perfect future...until you meet..and understand that you do not like each other at all! I consider such trip like UaDreams offers – one of the best opportunity to enjoy your time without any responsibility at least. You get what you pay.

  • Ka
      18th of Oct, 2017
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    @LD_Jack Speaking about negative experience as you have already mentioned about, I was trying to buy a contact of the girl I liked very much but they refused, they explained that they never do that as they cannot put their members under the risk of direct contact. So probably they are right just in case there are many [censor] in Europe and America who just want to make fun. The same thing is with ukrainian girls who want to make green card and move away from their place for better living. Instead of blaming agencies it’s better to analyze each case precisely. uadreams never postponed my video chat session, girl was waiting for me every time. Girls are real and I appreciate their careful attitude to time difference, sacrificing their schedule to meet me at nights. I like the way they translate my letters, in spite that fact that this is the third party I truly understand that they do not really care what we want to say to each other. I never posted something very intimate, if we meet one day, we will talk freely without anyone beyond.

  • Da
      2nd of Feb, 2015
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    This is just Uadreams customer support trying to combat the truth. Of course Uadreams is a scam. It is the same scam that 95% of the Russian/Ukrainian dating industry participates in. These people think investing in corruption is a valid business option. Avoid the site at all costs. You see, look at the responses above. They talk to Stupid American men like they are Stupid. You are stupid if you go to the site. The first poster claims the people who dislike Uadreams still use it. That is a lie. I have found men at Uadreams and I have pulled them out of the site by showing them the truth. Outside of Uadreams the lady(s) they are talking do, want nothing to do with them. I have shown them women who have pics posted on social networks with their boyfriends and/or husbands. The women are paid to talk to you. That is why Uadreams charges so much. You pay 6 bucks to send a letter, the lady receives 50 cents. You chat with a lady, she will get 25 cents for every minute. They pretend to like you, to keep you coming back to the site. Uadreams lies and deceives its male clients. It doesn't really do a good service to its female members either. But look at the responses above. They do not permit exchanging of personal information to "protect you". Protect you from what? Oh, the truth. Because if you knew a lady's personal info, you would use it. You would contact her and you would see she has a life that does not include you. You would see, she does not love you, like you, or want anything to do with you. She is working a job and that's all. They trash free sites and low cost services because those services allow you to find out the truth when it comes to the ladies you are talking to. Uadreams keeps everything from you and tells you, you must trust them. Well in my database, I have women registered at Uadreams who have boyfriends. Why on earth would I trust anything they say or print???? They are liars. And Stupid American men have to wake up and realize this. By participating in this charade, we are funding liars, we are punishing the real women in Ukraine who want a nice American man, and creating a bigger trap to catch more unsuspecting gentlemen who are honestly looking for love. Avoid Uadreams and every website/service that charges you by the letter or for every minute of chatting. Those models are designed to compensate women on an individual basis.

  • Be
      8th of May, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I agree completely with the blogger. UA dreams is truly a Scam. I should know because I was a victim to the scam as well. The more info is put out there about this scam the better it will be for all Thanks

  • Na
      2nd of Nov, 2015
    Best Best Advice +7 Votes

    Important info for all people Worldwide:
    More truth about Uadreams translation fee per letter agency scam here:
    Workers confess the truth:
    Thanks. And thanks to those few in this place that warning us about Uadreams scam and so on.

  • Ri
      2nd of Jun, 2016
    -6 Votes

    Who is Brunner?

    He is a fictive character involved in dark public relations in the interests of Elena’s Models. Bernard J. Anderson and Nake Chez are the same - fakes and scams!
    What exactly do Elena’s Models do for casting dirt at their competitors?
    They create fake websites where they abuse all dating agencies and praise only Elena’s Models;
    They do the same on all dating forums;
    They do the same on all rating resources.
    So, maybe Dave Brunner is a real person?
    Of course he isn’t. If you read his reviews you will be able to see that he appears in three places at once. And while praising companion websites of Elena’s Models he turns out to have a bride on EACH of them. LOL.
    He has abused more than 40 agencies this year on the Internet. What do you think, was he really a member on each of these sites?
    Elena’s Models promotes its own affiliate program.
    It uses methods that are dirty and unacceptable for fair business.
    Does Elena’s Models develop its reputation using its own resources?
    No, they seem to employ staff for throwing mud at other companies.

    Go to

  • Ma
      9th of Jun, 2016
    -3 Votes

    I am extremely satisfied with their client approach in UaDreams. May God help you all! Our translator Olga was very professional and helpful. I visited beautiful city Kiev and met Marina. We emailed and chatted for almost 1, 5 years and she was even more gorgeous in real life! Now we skype every day and I teach her English and she helps me to learn some Russian words and phrases. We are having so much fun together and both think it is essential for starting a family life in future.

    Sincerely thank you very much.

  • Sc
      24th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I've been trying to find somebody in different countries, as I have close relatives from western Europe, I started my search there. Of course Ukraine does not seem to be a developed European country e.g. Hungary or Estonia. However I have been to many places over the western Europe and have found my half in this country with bad name, as we people from the other world think.
    In general Urkaine is a country with major services and goods but they are way much cheaper than in Europe or US. So I had no difficulties to make an impression to my girl I met on I visited her a few times and now we are moving towards decision to share our living.
    uadreams did their best for me, arrange of my stay was extremely helpful, you may call them even at midnight and get useful advises on what to do in foreign country. Staff and interpreters are very friendly people, I did not feel they are scammers. They have a nice office with sofa and coffee, so I felt like I was welcome there.
    Do not hesitate, give it a try, try is worth than doing nothing. If you are not into online things, just take this out of your head and keep looking around, stop telling people about your awful experience.

  • Ty
      4th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have some words about people from Uadreams for you to know.
    There is one girl from Rovno.. we have been corresponding here for about 1 year.. First of all I had sove services for free and then when their level satisfied me, .. I chose unlimited package.. - that gave me the opportunity to contact my girl as often as i want… To be honest.. the price is really expensive for me that is why unlimited package is less expensive besides i like special offers uadReams give from time to time..
    And I understand that all services (translation, chat, flowers delivery and etc.) cost money.. But I would like my money to be saved in particular, so I plan to meet my girl and let’s see what’ll happen then.. If we match, we will start communication in person.. probably marry very fast and I’ll take her to my home..

  • Mr
      28th of Jul, 2016
    -2 Votes

    Ok. I will give you my estimation of this issue. In spite of all antiscam measurements fraudsters and scammers make business and they become clever and smart each day, they became refined with their scam systems and tricks. They know what photos can catch your attention as well as what words will melt your heart, to get real success they need to describe brightly any of their problem and eliminate the situation in such a way when you offer your help by yourself - this is a primary effort. And as a treasure, some hundreds or may be thousands transferred by Western Union.

  • Bi
      29th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    I had no hesitations about uadreams! I have a quite big experience of online dating and ran against scam sites. I know what is scam, and when I joined uadreams, I was attentive to what women write. I know a lot, so nothing can scare me I am sure. So, here are my conclusions about uadreams.

    Women on uadreams don't ask for money or describe how difficult their life is. They write about positive events in their lives. Of course, everybody can have difficulties, but they never ask for money.

    There is a rule on uadreams. You cannot exchange your personal information before your first meeting with the girl in person. I tried to sent my e-mail to a girl, but it was deleted from my e-mail. I have never received any phone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses from the uadreams women as well. I think you can feel safe here

  • Do
      10th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Bijan P. The thing is scammers go quiet and do their job luring men from other sites. I cannot tell you exactly if uadreams is fair agency. We all know that dating industry drops you out of sincerity, it’s like playing games. You win if you are stubborn and you can handle with scam issues. You can see if someone are cheating you or trying to rip off, and the last thing - no one is pushing you to send money to someone. For example, I see ua dreams inform all men beforehand that they do not recommend to speak about money at all! This is the right thing! You cannot be convinced in your woman if you do not meet her in real life. You cannot be sure in her bank account and financial operations, just open your eyes and be honest with yourself! Don’t be stupid with relying every pity girl who has some “particular health or family problems”.
    Do you respect yourself or not?
    I don’t give a damn what agency you choose for your online dating. But I really care if you are wise enough to differ scammer from real person.

  • Li
      29th of Jun, 2018
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    @Dogh88 For example, City Meeting dating agency can not be trusted because I have found that a lady Ekaterina ID 65454 is by some photos and all personal information the same person like Katie #2404 at UaDreams dating agency where she was being registered for several years before, as both is clear at And as usual, both these agencies charge only male members to pay for "dating".

    After I reviewed this at, the profile of Ekaterina ID 65454 was spread to two more aliases:

    Then the review company deleted my review and also both the aliases were deleted.

    The is also an alias, because all these three sites have the same template of look: like lots of other Ukrainian dating sites, including those most known.

  • Li
      7th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Libor_ Later I noticed that my review is again visible at but it is not visible in search results at

    Because at present (summer 2018) the maximal ID's of new ladies at UaDreams are slightly above 7000, at which the new ID's grow not by 1, and because Ekaterina's ID is about 6500, it is apparent that UaDreams and City Meeting are run together (of course along with Brides In Bikini and All Pretties because Ekaterina had the same ID at these three sites). Because the new ID's get into the databases of UaDreams and City Meeting not always higher and higher, which is nowhere commented on at the sites (likewise the fact that the database of UaDreams arisen at ID's about 1000, as I know), the databases are in reality sub-databases of one common database (maybe including some other sub-databases). From these reasons these sites should not be called agencies but only sites (which share a common owner, let us say a robbery agency employing pro-daters). And it is clear that Katie/Ekaterina, having come from Donetsk, via Dnipro, to Odessa, became a member of City Meeting not long ago, yet showing most photos several years old, from UaDreams site, with a look of a professional dater, who has even promoted: from now (i. e. at City Meeting) you can not address her without paying first (unlike at UaDreams where the first letter to a lady is free).

  • Fr
      5th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Uadreams has a very serious attitude to work. I very much like this Agency. Using it's services I feel myself secure, safely and I'm not afraid of being cheated. Uadreams does all the best to help people to find their beloved ones . I get professional service of translation here. Every time when I come to the agency, I feel positive and friendly atmosphere like home - cozy and sweet))

  • Mi
      26th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    Guys, Uadreams is nice and I love their ladies and customer service, but the prices are high. Not every man can afford them to keep in touch with the ladies as much as desired. Though the services you get for money you pay is of high quality, and besides there are not so many on-line dating agencies that care about their members. But it's business and they also need to earn money, and as far as I know Uadreams is always ready to serve each client individually so you may get a discount if you ask :)

  • Wa
      13th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Mike$S I had my own share of experience with the dreams agency. I perfectly understand that all of them are a business. But this is a well-made business and they try to satisfy me as their client. I am ok with that. I do know that supporting such a well-made site, all those offices in a dozen of cities, to keep their centralized administrative body requires costs. And since I have never met a site where women from Russia or Ukraine paid for using such a site, I understand their policy where men should pay and provide for their site upgrowth. Maybe we, men, are not millionaires but if you want to bring a foreign wife into your country you should be prepared to pay for everything related to this matter. As far as I'm concerned, it always works like that, no matter is your new wife is from the neighboring town or a country overseas. If you dance you must pay the fiddler. Now as for my experience. Yes, I haven't had my luck so far. But I never expected to catch a fish immediately. When I meet someone in real and not online and have the same chances to break up after our first or second date. I haven't written many letters to Ukrainian ladies and they haven't demanded that from me. When I got lost for a week or so,  they obviously got worried. I prefer seeing them in chats, this way it seems like we are almost on a normal date, we talk, laugh, exchange air kisses and discuss our routine. These women are really attentive and I feel that from the questions they ask me. I was in Ukraine last year and surely I met with the couple of my close online female friends in their capital city. I consider this experience positive and enjoyable. On our first dates we discussed the depth of our attraction but I saw that they treated me in more friendly way, no flames of passion, unfortunately. But we still remained good friends and our affection was obviously mutual. I definitely had a great time in Kiev and the translator accompanied me all the time, she was a very pleasant and attentive lady, I learned a lot about the Ukrainians from her. The natives are also nice and friendly people. Everything  they tell about Ukrainian hospitality is certainly true. From my part I concluded for myself that ua dreams is one of the best companies in dating business around Russia and Ukraine. I had my experience with some other sites as well, but they did not offer  any services to assist me in my trip, I had to take care of everything myself. I could clearly see that in Ukrainian dreams agency their team is made of experienced hands and they surpassed all my expectations in making me come and feel comfortable in their country.Yours sincerely, Walter

  • Ha
      13th of Feb, 2017
    -1 Votes

    Scam or not? Matchmaking sites always alarmed me. This industry is cheating and it's really hard to believe that there is an honest agency. Such dating sites are making money from foreigners and I must admit that uadreams is no exception in that respect. Their service costs a lot of money but they are worth to be paid, and I'll explain why. Even being sceptical I decided to try my luck with uadreams. And I made the right choice! Now I am involved in a relationship with a wonderful woman, and we are going to meet each other soon!

  • Su
      18th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet a beautiful country like Ukraine. And thanks to uadreams for making this trip possible and meeting my girlfriend. Being in Cherkassy I have had the opportunity to know my girlfriend better. Every day surprises me more, becasue I have been fascinated not only by her exterior beauty, but I discovered her most beautiful qualities. She has a good heart and is a very faithful and tender person. I am sure that she will be a very good wife and mother, lucky the man who marries her; she is in my mind and in my heart. She is my queen, I want to see her again. I am fully satisfied with translation services. Our translator is very intelligent, understanding and patient. She did an excellent job for my lady and I to understand each other. The transport service, hotels, etc. were very good..
    People in Ukraine are friendly and loving, Ukraine is a beautiful country. Discover Ukraine yourself, you will be impressed.

  • Je
      25th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    did anyone really find a wife at uadreams?

  • To
      26th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    Well, I must say uadreams agency is rather expensive but they really do a good job. Their ladies are gorgeous but I decided on three girls. If I had written to every lady, I would have turned bankrupt. I've already met these ladies in Lutsk and Rovno and have chosen my one and only. Now I'm planning my third visit to Ukraine.
    It took me a year to find my love but I don't care because I'm not alone any more. I'm little afraid of formalities regarding a visa for my love but I'm pretty sure we will overcome everything together. I won't

  • Do
      10th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @TomDsh The only thing I do not understand why some girls register on other free sites to catch you there probably and then lead to fee paid sites like uadreams. I think this is the issue for me to uncover. Lately I thought they just make traffic for different platforms but here is the case when girls supposedly make as much profiles as they can just to increase their chances to marry as soon as possible. Simple truth: they want to talk less, but act more. And the same actions they expect from men.

  • Li
      18th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Dogh88 You are a UaDreams' agent.

  • Li
      7th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    fascinating ladies, loss of Irochka85/#2532

    UaDreams staff consisting of psychologists, sociologists, lawyers, ... have never persuaded me to trust to arguments that cannot be proved. It has always been their also acceptable argument against my acceptable argument, and so the probability of them telling the truth is a half and it is little for me to trust. But I am allowed without paying to view and read the ladies' fascinating profiles (like that of Anna #2677 who 5 years ago was 19, 167 cm tall, officially black haired, B.A. student, while now she is 170 cm tall despite women stop growing at their 18, officially brown haired and still in 3-4 year's B.A. study of sales, starting it probably at 18, so studying it, nothing abstract, for already 6 years, and being at UaDreams minimally for 5 years already she "certainly" has sincere intentions to us men, "especially" at the beginning of the period, like every starting bachelor student dating on international dating site like UaDreams, or like that of Alena #3222 who at her 23 of age states doctor's level of education in her profile while perhaps whole the rest of people on the planet Earth state at that age maximally master's degree, or like that of Christina #5285 with her first child at her 17, second one as soon afterwards as possible, now wanting a husband from abroad, being rightly estimated by the personnel of UaDreams to be quite ambitious and goal-oriented, or ...) and the communication between me and the staff, often praising me "Libor, it's always interesting with you! / you are wonderful! / we adore you! / you are the best!", has never let me in peace.

    At present I do not search for a new relationship; when I did, I used uncharged dating websites, there also were ladies who attracted me, but in small number, which reflected reality. In spite of it, they preferred men from richer countries and the latest one, Irochka85, redirected me to UaDreams, also from which, here after several kind, looking sincere letters during a long period, she vanished. From her private e-mail address, being published on Google, she does not react even though she knows that I can communicate also in Russian, that my mother tongue is also Slavonic, and that I stated her there some state websites (which are in English version and I stated her this too) of job offers in the European Union, especially in my home country: for Ukrainians, respecting fields and high levels of education (which I have also and she knows it), lengths of work experience, in big cities including the capital, with high salaries (several times higher than in the Ukraine), work visa and equivalents by employers (employers in private sector being checked by the state for non scammers) being arranged for at the embassy after personal interview between employer and applicant.

    I do not manage to come over to another lady as I am used to Irochka, we had built a nice relationship, but even if not, I am not cared for by those suiting me, tall, such ones were models, preferring richer men, so I live alone. To shorten my loneliness from time to time I write Irochka and now and then I view and read some new ladies' profiles. If only she knew how much pain she makes me. I always miss her. I hope that some time she will read this here after searching for 'Irochka85' on Google, out of curiosity if the false copies of her original profile have been deleted, as I do often, and write me back being encouraged by my attachments for her, or at least have a chance to get on a dating website uncharged for us men, as 'Irochka85', with new photos of her. I would Awake to life again if she, so beauuutiful, turned aiming of her Love back to me.

    See attachments:

  • Cl
      9th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Libor_ Hi, everyone. I have read maybe hundreds of reviews on different dating sites and noticed that the huge percentage of them is negative. In the meantime, the biggest part of this negative does not refer to anything specific. High prices, ladies refuse talking after meeting, blahblahblah. I see nothing strange here. Oh, I liked Russian mafia the most, lol! I just want to ask the person who wrote that, is he related to Russian mafia and the Russian godfather has personally shared this huge secret with him? While I do not support the aggressive pattern of the previous reviewer, I agree that reviews written by Libor do not sit well with me too. I have a feeling that he is deliberately looking for some faults on that site to point at them with a great deal of hysteria. I can accept the fact that no one is flawless, so the big site might contain its share of mistakes but I do not believe they had any reason to delude men in regards to lady's height or education. What for? Is there any financial advantage for the big company to cajole such facts? I don't see any, sorry.
    I cannot brag on an extensive experience in online dating, but a good friend of mine is happily married to a lady from Ukraine. He met her while he was exploring Ukraine as a simple tourist. I know, it wasn't easy for both of them to settle in their new life, and this woman is still suffering being far away from her Motherland. But they both are happy together and I take their family and relationships for example, I want the same for myself. My family also supports me in it. I registered on several websites recently and uadreams was one of them. I so agree that this agency is the most high priced among them but personally I think this allows them to efficiently filter serious men from those who are looking for having a good time online and nothing else. If to walk in Ukrainian women's shoes, how can they be sure they are not wasting their time on such a site, when they are looking for a real husband? If the man pays, he is not going to wave her goodbye any moment, right? If the man pays, he has enough funds to come to Ukraine, maybe even not once, he is able to provide for his wife and their future family and he takes everything seriously. I'm sure, Ukrainian women are not stupid to understand that.
    Obviously, I am not sure if I succeed with the lady I am talking to via uadreams. We'll see but I somehow feel positive about that. Maybe I'll write my own report on my experience after I have a meeting with Kate.

  • Li
      9th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Cláudio Cláudio, I know you from another review website where you mentioned that you were from Brazil and where you also were raising UaDreams. I cannot speak Portuguese but I master Russian, and not only at that site but also at this site you used some words and phrases from Russian, accurately translated into English. And I have done an extremely extensive correspondence with UaDreams agency during almost 5 years, and I noticed that you used the same phrases like them. I cannot reveal the IP address of your computer, so you may really be nowadays in Brazil and not in Russia or the Ukraine, but working for UaDreams. Obviously, you can deny this all.

  • Li
      7th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    UaDreams falsely reported my review of 20 May 2017 at TrustPilot by claiming that I had not used any UaDreams's service for more than 4 years.

    Because no rule of TrustPilot mentions 4 years, it is obvious that UaDreams went from the fact that on the internet there only is visible that Irochka85, having been a lady member at UaDreams as Irochka #2532, was at some dating sites lastly logged on 19 March 2013, which was more than 4 years. UaDreams thus tried to impose TrustPilot the idea that even if she had a connection between some dating sites and UaDreams dating site, there is no proof on the internet that she had a membership at UaDreams even afterwards and hence no proof (without the necessity to be logged in with my username and password at UaDreams website where some proofs exist, but most of the proofs not on-line accessible for other users of UaDreams than me) that I was using UaDream's services during last 4 years. I was using UaDream's services within last 4 years for example by corresponding with Irochka and buying one her video and one her photo as charged services and for this also exist proofs at UaDreams website only if I am logged in there. For two more proofs see attachments:

    Because not only SiteJabber but also TrustPilot stopped publishing reviews of UaDreams shortly after my reviews of UaDreams (at SiteJabber: 11 April 2017, at TrustPilot: 20 May 2017), both of them had to have the same reason: UaDreams lied in a matter of me to TrustPilot as proved in the attachments, so UaDreams lied in a matter of me also to SiteJabber. The matters may have differed. All of these three companies knew that I am serious, that is why the scamming UaDreams reduced to lies and the two reviews companies recognized my arguments likely being true. SiteJabber neither TrustPilot at least temporarily want to have at their websites such companies whose scamming is apparent. But marketing has a lot of tricks how to influence sooner decisions ...

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