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I met someone in real life from Ukraine who has been married here in US and I met another friend who went to Ukraine through UADreams and met a girl and has been talking to her. So I decided to try it out. Here is my 2 months of UADreams story and cost me $5000 or more in the trip. I let people decide whether its a scam or real not me. The entire story is true and nothing but true.

The very first thing you have to remember is that UADreams tells you they wont let you exchange personal information about the ladies unless you personally visit them. Here is the line from UADreams "We don't sell neither let our members to exchange personal information till their first meeting. This way UaDreams protects ladies from being scammed or abused and what is more important UaDreams protects its valuable male members from being scammed"

Their emails and communication is very expensive online chat is about $60 an hour or more. The email is about $3.5 to $7 an email. Its cost of the translation as they claimed. Remember again you can never talk to the lady whenever you want unless you have her contact and to have her contact you have to visit Ukraine in person (Mandatory).

I started emailing some of the ladies to filter out who I want to meet. Most ladies did read my emails for $5 each and all of them replied but also a lot of the ladies ignored the questions I asked. Thats a steep price for not having any reply you wanted. So I filtered out the ones that read my emails more intimately and because you cant really exchange the contact information I decided to go visit them in person.

I received a confirmation from the Support "Three ladies from Lutsk Tanya #5250, Ira #6303 and Svitlanka #4248 confirmed the dates of your meetings. " June 16th

This message I received from Support when I am already in Ukraine "Tanya #5250 will be at work during the whole week, the lady is a nurse and will have to work double shifts, the lady found out this after her vacation only.

Svitlanka #4248 will be out of Lutsk, the lady got a chance to have a vacation at seaside and she will leave today. " June 27th. After having booked all the hotels and flights and reaching Lutsk they message me they are not available some other girls are available to meet.

I met 6 ladies. Two of them refused to give me their phone numbers or exchange even emails. 4 of them never replied after my meetings with them on phone or whatsapp. The dinners were more expensive than I expected. They ranged from $10-$100. We are talking about a cheap place here most people dont earn more than $100 in Lutsk in a month. The ladies who were messaging me on their own sending me hugs and kisses absolutely disappeared after I left. When I asked the ladies about future plans and marriage they felt an immediate irritation on their facial expression. Only 1 girl showed some interest by asking me about future family and marriage in person, she also bought a gift for me, that was really a surprise but she declined to have any contact with me after I left and she insisted. I almost felt like there was a strict communication from the UADreams of how not to keep in touch with anyone from abroad or give them any contact obviously I cant prove it. Rest of them talked only about what they liked. If they are not asking about you they are not interested in you thats a given. One girl kept talking about how she met this soccer player and kept showing his pictures. Would you consider it rude if a man has come 8000 miles away looking for a potential bride and paying for the interpreter $15 an hour and taking 2 people out to dinner and they are busy showing the guys she hangsout with? The second interpreter in Poltava was busy with her phone and texting someone back and forth while translating and kept asking me the questions repeatedly, "what? can you repeat?" but she also helped me go to the grocery store and helped with exchange foreign currencies. The first interpreter in lutsk was really nice she translated thoroughly and she smiled and giggled the entire time, unfortunately she was not a potential bride. Also most girls will be working and will meet you only in the evening unless they have other plans. So their first priority is their job second is their friends and other activities, you are their third preference when they are bored and can get a nice dinner with you. They will meet you only very small specific hours and not want to meet on her own but only through UADreams.

The biggest question I have for UADreams is that the girls send you kisses and try to talk to you on their own but after we exchange contacts there is no messages from them. They only want to talk to you through the website which is prohibitively expensive and not try to know you in real life. Does that sound like a scam in any ways?

The girls are real. They just look slightly different than the pictures, the pictures are really enhanced. If you do a video chat you will see the real them. They are just like normal girls you see around. I have dated a lot more beautiful women in my real life. 1 was below average 2 were above average and 3 were just about average. I wouldnt date them in real life honestly the average ones. The girls in the city were a lot more attractive than in UADreams.

If you have a lot of money to throw then maybe you can go talk to them and take them out on expensive dinner dates. Its basically what it is just one expensive dinner date with someone who is not really interested in you. If you are extremely rich and bored you can get dinner dates in US or UK easily, you dont need to go to Ukraine to go for dinners with with girls who dont speak your language. Remember escorts are not illegal in US/ UK or any country as long as you donot talk about getting physical with them.

The only good news I have is in Lutsk there were more women than men everywhere, men were working somewhere in factories or something. If you go to night clubs in Lutsk Kiev Poltava you are going to see more women than men. I think you might have a better chance of finding a date there than on websites. I got a few numbers from waitresses & receptionist of the hotel I was in. They are the only ones still talking to me. They seem more eager to come to United States than the ladies of UADreams, what else can I say. It was basically $5000 and a big lesson to learn. Its a great place to visit, I would love to go to Ukraine again. Everything was cheap, you can lead a very good life there for less.

As UADreams pointed out they did follow mostly by the rules they set:-
1) Cannot exchange contacts without meeting in person - Correct (but maynot have their contact even after meeting them)
2) Are the ladies real? - Yes they are (Are they interested in you - not me maybe for you, you can try. Also they dont look like their enhanced pictures)
3) Did they ask for any money - No they did not (but they expect you to pay $100 per girl you meet and take them to nice restaurants that they would not go to otherwise)
4) Are they potential brides - Yes (But not your potential bride)

Jul 8, 2016
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      17th of Nov, 2016
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    better use the smaller agencies like Ukrainian Fiancee (UFMA) in Kharkov and Kiev. They give you more personal attitude.

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