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TXU Energy / They did not fulfill their contract

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In August 2007 we purchased a new home before we sold our existing residence. We had TXU Energy as our electrical service provider at our existing residence. We signed up with TXU Energy for service at our new home, and we contracted for their Summer Savings 24 Plan at that home. This plan provided a reduced charge per kilowatt hour and we were under contract for 24 months. We sold the first Hills home in late February 2008. I called and asked that the account and service to that address be closed as of the first week of March 2008. TXU then closed the accounts on both of our residences and we were without electricity at our new home. I spent numerous hours on the phone to their customer service department trying to get our power back on. We were without power at the home where we actually lived for 4.5 days, beginning on March 6, 2008. Their customer service was very unhelpful. After the power was restored, TXU did efficiently reimburse us for hotel and food expenses for the time that the power was out by issuing a credit to our account. However, they are now showing that we closed the account for our new home, even though the account closure was their error, and that voided the Summer Savings 24 Plan. They no longer offer that plan and have put us on a much more expensive plan. After more than two hours on the phone to their customer service department on 5/1/2008, in which they transferred me to numerous wrong departments and cut me off twice, I was informed in no uncertain terms that they refuse to reinstate us on our less expensive plan. To me, this is a breach of contract and very poor customer service. TXU customer service operators have a certain script and if the issue is beyond that script, they just won't help you and won't provide you with contact information for someone who can.

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  • Je
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    TXU loves to try and sign you up, they will be warm fuzzy and your best friend.
    Call if there is a problem with billing, service or have a question - ha. They might as well answer by saying you have the wrong number. My wife got hung up on ( which I have seen her be rude to service reps, but she wasn't on this one). I called and was also ditched.

    We'll call you back. No call back.
    We'll get someone with you. Yea whatever!

    Bottom line is go with other providers, all TXU is is a broker! And one with piss poor service.

  • Ry
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    Greetings, All!

    I am very sorry to hear about your trouble relating to your TXU experiences. Unfortunately, TXU doesn't seem to care about their customers and their issues. They were once a giant monopoly here in Texas, as was Reliant. But since deregulation, you have the power to choose your electric provider.

    I work for Stream Energy via Ignite (the marketing arm), a competitor to TXU and Reliant in Texas. Unlike those two companies, Stream Energy does not advertise. They rely on word of mouth referrals from their customers to spread the word about the company. I am a Director with Stream Energy, and I'm here to offer you all a solution to your energy nightmare.

    TXU charges in upwards of 13.8 cents to 16 cents for some month to month plans. The kicker is that sometimes they lock you in for a low rate, but when that rate ends, they don't tell you about it and put you on some plan for a ridiculous rate. Reliant is similar. My mother was on a low rate forever, and when she called Reliant, she found out that her contract had ended and they had rate hiked her to over 15 cents per kWh!

    Let's assume you're on a Competitor's 12 month fixed rate plan. To be generous, I've calculated an annual electrical expenditure based on a 14.0 cent, 15.0 cent and 16.0 cent plan.

    A Competitor
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $140 x 12 months = $1, 680.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $280 x 12 months = $3, 360.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $420 x 12 months = $5, 040.00
    .140 (14.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $560 x 12 months = $6, 720.00

    B Competitor
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $150 x 12 months = $1, 800.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $300 x 12 months = $3, 600.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $450 x 12 months = $5, 400.00
    .150 (15.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $600 x 12 months = $7, 200.00

    C Competitor
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 1000 kWh = $160 x 12 months = $1, 920
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 2000 kWh = $320 x 12 months = $3, 840
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 3000 kWh = $480 x 12 months = $5, 760
    .160 (16.0 cents) x 4000 kWh = $640 x 12 months = $7, 680

    Instead of paying those rates, how would you like to pay 12.6 cents per kilowatt hour instead? Let's run the math on this and see what it comes out to be.

    Stream Energy Fixed Rate plan @ 12.6 cents (12 months) (Houston might be a cent more per kilowatt hour. I will check on this)
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 1000 kWh = $126 x 12 months = $1, 512.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 2000 kWh = $252 x 12 months = $3, 024.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 3000 kWh = $378 x 12 months = $4, 536.00
    .126 (12.6 cents) x 4000 kWh = $504 x 12 months = $6, 048.00

    As you can see, the saving are huge in comparison. You should not be forced to pay a higher rate for your electricity to fund your electric company's advertising costs.

    If you are interested in saving money with Stream Energy, please visit the following website to Enroll for Service with Stream Energy. Http://

    My name is Ryan Hadley, and when you sign up for service, I will be personally responsible for monitoring your service plan. If your rate is about to expire, I have tools that let me know when it will expire, and when that time comes, you will be made aware of the new rate after your 12 month fixed rate is completed. It is my honor to service and support you.

    If you have any questions or comments, please, do not hesitate to call me or email me regarding your electric service. I am here to help!

    Kindest Personal Regards,

    Ryan Hadley

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