SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / debiting money unauthorised

I had as a one time measure subscribed for twoo and made payment of INR 240, Again my account has been debited by the same amount for what I have not subscribed.
my e mail [protected]

This is an illegal transaction without my consent and amounts to forgery.

Request immediate refund and ensure such illegal lapse does not take place again.

  • Customer Care's Response, Sep 25, 2017


    Thank you for your message. Please let me explain why you have been charged. Twoo Premium is a subscription service. When you upgraded it was clearly stated at the checkout and in your payment confirmation e-mail that you will be charged every week until you cancel your subscription, which you can do in your Settings. Please see a screenshot of this statement attached to this ticket. I’m sorry that you have been surprised by this and, if you would like me to, I can turn off the automatic renewal feature so that you will not be charged for Premium again in future, unless you actively choose to re-activate.

    Would you like me to do this for you? (Of course, when your current Premium period ends, you’ll lose all of the great Premium features). Alternatively, you can also turn your subscription off in your [url=/settings]Settings[/url] section from the top right dropdown menu on the site.

    I hope that this answer ends any confusion around how Twoo Premium works and I hope you continue to enjoy using Twoo to meet new people!

    Team Twoo

    debiting money unauthorised
Sep 24, 2017

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